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Lay-D Shelz

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When you think Lay-D Shelz think Hip Hop with a dash of electro, reggae, blues, Pop, jazz, soul and R&B. Perfect for any musical palate!


When Lay-D Shelz steps on stage with her extreme stelleto's and funky style, onlookers expect a cover song or even a soft ballad. But then the DJ scratches the beat, the lights dim and the audience witnesses an artistic mutation of hip hop, electro, reggae, blues, Pop, jazz, soul and R&B. She is a Jamaican Immigrant on Ottawa soil whose very presence commands attention. To really understand Lay-D Shelz one must listen intently. Behind the metaphors and similes, the word play and the poetry, there lies raw human emotion; anger, pain, love, optimism and fear. She represents a generation sick of all the propaganda and who understands that music is a reflection of self.

“For those who don't know Who Lay-D Shelz is, she is an upcoming female rapper in Ottawa. She's the future of hip-hop in Canada. I've never seen a female rapper in Canada who is noticed for her beauty and rhyming skills equally. She has the capacity to spit rhymes that are hard hitting but present an image of class, even in the most rugged circumstances.”
- Annaelle Music Blog

Currently Lay-D Shelz is juggling school, community development and music. While studying she featured on a new buzz worthy single entitled, “OH MYY” produced by Perro Grande of Open Disclosure Music Group in 2011. In addition she plans to release her highly anticipated mix-tape “4 Elements of a Lay-D” and her debut EP in the fall of 2012. Although spitting hard-hitting lyrics is what she is known for she also plans to release a series of acoustic soul music in the near future.

Lay-D Shelz has been performing, writing and engineering her own music since the age of 16. It came as no surprise when she entered the Independent Music Production Program at Seneca College graduating with a musical engineering certificate. Because music is her passion she joined forces with Jaku Konbit a non-profit organization. Together they have successfully created sustainable programs for youth that promotes entrepreneurship and cultivates artistic freedom. Some of the projects include maintaining a community garden as a business, marketing, songwriting, audio recording and video production.

“Yea we bout to set the bar right here right now// cause all that’s lost in this world will be found// today we are the leaders of a brand new era// we nearer// working hard for the change so please don’t be afraid to halla GreenStar”– Lay-D Shelz Lyrics from the GreenStar Anthem featuring the Jaku Konbit youth leaders (To see music video created by Lay-D Shelz and the youth visit the press section)

In her short life she has experienced many disappointments, heartaches and struggles. But with every negative came a greater positive accomplishment. In 2009 she released her first commercial single “2 Step all night” which, won battle of the beats 5 nights in a row making her the champion. Upon arriving back in Ottawa after studying in Toronto for three years she entered the Show Stoppers competition and won hands down. Keeping up her momentum she continued to perform in Ottawa and the surrounding area’s opening for artists like; African Super star Eldee, one of Canada’s female hip hop icons Eternia, Bizarre from D12, Bun B, International Reggae sensation Beenie Man, and Hip Hop Mogul GZA of the WUTANG Clan. Summer 2009 Lay-D Shelz delivered a powerful set on opening night of the Ottawa reggae festival confirming that Ottawa truly does have amazing talent. She also had the opportunity to jam on the final night of the 3-day festival with Loud Love a reputable Canadian reggae rock band prior to the arrival of Pressure and Shaggy.

“Highlights were provided by local artists kept too long in the shadows...Lay-D Shelz, who’s professional, engaging set proved to be Fridays highlight, complete with a full band ...background singers and dancers.”
–Allen Wigney (Ottawa Citizen) August 2009

Summer of 2010 she performed at the Montreal Reggae festival her largest show to date with over 5000 music fans in attendance. Over the last decade she has cultivated a large and growing fan base which has allowed her to headline many successful shows in Ottawa including; the 2010 club tour, the “Day in the Life project” and Sound Syndicates Under Investigation. In addition to being a well-seasoned performer Lay-D Shelz also enjoys pushing her creative and musical boundaries by engaging in various art forms. Winter 2010 Lay-D Shelz portrayed a comic book character by releasing a series of songs as Kama Sutra in the 9_4 Khronicles featured exclusively on She has also designed many of her own performance outfits, promotional T-Shirts, CD’s and promotional graphical material making her a multifaceted entertainer.

The stage has been set for success and as she embarks on the next phase of her career she will continue to gain momentum. In order to achieve longevity in the music industry one must have unwavering will power and a hunger for self-discovery through the arts, Lay-D Shelz has these th