Lazarus Moan

Lazarus Moan


Montreal's Lazarus Moan, (formerly Li'l Buck), have been grinding out their unique brand of alternative/pop music for over a decade. Interpreting the melodic and darkly lyrical songs of singer/guitarist Mark Goodwin, this talented and dynamic quartet has just launched a new CD entitled 'Sunrise'.


Lazarus Moan has worn many hats over the years and have been difficult to pin down and stuff into a stylistic bird-hole. Their influences range from Gram Parsons type-country to Stooges type-rock and have frequently been seen backing up other Montreal artists both live and on record such as Mack Mackenzie (Three O'Clock Train), Ian Stephens (Wining, Dining & Drilling), Little Birdie, Blue Seeds etc.



Written By: Mark Goodwin

Someone calls you, (You don't get called that much anymore)
Something stirs you,
(Came through the crack in the fire door)

And you wait for the blind to see
Be convinced by a rain that bleeds
And you're working so hard, that it makes your head hurt
You could bury an axe in the ribs of the earth
You could try for the sun, but you'll never get done
While it's still in the sky

Oh, so near the best horse on the carousel
Need to find around it's the thing I do

And I wish you comfort me
Give me mercy from mystery
Knock me out of my chair
With a ball of white light
Let me know that you're there
I won't put up a fight
Say something I don't know
Since you think I should grow
Are you listening tonight?

No one else on this road
No one else that I know (or care to know)
I was waiting for you and your clever plan......

Outside Always

Written By: Mark Goodwin

Where'd you go?..where you been?
Out in search of new sin?
Found a place in the sun
Where you almost had fun

When you see nothing's changed,
Idle time down the drain
It's all wrong, but I'm alright,
Just got born with new sight

Couldn't last too long inside with all this trouble brewing.....

Outside always....4x

Just a a bar,
Secret lives of the stars
It's all good, like they say
Wipe the blood stains away

And he tried so hard to say the things he knew you'd like.......

Outside always.....

Long, Long Gone

Written By: Mark Goodwin

Soft, the rain
Brought sleep without the pain
Hauled away
Dead man on a train
Lean into the turn, hollow like a worm, the stain.....
Soft like rain... a part of what remains

Make a wish,
Make a wish that falls - 2x
Daggers in your breath,
Dimming lights in every hall
Make a wish,
Make a wish that falls

Laugh a bit,
Laugh a bit too loud
Drink a bit, in disappearing crowds
Everywhere you turn, everything you've learned is long, long gone

Laugh a bit
Laugh a bit too loud......

I Can't Imagine

Written By: Mark Goodwin

I can't imagine... how things could come to this...
Blood rivers dried to bone
Mad shadows cast adrift

And it's true, yes it's true
You know the rules

I can't imagine what you did all alone
Your features all unglued,
They try to mirror the moon

And it's true....cold and true
Brand new rules

I can see the end..I will speak your name in time.
If there's a door I'll try it;
One to ten to look behind

I can't imagine, why did you come back here?
Why did you show your face
When you were in the clear?

And it's true, yeah it's true,
I don't know you..........

I have tried my best to penetrate the things you hate, Such a world of wonder
Always one wrong move too late....


Li'l Buck - Sometimes Nothing is a Real Cool Hand
- Soon
Lazarus Moan - Sunrise (2009)

Set List

Featuring a large catalogue of their own tunes from their three albums, the set list is always different and tends to be sprinkled with a spontaneous offbeat cover or three.