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The best kept secret in music


"Christian rapper Lazarus defies the odds"

Lazarus, also known as Robert Smith, is a Withrow High School class of 1996 graduate, and a Cincinnati State Technical & Community College business graduate. He is the CEO and founder of FICMUSIC, a Christian hip-hop label.

Formerly a P&G marketing staff employee, how he has grown as a man, he says, “Through reading God's word, staying strong, loving people, and understanding when to submit to authority, and most importantly, life circumstances.”

How did it all begin? Well for years, he rapped in a secular group, but then God spoke to him in 1998 and said, “Change your genre to a positive message for my glory.”

He says God gave him the name Lazarus, the friend whom Jesus raised from the dead after four days. Out of his obedience, FICMUSIC - Forever in Christ Music - was born, and Lazarus became the CEO and founder of the first Cincinnati based Christian hip-hop label.

He and 11 other friends are the heart and soul of FIC that perform hundreds of shows around the Midwest area every year. He is a member of Abundant Life Faith Fellowship and has seen Christian rap being used as a tool to reach non-believers because of the lyrics and steady beat.

“Through my lyrics I discuss the problem as well as the solution, always giving God the glory. I never want people to be confused about the message I'm sending.”

Unlike many rappers in the secular genre, he is confident that he is a role model to his community and specifically young men and women; therefore he is determined to point people in the right direction.

His greatest achievement has been seeing people's lives change, and how seven years ago he was the first to open doors for this genre in the area. Now there are 50-60 more artists. His approach to the music industry is, “Respect people who have experience, ask questions, and support other people.”

Lazarus feels strongly that the negative images of Black men are distorted; often painting a broad image and minimizing the positive, but overall all Black men need to step up and create an even more positive image.

On positive Black men today he says, “Right now there is a start of positive men with values based on a biblical perspective that God will use as a beckon to the community. Twenty-five years from now things will be either bad or good, but first it will get better.”

Lazarus offers three tips for success: “Watch who you hang around, don't put yourself in certain circumstances, and stay around positive people for support.”

These are words of a positive Black man who has pushed through the odds and risen to become a positive image for other Black men.

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- The Cincinnati Herald


Bro Lazarus-

I just want to thank you for joining us at Gospel Jam this year. As usual,
you rocked the house and got the Spirit moving through the crowd. My
brother,who some would call a "Baby Saint," has recently realized that God
can be in rap music too and it still sounds good. It's like I said in the
intro I made before you took the mic, it took me some time to get that
people praise the Lord in many different ways. As popular as rap music is
today to the younger generation, there needs to be that type of music
represented in the Heavenlies to let this generation know that to be saved
is not to be dead to fun. You are blessed in your ministry and we are
blessed to know you.

Again, many thanks to you and your "entourage" for joining us. As long as
God doesn't call the Church out of here before next year, we'll be looking
to see you at Gospel Jam 2007. And please send us e-mails of any upcoming
events and dates where you'll be ministering and let us know if we can be of
any service to you. We'll be happy to spread the word and do all we can do
to be a blessing to you.

May God's Blessings continue to be upon you and may He keep you in perfect
peace until we speak again.
Sis. Clarissa

- Clarissa


"Push Him Down" 1999
"Comin' Forth" 2000
"FIC Compliation:Chapter I" 2001
"FIC Compilation:Chapter II" 2003
"FIC Live:Fastbreak" 2004
"The Laz Block" 2005
"Da Undaground" 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Robert "LAZARUS" Smith was born October 4 and God immediately had a hand in his life. Thanks to praying family members, Robert made it through some traumatic ups and downs being in the world. Finally, in 1998 Robert accepted Christ in his life and turned all his gifts and talents from buisness and music in to what is now known as FIC Music. Along with a childhood friend also from the streets of Cincinnati, Lazarus, his name taken from the man in the Bible who was risen from the dead, started making gospel msuic in order to win the lost and to edify the body of Christ. Lazarus and FIC Music have since appeared on TBN's "Praise the Lord", particiapted in hundreds of shows in the Greater Cincinnati area and released over 5 CD projects to date. Keep watching out for this man of God, he's on fire and can't be stopped!!