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Lawrence Diggs

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Science has repudiated race as bogus. Now Lawrence Diggs offers you an invitation to erase the imaginary line of “race� and liberate yourself. Using music, prose and poetry, he will challenge your concept of who you think you are and show you that you are probably much more than you think.


Lawrence Diggs has traveled every continent except the Antarctic. He has lived and worked on four continents. He has hosted my own shows on radio and television in major markets in the United States, Europe and Asia. In Japan he studied Asian medicine with a Buddhist monk, founded the Shonai Jazz Festival, helped start and served two terms as vice president of the Shonai International Youth Festival and promoted South Dakota Beef. In Burkina Faso he set up the first emergency medical response system, filled in as a surgical technician and also designed and arranged for the local production of medical equipment for the unit. He has written and published five books.

He makes presentations on topics ranging from food and culture to “race� and gender to civic groups, universities and secondary institutions around the world. He is a regular columnist for the Aberdeen American News.

Mr. Diggs has Produced over 200 Radio and TV Documentaries and news stories in:
* San Francisco (KFRC, KSFO, KFOG, KMPC, KRON, KGO),
* Japan (Television cooking show in Japanese),
* Europe (Radio Caroline)

Mr. Diggs has been featured on numerous radio and television shows including “To Tell The Truth� and “Oprah�.

Lawrence Diggs is a South Dakota Humanities Scholar who writes and performs music and poetry in English, French and Japanese.

Mr. Diggs is a graduate of Antioch University and alumnus of San Francisco State and Golden Gate Universities. He has recevied awards and commendations from civic and governmental organizations in the United States and Japan. He founded and was the curator for the International Vinegar Museum and is internationally know as an expert on the production, marketing and use of vinegar.

Most popular topics:
* Erasing Imaginary lines to escape cultural imprisonment
* Are Women In America Really Oppressed? (Debate with feminist about the “oppression of women�.)
* Captured by the Game (How women use sex to control men while men think they are in control.)
* The Wonderful World of Vinegar
*Then Fifth P of Marketing (Putting people into marketing plans.)

*$1000-1500 for South Dakota and bordering states
*$1000-1500 plus expenses for other states
* $3000-5000 plus expenses for other countries


Erasing Imaginary Lines to Escape Cultural Imprisonment

Set List

Lawrence Diggs has three separate Power Point presentations each of which last about one hour but can be adjusted to fit a schedule. He also has an "Jazz Rap" version which uses poetry with a Jazz background to cover the same material. Post presentation dialog is encouraged. He can also create workshops around these issues.

Erasing Imaginary lines
Obama is Not Black
Captured by the Game (presented to sex education and gender issues audiences)

All of my material, including my music, is original.