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"With DEEP WATERS, I want the listener to really feel it hard and get real hyped. It's a creative, raw description of life in my hood. I don't have a flashy style as far as my appearance, I think my music cators to every genre. Be looking out for me YOUNG LAY LOW in 2005"


Lay Low


Vallejo native and young superstar rapper LAY LOW straight off the streets of V-Town, is ready to take the industry by storm with his newly released DEEP WATERS CD produced by Troy Sanders and Chris ‘Era’ Toliver of New Era Productions.

Born Arlay Burrow, LAY LOW is the smooth, intellectual, non-flashy playa with a calm demeanor, until it’s time to rock the mic. Rap icons such as E-40, The Click, Tupac and Too Short have always been LAY LOW favorites since he listened to his first rap song at the age of five.
“I heard Too Short’s song, ‘Freaky Tales’ and since then, I’ve wanted to be a rapper.

As a member of the Curtdales when he was 15 years old, LAY LOW recorded his first CD, By Any Means Necessary. Over 2,000 units were sold in the Bay Area, Southern California and other West Coast cities.

Now a young man ready for the world, LAY LOW’s rap game is stronger than ever.

The hit single WHAT THE WHAT? Is catching the attention of it’s listeners with the strong beats and lyrics that’s hyphy and fun.
Other songs on the 16 track CD include what LAY LOW calls personal songs such as, IF I COULD CHANGE, I WOULDN’T CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL. A song about venting and letting go. Radio singles and club tracks like STICK SHIFT; SEE U SWEAT; and U DO U, are hyphy for dancing and crowd participation.
LAY LOW writes his own lyrics, with musical beats unlike anything you’ve heard of.

DEEP WATERS is LAY LOW’s tales of the way he sees life in his Northern California hood.

Collaborations on DEEP WATERS include E-40, D-Shot, Federation, Turf Talk, San Quinn and B-Legit.

Young ladies have described LAY LOW as handsome, smart and mature acting, with a great sense of humor. “He has drive and knows what he wants. It show in his performances,” said one 17 year old female who watched LAY LOW perform in San Francisco.

LAY LOW has performed at various parties, concerts and events throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Portland and Las Vegas. The Dirty South and East Coast are the next venues.
LAY LOW also appears on D-Shot’s children’s CD created for his newest invention, the Hip Hop Rap and Count Album.