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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Americana Singer/Songwriter




"Listen To Lawrence Trailer's New Song of Patience, "Wait""

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Lawrence Trailer has just dropped “Wait,” from his upcoming EP, The Places We’ve Been. Born in Miami, Trailer, an active member of the folk and Americana scenes, is now based in Brooklyn.

In 2013, Trailer released his debut album, Declaration, with Grammy award-winning producer Dave Clauss. Since then, he has released two more demos and is now gearing up for the new EP.

Utilizing a number of devices, Trailer stylishly layers his tracks with percussion, vocal and guitar loops—all used in fine form on “Wait.” There he asks that his lover be patient, imploring them to “wait ‘til it’s all that you feel is over,” on top of some effective guitar and percussion. - Elmore Magazine

"A City Is Born: Lawrence Trailer"

When give the opportunity, always make room in your iTunes library for a new soul star. Soulful songbird, Lawrence Trailer has exploded onto the scene with a brand built in authenticity, emotion, compassion and a sound that will capture your heart. Press play on a Trailer track and instantaneously you’ll see Lawrence holds the reigns to a truly promising, poignant career. Imagine the love child of Gavin DeGraw and Ed Sheeran. City of Tenants had the exclusive chance to dissect the buzz and see what Lawrence is all about.

Mr. Trailer, in anticipation of his new album, The Places We’ve Been, has just catapulted 3 new singles onto the web. Trust, all three are as equally stirring emotionally as they are profound musically. Enjoy this VIP Pass into the mind behind the music. It’s Lawerence’s city and we are all just livin’ in it! Meet Lawrence here:

City of Tenants: Gemini is the mofo jam. So spirited and soulful. Take us through the evolution of that track.

Lawrence Trailer: Thank you! I wrote Gemini for my father on Christmas Day last year. He’s a big part of my life, and like any loving parent, is sometimes overly critical about what I should or shouldn’t be doing. While I was having him read a Christmas card he gave me (because I can never read his handwriting), I had my childhood guitar in my hands, and all I kept hearing was “advice” that I didn’t want to listen to. Since my dad is an astrologer (and a Gemini), the chorus in that moment came to me and I started singing it to him with a smile of my face. The song is basically about unwanted advice that you may not want to hear, but have to listen to because of who it’s coming from.

‘There’s Room’ (another of the three new tracks) is as equally gorgeous. Where is this room and who are you hoping to share it with?

“There’s Room” is actually a song I wrote that pays homage to all the awesome people that have opened their doors to me. I’ve done a lot of traveling, and it’s always an incredible feeling to have a friend, or a stranger, offer you a place to crash. This song is partly what inspired my next album, “The Places We’ve Been”, and I’m trying to get Air BnB to make it their theme song!

If your music was a painter who would it be?

The dude drawing NYC skylines on MTA subway maps sitting in Union Square looking blissful and content with what life has to offer. Pretty good answer, right?

So you’re constantly writing, but when your creative well runs dry what the hell do you do?

I think with anything you’re passionate about the “well” never runs dry. The rope holding the bucket just gets a little knotted and you’ve got to have the patience to “Wait” it out (pun intended) so it’s long enough to collect the liquid magic that is creativity. I never like to harp on a piece of music for too long. If you’re not feeling it you’ve gotta take some time to “unknot” yourself.

Do you have a current Top 40 guilty pleasure?

I was already crushing hard on my girl Taylor Swift’s new album, but then I found out Ryan Adams is doing a cover album of 1989 and I lost my sh!#. I’m a fan of songwriting in every and any form I find it, so if there’s a good piece of music out there, I’m gonna listen to it!

Who would you love to make musical babies with?

On the Top 40 front I think Katy Perry would be awesome to collaborate with. She’s got incredible versatility and an epic voice. I’d also love to work with John Mayer, Ed Sheeren, Incubus, and especially The Dear Hunter. That band has rocked my socks for years!

WGWG is officially an entry in Urban Dictionary. (Aka White Guy With Guitar) …Do you feel there’s an over saturation of dudes with Guitars?

I’m a fan of anyone that expresses themselves musically, regardless of their skin tone, and if a white dude is so inclined to pick up an axe, then there’s enough music for everyone to share! All I ask is that they actually practice and better themselves, not hate on their fellow musicians, and support their local music scene to the best of their ability. That’s it!

What does the second half of 2015 hold for you?

I’m really stoked to have an awesome team that’s got my back this year! My producer, Dave Clauss, and I are wrapping up the EP version of #TPWB, and I’ll be touring the NE in October/November. I’m also collaborating with some great artists, songwriting for a singer or two, and getting my ducks in a row for a super busy 2016. - City of Tenants

"Singer-songwriter Lawrence Trailer Announces Release Of New EP"

NYC-based singer-songwriter, Lawrence Trailer, drops new single, “Wait,” from his upcoming EP, The Places We’ve Been, set for release this fall. The new EP sees Trailer headed in a new musical direction, straying away from his alternative-pop roots and moving into the Americana style. After successfully making it to the third round of American Idol in 2009, Trailer teamed up with two-time Grammy award winning producer/engineer Dave Clauss and released his first LP, Declaration. Trailer is now on to his next big project.

Drawing influences from Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, Trailer aims to have a unique style during his live performances. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and a loop station, he utilizes percussion and vocal loops to broaden the live show. After playing Warped Tour in 2008 with his progressive alternative band, My Anomaly, Trailer headed in a solo direction and released his first, self titled EP, with the help of Jason Lancaster (Mayday Parade & Go Radio). Trailer then released Declaration in 2012.

Trailer has shows lined up at Rockwood Music Hall on August 21st (NYC) and at The Middle East on September 21st (Boston), in anticipation of the new EP. The Places We’ve Been utilizes many different genres including folk, rock and pop. Check out the new single, “Wait,” and stay tuned for more Lawrence Trailer!

Listen to Trailer's music on - We Heart Music

"Lawrence Trailer: Artist Profile"

Currently in production of his sophomore effort, “Future’s Fiction”, Brooklyn’s Lawrence Trailer gives us something to look forward to in the summer of 2013. With a combination of upbeat pop anthems and melancholy acoustic ballads, there’s a great deal of versatility on display and a lot for the right producer to work with. Those who like what they hear are encouraged to check out his Facebook page and pick up his releases on iTunes. - Label Recruit

"Lawrence Trailer: Declaration review"

You know those commercials where the crazy people eating Chex Mix have to disguise the bag so they can eat their snack in peace? In a way, I’m one of them. Except it’s more like once I start eating Chex Mix I can’t stop. So while you may not understand the gravity of what it means when I put down the bag to excitedly take notes on an EP, I assure you, it means the music is definitely worth a listen.

The acoustic opener “A Change of Season” has a strange and subtle but wonderful effect. Someone is whispering the entire song alongside the vocals that are being sang normally, and they create a thicker, ghostly sort of effect that’s really cool. It’s followed up by “Brooklyn Bound” which has so many layers it’s a wonder they were able to keep it as controlled as they did. “Bottom” has an intricate acoustic intro and has a more folky, but very upbeat sound. The strings that come in just past the one minute mark build into a dark and stormy feel before stopping dead and bringing the sunny sound back. These three tracks together are sure to win people over.

Now the bad news: “Slow Down (To The World’s Disarray)” has everything going for it - except the chorus. It’s pretty boring, but the instruments and verses help make up for it a bit. The song just slows down the momentum of the EP too much. Luckily “Break It To Me” picks things back up. It’s the most aggressive track, but they keep it catchy and let guitars take center stage in the bridge. “Hurricane In NY” makes you want to move. Everything about the song makes it the most solid track of the EP. Stream and download Declaration here:

RIYL: The Early November, Promise of Redemption, Leaving Araby

Track Listing:

1. A Change of Season
2. Brooklyn Bound
3. Bottom
4. Slow Down (To The World’s Disarray)
5. Break It To Me
6. People’s Choice
7. Hurricane In NY
8. Moving Where The Sun Goes - Hellhound Music

"My Anomaly aims to attack the senses"

Alternative-progressive rockers return to the stage

Passion can be relevant to any number of causes. In terms of life, the absence of the very fervor can lead to a flat-lighted hole of a room in a black and white world. Yet, with passion's presence, the world becomes the multi-faceted, dimensional utopia full of zeal. Fortunately, for the three individuals who make up My Anomaly, the purity of that very fervor can be seen through each note.

Following a brief hiatus during the fall of 2007, the progressive, alternative trio returns, with a new-fangled drummer and raw emotion and energy that will once again charm audiences.

"Because of some unfortunate circumstances, My Anomaly was seriously on the back-burner and questions remained if we would ever return," vocalist and guitarist Lawrence Trailer said. "With the new year and the support of our fans, we wanted to find out what could be with My Anomaly."

With an appellation directing itself to something that cannot be defined, something that people do not see coming, the three-piece encompass an emotional melodicism that seethes through Trailer's concentrated vocals.

"(Trailer) paints the picture, and (drummer J.P. Farr) and I fill in the blanks," bassist Jake Asbell said.

By applying hues to deep-set traces on a canvas, the joint creative process brings the three individuals into unison as they sketch out their aptitude for the art of resonance.

"Our music is more like commentary for your brain," Asbell said. "(Trailer) comes up with an idea, I add some feedback and from there, our music begins to take on its own form."

With songs ranging from two to seven and a half minutes long, each piece takes on its own anomaly.

"There are no distinct themes laced into our music," Trailer said. "There is no specific formula we follow. Our format always varies upon itself."

Working with such a range of artistic styling, the trio manages its diversification of their songs by undertaking a unified connection with their audience.

"We want our fans to be entertained, to really feel what we are trying to convey," Trailer said. "We want a universal connection with the people who make this dream a reality for us."

While alluding to its fan base, My Anomaly appreciates every individual who takes time out to listen to its music. The straight thinking three-piece has both feet densely planted on the ground, no matter how dense its fan base becomes.

"We have a sense of what a band has to do in order to become successful, and egos strongly get in the way of that," Asbell said.

Delving into a sound all their own, the trio puts emphasis on what it all comes down to: the love of performing and the purity behind its music.

"We're not full force by any means, but our hearts long for the music," Trailer said. "Nothing permanent or solid, just good times with good music." - FSView: By: Shari Lesser 1/31/08


February 5th, 2013 - "Declaration" LP
March 5th, 2014 - "Backseat Broadcast: Lessons" Demo
January 6th, 2015 - "Old Love" Single
March 17th, 2015 - "There's Room" Single
June 23rd, 2015 - "Gemini" Single
September 4th, 2015 - "Wait" Single

October 9th, 2015 - "Holes In My Pocket" Single

December 18th, 2015 a "#TPWB" EP 



Lawrence Trailer is a singer/songwriter based out of Brooklyn, NY. Partnered with 3x Grammy award winning producer/engineer Dave Clauss, Trailer releases his second LP, "The Places We've Been" December 2016, and is actively writing, performing, and producing around the world. Lawrence utilizes vocal, guitar, and percussion loops to enhance his live show, and creates a unique brand of Americana Folk Pop. Armed with an acoustic guitar and loop station, and married with a raw and honest energy, Lawrence Trailer aims to provide a dynamic experience that forges a connection and starts an ongoing conversation. 

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