Layton James

Layton James


Currently residing in Bloomington IN, Layton James is a singer songwriter focused on making a lasting impact in the country music scence.


"Empty bottle of whiskey and another sad song"

Layton's family is originally from the Knoxville Tennesse area and moved to Indiana where he was born. Numerous return visits to the kinfolks , and the old time gospel sung by an uncle and his family(The Simmons Family) at churches around the south ensured that he would remain a true blue country boy at heart. Straying away from his roots, Layton got his start in music with the hair-metal phase in junior high. Moving more toward JamBand and Folk in high school, these styles were most promanent through his early twenties. He then found his roots again with a short lived Bluesgrass Ensamble called the Gentry Remedy Company. After going between old country and jam band rock for the next few years, he realized that his heart and soul belonged with country. So with a soft spot for steel pedal guitar and the sounds of the lonesome fiddle in his ears, Layton has been composing and playing original songs that sound too old to be new country and too new to be old. He hits everthing from the swooner style of George Jones to the Honky Tonk heroes like Cash, Willie, Merle, Lefty Frizzle, Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam. Still, with all his musical experimentatation, the heart of Layton's music is the wails and hollars he heard in those one-room mountain top churches as a child.


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Set List

The typical Layton James set list is comprised of origingal songs as well as a few covers. They can be solo or with a mix of back up musicians. Make no mistake this is old country music all the way. Past covers have included Willie Nelson, George Jones, Jimmie Martin, The Grateful Dead, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Hank Sr., Hank Jr., Hank3, Wayne Hancock, Clint Black and so on. Don't be surprised to hear a rock cover or two decked out with western twang.
The typical show is two 45 minute set with a short break. Can do anything from a few songs to 3 hours depending on what is required.