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Cameron Lasley
When Cameron Lasley was born in 1982, doctors cautioned his parents that he would struggle physically. Today he runs 3 miles and benches 180.
Doctors predicted that he would be unable to talk.
He has just released his second Hip Hop album under the name LAZ D.
He has Down syndrome. He will be the first to tell you, he doesn’t think about it much. In fact, he hopes you won’t either. Give him a listen, and you will understand.
In high school, Cam began writing lyrics in his notebooks and dreaming of a career in music,, yet certain teachers were surprisingly absent in their support and told Cam he would be better off working in a kitchen. Cam stuck with it and soon began forming complete album and music video concepts. He was ready to take it to the next level. An enthusiastic classmate, now an NBA basketball player, gave him the name LAZ D and it stuck.

In September 2005, through a mutual friend and artist, Lasley connected with producer Jack G and, working together for a year, they crafted the album LAZ D ’The Man Himself’. In August 2006, LAZ celebrated with a first record release show at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon, and continued to perform in his hometown, building a local following and making music videos. Laz D’s video “Street Anthem” was featured during the Sprout Film Festival at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and continues to be requested for screening as part of its touring schedule, with requests as far reaching as Luxembourg.

Laz D has received waves of interest not only because of his unique story, but also in response to the positive messages and his permanent stance of rapping without the use of profanity. He is here to truly inspire.

In April 2007, Laz D and Jack G began writing the follow-up album “In My Face”. Knowing it would be a more personal and sonic album, the two hadn’t realized it would take over 2 years to complete. Writing and recording in Portland, LA, Austin, NY, and Hawaii, the album became a deep journey of trying to capture the complex and personal statements of a young man whose story needed to be told.

In May 2009, Laz D celebrated the years of hard work, releasing “In My Face” with a local launch party at Crystal Ballroom, followed by appearances in Los Angeles on KXLU 88.9fm Demolisten and, and first shows in Austin, Texas.

With the songs ’In Your Face’ and ’Hold Me Down’, Laz D responds to hate talk expressed toward him on the Internet, and also the casual, everyday use of the ’R’ word. ’We Ain’t Playing’ stresses the importance of healthy living and daily exercise, while the first single ’Go For It’ urges listeners to reach their goals and live life to the fullest.

Nicole DeCosta writes, “The album takes listeners on a journey through first dates, turning 27, confidence, and achieving dreams”, while Autumn Sproles adds “We listened to Laz D last night. The rawness in the way he expresses himself gave me goosebumps”. Laz D says, “day by day, show by show.” The music connects people; it can bring people together.

Laz D doesn’t stop. He has formed D Entertainment, focusing on projects with inspiring messages. Laz D and Jack G are currently developing an animated television series called “Laz D and Me” that will integrate rap music and every day life lessons for kids growing up in a culture saturated with violent cartoons.

Laz D hopes to grow his music career while providing inspiration to others. “I have a voice for it” he states, and very simply, it’s time. Whenever a goal is reached, a song is recorded, or simply over lunch, Laz D finishes with what has become Jack G’s favorite saying as he quietly states, “Good Timing”.