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Lawrence Fisher

Novi, Michigan, United States | SELF

Novi, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band EDM Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lawrence Fisher Releases 4 Singles"

Recording artist and producer Lawrence Fisher has announced the release of 4 tracks on March 11, 2012. A former student of the recording institute of Detroit, Lawrence recently announced the release of his first material that has been in the works since early 2011. The tracks can be previewed online through his Facebook page or downloaded through iTunes for $0.99 starting on midnight of March 11. The 4 tracks consist of 2 electronic tracks produced in the spring of 2011 and 2 instrumental guitar tracks composed in late 2011.
Lawrence Fisher is a writer and performer, combining live electronic guitar recordings with electronic tracks created in FL studio. He studied music production and recording techniques at the recording institute of Detroit. The 4 songs being released were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lawrence Fisher at his home studio in Novi, Michigan. This is his first release and is available on a number of different online platforms.
The first song titled Ninety Eight is a medium tempo electronic track with a somber yet inspirational feel. Work on the track began in March of 2011 and neared completion by the end of the same month. After receiving positive response from professionals in the industry it was decided that the track would be released for download with “Eleven” and “Mixolids”.
The third track of the release is titled Mixolids. The song is composed of a number of layered electric guitar tracks. Palm muting is used for the rhythm as the song does not include any drums. The bass in the song was recorded using a drop tuned Fender Stratocaster.
All the songs on the upcoming release have very different styles, showing off Lawrence’s abilities as a producer and musician on the electric guitar. The songs will be released at midnight on March 11,2012. They are available to listen on the artists’ Facebook page and for full download on iTunes for $0.99 each.
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Lawrence Fisher was born in Lovonia, Michigan in the summer of 1987. He grew up in Livonia and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1997. He had an interest in music straight out the womb and frequently jammed out in the crib to Baby Einstein developmental cassettes and videos. In elementary school, Lawrence took a number of music classes, receiving A’s and astonishing all of his instructors. His musical influences were wide, ranging from classic rock of the 60’s to gangster rap of the 90’s. His favorite artists are Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Nick Drake, Notorious BIG, and Nas.
His real passion became apparent when Lawrence was 12 when he picked up his first electric guitar. It was true love at first sight. Lawrence began taking lessons immediately and went through 3 instructors over the next 2 years before finally teaching himself. He originally had a crappy $100 squier and had to make do. But finally after two years of playing he met Izabella (which is the name of his Fender Stratocaster). The two were inseparable for the next decade and could be seen together daily. They were never apart until Lawrence left for college at Grand Valley State University in 2005. It was a sad time for Izabella, as she was neglected for a degree in finance. The only good thing to come from that brief year away was that Lawrence began playing the acoustic guitar for the first time. He would sit in his dorm room for hours, putting off his studies to learn music theory and write his own material.
After a year of time wasted at Grand Valley, Lawrence transferred to Oakland University and began to record music for the first time in his life. It was a difficult time for the struggling musician as he tried to balance school, work, and performing and writing his own material. Eventually Lawrence graduated with a degree in a field he had little interest in. He could finally retire that misguided chapter in his life and begin a new chapter, one totally focused on music (Izabella was extremely happy with his decision).
Following graduation, Lawrence began to focus all of his attention on playing guitar and producing music on the computer. He began to learn Pro Tools and FL Studio in composing and recording material. In late 2011, Lawrence continued his musical education by enrolling at the Recording Institute of Detroit. It was there that he mastered his recording techniques that allowed him to create the three tracks being released in March of 2012.