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Santa Barbara, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Santa Barbara, CA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Reggae




"Layovr Introduces “Trop Rock” S.B. Band Infuses Classic reggae with ’80s Rock Shredding"

The Santa Barbara music scene recently gained a stronger foundation with the addition of Layovr. Its unique version of reggae, pop, and rock that they call “trop rock” refreshes the senses with classic reggae roots sprinkled with “’80s rock shredding,” according to the band’s drummer, Evan Monroe. Songs featuring dueling guitar and saxophone solos, spacey keyboard synths, and an in-the-pocket percussion section entertain the brain and leave the audience with big grins.

The quartet is made up of Kevin Harvey (guitar and vocals), Thomas Semow (bass), Joe Farey (keyboards and saxophone), and Monroe. Layovr likens its reggae influence to that of The Police, who often used reggae rhythms in its songs, but don’t consider themselves as solely a reggae or rock band but rather something in between.

Formerly, the band performed as the Advanced Jazz Combo at UCSB and as members of the popular UCSB band, The Fire Department. However, recently the band went through a metamorphosis, ditching a style that catered to the Isla Vista party scene while keeping its tight sound and energetic showmanship. “[The Fire Department] was just a total party band — full horn section, three singers — and it was just for fun, and it was hard to move up and be more professional,” said Farey.

Layovr’s new single “Dusk ’Til Dawn,” which is slated for release October 19, features Harvey on vocals, which is something new for the band. “We’re all instrumentalists first, so this [song] is kind of our first crack at that. We’ve been recording a lot, and that experience … has made me much more comfortable as a singer,” said Harvey. Layovr will be playing several shows around town in the near future, so look out for this band that is “bridging the gap between indie rock and reggae,” said Semow. - Santa Barbara Independent

"Premiere of LAYOVR’s “Dusk ‘Til Dawn” Music Video"

Hot off of a week filled with magazine cover shots and a face-melting performances at New Noise Music Festival, the boys of LAYOVR are keeping the party going with their premiere of “Dusk ‘Til Dawn.” Their first ever music video shows off their talents as hit-makers with a signature brand of radio friendly trop rock.

Making good use of the world famous Santa Barbara backdrop, “Dusk ‘Til Dawn” tells the story of chasing a girl whose spark for passion (or at least monogamous passion) expires as the sun rises. With the help of up-and-coming filmmakers Sean Nunley and Colin McCaffrey, LAYOVR’s meteoric rise has never seemed more imminent. A few more singles like this and they just might get a crack at the big time. - Milk Crater

"10 Bands You Need to See at New Noise Festival in Santa Barbara"

The members of LAYOVR cut their teeth playing to drooling crowds of UCSB students in Isla Vista. All that goes to say, they know how to put on one of the best live shows around. With a trop rock vibe, a handful of excellent covers and some of the best musicianship you will find today, seeing LAYOVR is a no brainer. - Milk Crater

"Trails & Ways and Layovr at SOhO Killer Pairing Fills Club With Thumping, Beachy Beats"

On Thursday September 24, We The Beat presented two killer bands at SOhO, Trails and Ways and Layovr.

The show kicked off with a rocking performance from Layovr, a local self-described “trop rock” quartet. Layovr started their set with a cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” and the audience cheered for the conductive currents. The bass was thumping, the drums were tight, the keys and saxophone were expelling ambient waves of energy, the guitar danced brightly, and the vocals were as clear as day.

Layovr is known for their technical skills as musicians, and many of their songs are solely instrumental, like their single “Reach for the Sun,” which features intricate guitar work and a mix of smooth synth keyboards. The band had an eclectic take on how to play reggae music or their “trop rock” version of it, and sounded reminiscent of the Police as they keep a lively and spritely tone that revealed the intense mechanics of their music. Basically, Layover takes reggae, which is essentially simple genre to create music within, and then they dress it up in a Hugo Boss tux, Louboutin shoes, and a diamond studded Rolex – you have to have some major chops to afford threads like that.

Trails and Ways drew a large crowd in support of their indie beach­wave music. The blend of female and male vocals kept the audience’s attention in a firm grip, while their playful vibe had attendants dancing and possibly even falling in love with one another. The band laid a groove of heavy bass drum thumps and snare claps beneath sparkling high guitar riffs, keyboards, and harmonies, for a warm sound that anyone could get down to.

People clamored about each of the bands, and some of the die­hard Trails and Ways fans were overcome with joy about the performance. Layovr was also a huge hit with people that had not heard their music before. One fan had this to say: “I came for Trails and Ways – they are my favorite – but Layovr was great, I’m definitely going to come to their next show. Awesome band.” Well said. - Santa Barbara Independent


Still working on that hot first release.



LAYOVR is the point of bliss in any journey when the uncertainty of not knowing when or where one will end up resolves with the swaying motion of palm trees in the wind. Adventurers of landscapes and world travelers in their own right, they are connoisseurs of music from across the spectrum. Drawing from a broad range of tropical rhythms, electronic textures, and early 80’s rock arrangements, the quartet styles their act with loud colors and subtle references to the landscapes that inspire their music. LAYOVR is more than a highly cohesive musical force, it is a movement that feeds off of harnessing cultural and geographic diversity to unify the masses.

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