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The best kept secret in music


"Georgia Straight"

What do you get when you crossbreed the classic, guitar-driven pop of the Grapes of Wrath with the electronic-dance sensibilities of Moev? You get Lazarazu, which sounds like neither of those defunct local acts but is intriguing in its own right. Featuring producer-programmer Tom Ferris (a founding member of both Moev and Econoline Crush), former Grapes guitar-slinger Kevin Kane, and singer Julie Ferris, Lazarazu make its live debut at the ANZA club on Friday (November 8). Expect a dark, dance floor-friendly rock sound somewhere between Garbage and Curve, along with atmospheric visuals and an audience that remembers what Nettwerk was all about before Lilith Fair was even a twinkle in anyone's eye. - John Lucas

"Terminal City"

At their Anza Club show a couple of months ago this group comprised of ex-members of Grapes of Wrath, Moev and Econoline Crush put on a dizzy display of modern light and sound spectacular all the while keeping the feel real with warm and trippy guitar and singing so pure and spacey. The Royal is the perfect spot for their weird and wonderful sparse and catchy futuristic and fancy sonics. - Phil Oats

"The Vancouver Province"

Tom and Julie Ferris team up with Kevin Kane in a band that has only traces of their collective background. Tom was a founder of Moev (Lazarazu is more elastic than Moev's brittle pop) and Econoline Crush (Lazarazu isn't as heavy as EC started out to be) while Kane was a major figure in Grapes of Wrath (Lazarazu isn't as shiny or harmonious as Grapes) but with Julie there is a harkening to '80's style. On its first CD, the trio invokes Goth-rock, but before anyone reaches for the black eyeliner, it sounds brighter and less world weary, like a revitalized Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees. - Tom Harrison


Floodlit is the debut disc from an interesting assortment of Canadian talent. Lazarazu matches Tom Ferris of Econoline Crush fame and wife Julie Ferris, with Kevin Kane from the Grapes of Wrath. The result is an ambitious pop album backed up by a blend of ambient synthesisers, stalking vocals, and the occasional guitar accompaniment. The trio put forth a respectable effort for a first attempt. “If” contains catchy elements of traditional synth pop, while “Scatterbugs” is a more fluffy techno-based song. Overall, Lazarazu’s Floodlit offers up a darker sound from the members’ previous associations. Floodlit’s problem, however, is a lack of vivacity throughout the album. Possibly the group is spreading themselves thin with other projects, or possibly they are still getting used to translating their sound to disc (this is a self-produced effort). Whatever the case, Lazarazu attempts to present a passionate musical experience - Mike Adair


Consisting of Tom & Julie Ferris and Kevin Kane, Vancouver's Lazarazu is a unique blend of sonic rhythms, intricate melodies & uptempo beats. Their debut album 'Floodlit' has been unleashed. What was becoming a stale techno sound is about to have some new life breathed into it.
Following his departure from The Grapes of Wrath, Kane hooked up with the Ferris' in 2002 and the band quickly made their presence felt on the West Coast. They became staples on the local tv circuit and have already appeared at some of the area's biggest shows, showcasing a live presence which has steadily garnered much praise.
The result of their work in the studios is a refreshing sound, full of tight hooks and melodies all woven into a well-produced package. Tom has earned a reputation for his work with the likes of Econoline Crush & Moev while Julie brings a voice which ranges from compelling and vibrant to captivating with mood & emotion.
The lead-off song, "I Live Through You" instantly creates an image set to change the way the modern pop scene is viewed. Haunting and intriguing, it typifies the general atmosphere of the album. The title-track is infectious yet haunting, as is the techno-driven "Scatterbugs".
"Knee Deep" is one of the more intriguing tracks, with an eerie beginning which quickly changes beat - leading to easily one of the better songs on the current independent scene, and one of the highlights of an album that's a true gem. Also shining bright are the dance-flavoured "Repercussions", the intricate layerings of "If" and "Out From Under". Any of these are future singles and have all the elements to become them. The band showcases its versatility in the moody "Stringmachine" and "When We Died".
Lyrically, FLOODLIT taps a wide array of emotions and are a perfect fit for the electronic-based pop elements. The songwriting in general are typical of what are bound to become staples in the continuing Canadian surge in the world music scene. Lazarazu incorporates engaging sonic rhythms with a diverse blend of roots - with a meticulously-engineered album that genuinely captures your attention on first listen. The beat and sheer craftsmanship will keep you coming back for more. Be sure to check them out online, where you can find out where to catch them live, download song clips and order the CD. - Dan Brisebois

"Toronto Sun"

This Vancouver trio featuring members of Econoline Crush and Grapes of Wrath isn't exactly what you might expect. Here, rock is often supplanted by an electronic, industrial sound.
I Live Thru You, which closely resembles Wild Strawberries, shows lead singer Julie Ferris has the chops, while the title track is a groovy little electro-ditty. Meanwhile, Knee Deep and Scatterbugs are rather ordinary dance tracks despite the windswept vocals. Fortunately, the stellar Skin Of My Teeth picks things up again, slightly recalling Depeche Mode's It's No Good.
There are ample simple yet infectious rhythms, particularly on the sultry When We Died. Repercussions is the highlight of the album, a heavily programmed track that walks between pop and dance. Only on If does does the trio sound like they're recreating an '80's synth-pop song, yet it is still able to pass the bar. But you'll have to wait until the end for relief from the dance sounds: Out From Under is the closer and first number with more emphasis on guitars and non-programmed sounds.

-February 22 2004, 4 out of 5 stars
- Jason MacNeil

"Stylus magazine"

Are you a Sarah McLachlan fan who is bummed at her new status as part of Canada's Adult Contemporary Triumvirate (the two others are named Shania and Celine - and of course the matriarch is Anne Murray)? Well, maybe a band like Lazarazu can be some sort of solace. Fronted by singer Julie Ferris, Lazarazu is a Vancouver trio filled out by Grapes of Wrath songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Kevin Kane and Econoline Crush/Moev programmer Tom Ferris. The band combines pop melodies, ambient synths, drum loops and an almost gothic sensibility which is reminiscent of Miss McLachlan's early days, not to mention Siouxsie and The Banshees. To be fair, singer Ferris has more in common with Siouxsie Sioux than with Sarah McLacahlan; Lazarazu just sound like a band that would have been signed to Nettwerk Records 20 years ago, or are at least trying to sound like a band that was on that label in their formative years. Lazarazu play atmospheric pop - next time they should emphasize the pop over the atmosphere. (Independant, -Ian Ferguson - Ian Ferguson


"Live at Thunderbird Radio Hell" live radio performance on CITR (07/08/04)
"Floodlit" cd (2004)
"Scatterbugs" and "Floodlit" live TV performance, CBC's ZED (01/13/03)
"Scatterbugs" live TV performance, CBC's ZED Friday Request Show (01/31/03)
"I Live Thru You" and "Stringmachine" live TV performance, URBAN RUSH (03/19/03)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lazarazu has a lush mix of loops and beats, textured guitar, driving bass and melodic female vocals. Producer/programmer Tom Ferris (Moev, Econoline Crush) weaves an intricate sonic landscape, in which Kevin Kanes (Grapes of Wrath) evocative guitar parts soar, and his popperfect harmonies float effortlessly behind the infectious melodies of lead vocalist Julie Ferris. The addition of ex-Moev bassist Kelly Cook and live drummer Brian Berry stirs what started as a studio project into a fully fleshed out, dynamic live band. They also bring a similar visual presence to accompany the audio assault of their live show, draped in digital projection. It is electronic pop-rock on a bewitching new level.

Featuring former founding members of Grapes of Wrath, Moev and Econoline Crush, their debut cd "Floodlit" is a moody collection of electronic-ridden rock songs -- an old school album with a modern twist. In a review of "Floodlit", Tom Harrison of The Vancouver Province declared Lazarazu "a revitalized Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees". Jason Macneil of The Toronto Sun called the track "Skin of My Teeth" "stellar", comparing the group to Depeche Mode.

Lazarazu made their television debut on the acclaimed CBC arts show "ZED" on January 13th, 2003, performing "Floodlit" and "Scatterbugs". "Scatterbugs" was shown again on ZED's Friday request show on January 31, 2003. Fans wrote in immediately calling the band "the new Siouxsie & the Banshees" and "Primal Scream with a female singer". They have also made appearances on local morning chat show "Urban Rush" and have performed on a live radio broadcast of "Live From Thunderbird Hell" on UBC's CITR.

Lazarazu's debut cd, "Floodlit" is available now on and is distributed physically and digitally by The Orchard.