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Band Blues Singer/Songwriter


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"Myspace comments"

"Great blues!"
Eric Clapton/(Myspace comment)

"So sweet. Good luck!"
Mick Taylor/(Myspace comment)

"Enjoyed your songs."
Little Feat/(Myspace comment)


"Vince R. Ditrich of Spirit of the West on Layla Zoe"

"Some singers are like sports cars, some are like pickup trucks. Layla is a 440 Six Pack
at full throttle. Fasten the 5 point restraints,
Vince R. Ditrich/Spirit of the West/Vinsynch

- Personal review

"Powerful Voice and more"

"Powerful voice,clean recording,great playing, great songs, strong emotion...what else is there?"
Richard Sales/Glasswing Studios

- Richard Sales

"Bill Johnson, Maple Blues guitarist of the year nominee talks about Layla"

"Layla convinced me she was a great musician the first time I heard her sing. It took all of 15 seconds. I remain her devoted fan. I hope the rest of the world catches on soon." -Bill Johnson/the Bill Johnson Band

- Personal review

"Dawn Tyler Watson's review of Layla Zoe"

"Layla Zoe has a voice thats powerful and edgy and a presence that rocks the soul. The first time I heard her I got goosebumps before she'd finished
singing her first line! She'll go far...just watch her."
-Dawn Tyler Watson/Professional singer

- Personal review

"Layla and Danny Marks at Jeff Healey's Bar in Toronto, Ont."

"When Danny Marks, the band and Layla dug into the music, the folks
at our table were exclaiming things like, "Are you hearing this young
lady sing? Can you believe this?! Wow! This is history in the making!" It was as if, everyone had seen the light. Now, as I am a believer that we never stop
learning and growing, especially with regard to musical performance, and
that young Layla Zoe has already reached such a lofty plateau with so
much soul in her music, and so much music in her soul ... well, I want to
express how excited we all are. Thanks for that!

Yours truly

Originally from the 60s movement of the great horseshoe,

Dave Burt
aka David Colin Burt - email review

"Layla Zoe, gorgeous new soul blues."

Layla Zoe Shades of Blue (Self)

Also part of the West Coast contingent visiting at the Summit, Ms. Zoe left behind a very impressive CD. It shows her to be a powerful singer and a very good songwriter with some very helpful friends. The opening "Someday", "Shaking", You Won't Call" and "Leave You For Good" have strong new lyrics on the state of relationships but "Disappearing Delta" is a stunning one-chord lament on the state of the blues in the south. As a vocalist she has the power of a Janis Joplin but usually stays away from the histrionics. Supplying music for many of her lyrics is the guitarist on the album, Chris Raines who shines throughout. Maple Blues Award nominee Bill Johnson duets with Layla on a gorgeous new soul blues, "You Surprise Me Again". "Flightplan" veers a little too close to blues-rock for my liking but overall this is an excellent effort from someone I hope we'll hear a lot more from. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to selected charities. You can get more details at
Written by John Valenteyn of the Toronto Blues Society, March/07 - Toronto Blues Society

"Into The Light"

Layla Zoe will be a featured vocalist at the Women’s Blues Revue December 1, 2007 at Massey Hall. The other guest vocalists include Shawne Jackson, Treasa Levasseur, Roxanne Potvin, Dawn Tyler Watson & Nikki Yanofsky. Photo by Antti Lumikari

Since her arrival on the Toronto blues scene in January of this year, Layla Zoe continues to leave an indelible impression on her audiences and fellow artists. Hers is a story of how faith, fortitude and a forum for expression culminate into fortune.

This year, the Toronto Blues Society’s acclaimed “Blues Summit” provided a forum for Layla as a contributing artist, by way of Brian Blain’s beautiful, inspirational and welcoming campfire song circle.

“Layla was the first person in the door at the Chelsea Hotel. Layla’s independent spirit and determination was readily apparent. She was ready to give it her best shot”, cited Brian.

The campfire song circle is where this redheaded, blues siren who hails from Vancouver Island, made a valuable and lasting connection with Toronto’s own voice of the blues, host of, Danny Marks.

“I had that 1950 ES5, the T-Bone guitar. It was tuned down to an open tuning and I was picking some Elizabeth Cotton. She said, ‘I love that song’. I thought, ‘I hope this girl can sing’. Turns out she can. Layla’s vote of confidence in my picking, as a complete stranger, led to us playing together a lot. I get a real lift out of it”, he beamed.

Layla captivated the Blues Summit delegates at the campfire circle, with an energetic and moving a cappella version of an original song, “Someday” from her debut CD, “Shades of Blue”. She received many accolades and an invitation, from Danny Marks, to guest with him at the landmark venue, Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse.

Her scheduled performance in June at the NXNE Conference had her back in Toronto with a return engagement to the Roadhouse and this time she was honoured to share the stage with Jeff Healey.

In the ensuing weeks, Layla performed around the city and was a featured artist with Brian Gladstone at The Rivoli, as part of Hearts Open Toronto (HOT) Sunday Showcase, a monthly charitable event created by Zuzana Hahn of Get Graphic Inc. Understanding the importance of this concept, Layla was thrilled to be part of this series as she generously opens her heart with portions of proceeds from, Shades of Blue going to charities that resonate with her values.

She made guest appearances with regarded artists such as, The Downchild Blues Band at a Berkeley Church event, Danny Marks and Trouble & Strife at the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival and Julian Fauth at The Distillery Blues. In September, she was part of the Fram Slokker Street Shuffle and sang at jams hosted by Johnny Max as part of Chuck Jackson’s prestigious Southside Shuffle.

This year Layla garnered the award of Vancouver Island’s Female Vocalist of the Year and winner of the Compo10 International Blues Songwriting Competition held in Järvenpää, Finland, where she will perform in 2008 at the Lakeside Blues Festival.

As Shades of Blue has showcased Layla’s talents as a diverse singer and songwriter that can rock the house with songs like “Someday” and “Flightplan”, then lull you with her lyrical laments in “You Won’t Call” and “Disappearing Delta”, it leaves you with more than shades of anticipation for her next CD.

Layla assures she has plans for just that as she has been working on a new record which she hopes to be released in mid-November, in time for her farewell party to be held in her west coast hometown.

On December 1st, Layla will be sharing the stage at the regal Massey Hall as part of the Women in Blues Revue, with vocalists Treasa Levaseur, Shawne Jackson, Roxanne Potvin, Dawn Tyler Watson and Nikki Yanofsky backed by the all-star Women’s Revue Band (Michelle Josef, Margaret Stowe, Lily Sazz, Brandi Disterheft, Carrie Chesnutt, Colleen Allen, Sarah McElcheran and bandleader Suzie Vinnick).

On this return, Layla Zoe, a woman of strong independent spirit and soulful sensitivity, intends to call “home” the city and society that welcomed her, almost one year ago, with arms wide open.

Sharon Grace
- Toronto Blues Society


EP CD titled "You Will" released independently.(2005)
1.You Will
2.Sometimes I cry
3.Everytime love walks away
4.Jungle Room
5.What the body remembers

Full length CD titled "Shades of Blue" released independently (2006)
2.Disappearing Delta
3.Wade in the water
5.You won't call
6.You surprise me again
7.Leave you for good
8.When you gonnah learn
9.Change is gonnah come

Full-length album "Hoochie Coochie Woman": independently released (2007)
1.Hoochie Coochie Woman
2.Don't wannah hurt nobody
3.No more stormy Mondays
4.I am free
5.Soft as a feather
6.Gottah Message for you
7.Desert Song
8.That's why I'm crying
9.Get Me Some
10.Black eyes blacker song
11.Love makes the World go round

All albums have received radio airplay and are available through cdbaby and online.
Layla Zoe has been featured on the Errington compilation cd, three years in a row.
Layla has sung back-ups for other artists' recording projects such as the Bill Johnson band of Victoria, BC who was recently nominated for a Maple Blues Award in Toronto, Ont.



Layla Zoe has been singing since she was a little girl. Raised up hearing old blues and 70's rock albums, Layla Zoe grew into a singer/songwriter at the tender age of 16 when she sang her first gig in Vancouver at the Fairview Pub with her father's blues band. She later made it onto Canadian Idol's pilot tv episode after auditioning in Vancouver and blowing Sass Jordan away with her version of Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz." Layla Zoe has worked with westcoast talent such as David Gogo, Ken Hamm and Vince R. Ditrich of Spirit of the West. And out east she has performed with Danny Marks, Jeff Healey, the Downchild Blues Band and Julian Fauth. She has funded her own trips to Nashville and Toronto to songwrite and promote herself. She has released an EP cd and two full length albums, one of which she donates partial proceeds to charitiey. Layla has been seen on CHUM tv in the Speaker's corner booth and heard on CBC radio, as well as Toronto's! Layla Zoe was featured in Canadian Musician Magazine in March/07 as well as having received stellar reviews from the Toronto Blues Society. Layla won Female Vocalist of the Year at the Vancouver Island Music Awards in 2007. Layla also won the International blues songwriting competition Compo.10 held in Finland. She was the only woman and the only canadian who made it to the finals, and she won the contest in July of 2007. She performed at Massey Hall in Toronto in Dec. 2007 for the Women's Blues Review, and received rave reviews in the Globe and Mail and NOW magazine. She has also received outstanding reviews in DownBeat and Blues Matters magazine. Her music has been played on radio in Australia, France, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Greece, and of course Canada and the US. She has recently performed in Chicago and Detroit with well-known bluesmen. She has released a new album titled "Hoochie Coochie Woman" and two self-produced music videos in 2007.
This girl is about to bring soul back, so don't miss your chance to see her live! For more info. visit or and check her out on YOUTUBE!