Laye Sow

Laye Sow


West Africa Fusion that travels through the temperatures of the scorching noon day sun to the cool desert nights wth Salsa, Blues, Reggae, Folk and Dance.


Laye Sow and his supporting musicians are all well known professionals who have learnt their craft with the best known West African musicians and the Orchestra National of Senegal. The rhythms of West Africa are their foundations but these are intertwined with the music and rhythms of the West resulting in their unique style. The music of Africa which crossed the seas with slavery has now come back to Africa to pollinate the traditional sounds.

At the age of ten Laye Sow was charming the audiences at the Jazz Festival in St Louis, Senegal when he was spotted by the legendary Senegalese singer - Papa Seck. Recognising the extraordinary vocal talant of this young boy he arranged for him to be auditioned at the National Music School. Passing this test easily Laye was soon following in the footsteps of Youssou N'Dour and Baaba Maal. After graduating he became lead singer of the National Orchestra.

The Orchestra National is made up of the cream of Senegalese musicians. This Government sponsored Orchestra acts as an ambassador to Senegal supporting national celebrations, events and performing throughout Africa.

At twenty five Laye formed - Jelitara Futa. For the next 16 years the band played in Africa and Internationally. Performing at WOMAD (UK and Spain), Glastonbury, Wurzburg, Live 8, National Theatre UK and numerous other venues.

Laye worked on solo projects for the next three years including the music for the Presidential elections in Senegal before returning to the UK in 2008 to record his new album SO FAR which is due for release 2008.

So what of the new album? Here we find the performer again. The man who can hit the notes that makes the hair on the back of your neck curl. The man who with a twitch of his shirt has the audience teased into dancing and singing. The West African Blues have been left behind this time and in their place are the rhythms of Reggae, Reggae Dub, Cha, Cha, Cha, Mbalax and Salsa. Music to drive to, music to dance to and music to be moved by....and a great audience to be flirted with! This is modern West African music at it's best.

All gigs this year have been sell outs and have produced many encores leaving the audiences with smiles on their faces.

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Mami 2003 - Produced by Steve Marshall, Record Label Studio 2000 (Senegal)
Djamano 2004/5- Produced by Steve Marshall, Record Label Orange World
Presidents Album - Produced by Laye Sow, Record
Label Studio 2000(Senegal)
So Far - Produced Laye Sow, Record Label Music Directions Due for release August 2008
Numerous compilations including Acoustic Africa, Sahara - Blues of the Desert.
Laye is well known on TV and radio in Senegal and has performed numerous times for the World Service and other stations. Recently his performance from the Liverpool 08 Echo Arena opening was shown on the BBC2 Culture Show.

Set List

Acoustic Set followed by Afro Set. There are over 6 hours of original compositions by Laye Sow to choose from. Each concert is tailor made to the audience. He performs either with his seven piece band or solo (and or with support by arrangement).