Lazer Cat

Lazer Cat

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

I'm a female singer songwriter. I want to help people that are going through the same issues that I write about and I want to spread a message of love and positivity while still telling a wonderful story.


Lazer Cat is the folk music project of Liz Sirmon. She blends pain, happiness and humor in a incomparable style mixing folk, pop and rock. Fun and love inspire her to keep on rockin'! Lazer Cat's influences include Mischief Brew, Chuck Ragan, Against Me!, and the Counting Crows.


Peace and Equality EP
1. The Rocky Mountains Are My Best Friends
2. Too Much
3. I Need a Heaven
4. Redemption
5. The World's Rising Sun
6. You Make Me Sad
7. It's Time to Go to Bed

Springtime Demo
1. Traveling Musician
2. Old Wave
3. The Ground Can Be a Rude Thing
4. I'll Carry You Home

The Ground Can Be a Rude Thing single
1. The Ground Can Be a Rude Thing
2. If You Lose It