Jazz-influenced pop centered around keyboards and introspective storytelling.


Fresh off the heels of a successful December tour of Germany that included various radio and print interviews (conducted exclusively in Germany by founder Miller) and a nationwide movie theatre promotional campaign that brought lead single "Arms Around the City" to audience members just before the previews, Layabout looks to expand its reach both domestically and internationally with a slate of new tunes and an ever-growing ambition for bigger and better things.

Currently in a new incarnation, the band, a Los Angeles-based pop/jazz trio founded by native Texan keyboardist and vocalist Edward “Tex” Miller, continues to astound its audience with a unique brand of piano music that touches equally on Ben Folds and Steely Dan, while incorporating harmonic elements from the works of such luminaries as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel and evoking the thoughtful rhythms of Bill Evans.

Miller’s compositions and arrangements – equal parts Elvis Costello, Donald Fagen, and Kurt Wagner (of Lambchop) – are fortified by the aggressively tasteful playing of drummer Matt Price, a master of jazz and country alike; and the guitar wizardry of Kevin Crimi, whose instinctual playing colors every tune.

Jon Griffin, who produced the band's latest record, takes the band’s sound to new musical heights by creating a wonderfully live acoustic environment that captures every nuance. Its six tracks, which feature the added warmth of a horn section and vintage synthesizer, are masterfully mixed into a carefully wrought finished product.


Arms around the City

Written By: Edward "Tex" Miller

I don't know just what I see in you
Come closer tell me what you do
You asked me to give you some time
I practiced what I'd say line by line

You said you'd put your arms around the city
I guess I thought I'd photograph you with me
Is this the worst emotion next to pity?

You tell me it was just the blues
But rain's the thing that got you through
Erosion is the luck you cite
I scripted every play one at a time

You said you'd put your arms around the city
I guess I thought I'd photograph you with me
Is this the worst emotion next to pity?

Send the bill to me if that's okay
Crowded subways help me dissipate
You never told me what you thought of grime
An English genre in my ears, who's victimized?

You said you'd put your arms around the city
I guess I thought I'd photograph you with me
Is this the worst emotion next to pity?


Written By: Edward "Tex" Miller

None (instrumental track)

Precious Industry

Written By: Edward "Tex" Miller

None (instrumental track)


Written By: Edward "Tex" Miller

You made a mess
With that dress my head is spinning
And I didn't even pay your way tonight
Your name's so pretty
Bet it looks a whole lot better
On the billboard of your California night
That's where I would wait
Till something changes
He can't hold out longer than I will
I'm not scared
Though I fear for us
There's nothing I won't
Try to say just right
I think it's worth it
If you'd just put down your artificial light
I'm not so famous but I'll try

Won't you let me buy a drink
You think I'm just a real nice guy
I guess that's where the trouble lies
I could try to be a jerk
If that stuff simply doesn't work
I need to know or else I'll die
Never knowing if there's something better
I can't watch these heavy letters fall
From my pen onto the page of paper
Where I learned your name
It used to mean so much
To mean the words I badly had to say
Guess I'll save them for the rain

I think you know just what you do
I can't explain it all to you
I guess I just don't have the time
Did you ever stop to think
This skating rink on which I slide
Is making me now talk in rhyme
I wish your eyes weren't quite so bright
So I could write to right this feeling in my chest
I could suggest a course of action
But your stare cuts me
Till I start bleeding
Probably I'll lie to just get by
Just wait I know you'll change your mind
I wish you simply would comply

I'd act contrite
Just if it might change things from what they used to be
But I don't think you think of me
If this seems trite
I guess your sight is bad
These clowns aren't hard to see
And they don't hang around for free
The door is closing fast
You'll have to wait and see that we aren't young forever
Something has to make you call me
I can't wait forever by the phone
When I see you next time
I won't stop to talk and smile
And act like things are fine
'Cause all you do is never mine


"Honest Woman," EP, 2004
"Suburban Legend," EP 2007

Multiple tracks have been featured on domestic stations and stations in England, France, Italy and Germany. Streaming airplay is available on the band's websites: and

Set List

Typically the set is relatively tight, comprised of anywhere from eight to ten songs, and runs just under an hour. However, a longer set can certainly be presented.

The following represents a standard show:

1. Dressed in Gray
2. Living in Los Angeles
3. Arms around the City
4. Is She Ever Coming Back
5. Barbara
6. Terrified
7. Like Kin
8. You Eclipse the Sun
9. Satiate

A great deal of thought is put into the arrangement of the set list in order to create the appropriate vibe for the audience.