Splitting the difference between euphoric energy and manic drive, Laylights deliver anthemic songwriting with an indie sensibility. Driving basslines, tight energetic drums, and sharp cutting guitars lay the foundation for soaring vocals.


A Laylights Biography
By R. J. Weisman.

We have arrived.

Four men approach a door in the back of an electronics repair store. Past the door lie stairs, and beyond the stairs lies a room the size of a fallout shelter. The hallway floor is littered with cigarette butts, empty beer cans, and dead handbills blended to the floor by hard white neon light. The room they are after is completely undecorated, save a drab French watercolor on the far wall. The only light comes from holiday lights seized from dumpsters and the dull glow of a computer monitor. Cabinets of speakers surround the room wanting to be heated by an electric hum.

Three times a week these four men make their pilgrimage to this underground lair in hopes of creating light and wonder, in an otherwise dark hollow space.

These men are Laylights. Each bringing their spirit and dreams, memories of loves had and lost, their own successes and failures. From this ether of existence they draw and release the elements that eventually become songs both delicate yet forceful. All encompassing life, transposed through music.

The birds do chirp.


Auricle (April 2008)
Laylights - Laylights (self-titled EP2006)

Set List

One hour set. Set list changes from night to night.