Lazarus is that one band who never dissapoints. That one band who for some reason stands out from all the rest. That one band who from the moment they take the stage capture the attention and praise of everyone at the venue. In short; Lazarus is the real deal, not some cheap imitation.


Giving a morbid breath into the incarnate of thrash metal having formed in the late summer of 2005 in Wisconsin, Lazarus arises and brings resurrection to its style in a music scene of mediocrity. A unique complexity, in raging tempos that surpass all limits known to those of sound and light, comes to be complete as in unison as if a machine compsed and performed them itself. Thus engraving a memory like scar that leaves all of Lazarus listeners humming the toughest of riffs. Upon completing thier self produced demo in early 2006, Lazarus rapidly obtained an unfailing fan base while touring the midwest and opening up for major actus such as Anthrax, Monstrosity, and Switched. Achieving the highest of appraise, this four piece crusade mutates thier stages and venues into a battlefield in which long hair, shredding, and breakdowns always reign upon the bloodshed of mosh-pits. In early 2007 Lazarus entered the studio to record their debut full length cd "The Onslaught" with Chris Djuricic of Studio One. Mastering duties were held by none other than Testament/Death guitarist James Murphy. Lazarus plans to conquer more and more ground by supporting the cd for the months to come.


3 Song Demo (2006)
We have been played on various radio stations throughout the WI/IL area
Full Length Debut "The Onslaught" due out in April 07

Set List

Typical set time : 30-60 minutes of entertainment
Typical set repertoire: 5-10 original songs