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Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Bruce Maltby (Owner)"

"Lazer Lloyd’s show at Violet’s Venue had all patrons asking where this bluesman has been hiding. His show was intense never taking his foot off the pedal and demonstrating guitar playing reminiscent to the great players of the 60s. We can’t wait until he returns." - Violet's Venue

"Lazer Lloyd - Lost on the Highway Album Review"

Lazer Lloyd was born in Connecticut, and started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. He studied at Skidmore College at the urging of his mother, eventually returning to Connecticut and playing with his group called The Last Mavericks. He created enough of a buzz that he was indeed headed to Nashville to work with E Street bassist and producer Gary Tallent, until fate intervened. A request to play with Shlomo Carlebach, better known perhaps as the “Singing Rabbi,” was enough to persuade Lloyd to relocate to Israel, where he has resided since 1994, marrying his wife Elena and raising their five children in Beit Shemesh.

A staunch fixture in the Israeli Blues Society, he has just released “Lost On The Highway : The Solo Recordings,” for the BluesLeaf label. It is rather a “book-end” follow-up to his critically-acclaimed all-electric affair, “My Own Blues,” from 2012. This solo set is thirteen originals that feature only Lloyd on vocals, his acoustic guitar, and occasional harp.

Lloyd’s guitar skills are impeccable, with a rich, deep vocal delivery that really unleashes the power of these songs. Many of the characters in Lloyd’s songs do indeed seem to be lost, misguided souls who seek inner peace, forgiveness, and redemption. The hero of the opening title cut has repented from his life of excesses, and is “goin’ down to the station to buy my ticket home.” It features a brilliant extended fingerpicking solo towards the song’s climax. “Been Trying” is a sweet, Fifties-inspired ode to our constant struggle to do what’s right. “World Fallen” is Lloyd’s plea to the Lord for help in coping with life, again with some deep, resonant picking sequences. “Now is the time To Love” encourages peace and harmony, while the set closes with the inspiration of gathering “down by the Riverside” for one’s ultimate reward.

We had two favorites, too. “Back Porch” is a unique instrumental that successfully melds the sounds of the Delta with Lloyd’s newfound homeland. And, as you listen to “Politician,” you’ll see why it would be easier for that proverbial camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than for one of them to make it into the kingdom of Heaven. Lloyd utilizes a cool, stop-time rhythm pattern and some fine harp as backup.

Lazer Lloyd has expanded his horizons with this fine acoustic set, capturing the feel of the old-time Delta masters. A consummate musician, writer, and storyteller, his “Lost On The Highway” shows the power one man can wield thru just his guitar and his voice. Until next time….Sheryl and Don Crow. - Don & Sheryl Crow (Nashville Blues Society)

"Spotlight on Lazer Lloyd"

“Eliezer (Lazer) has a unique mix of both his specialty which is blues coming from a deep spiritual place that is accessible to people of all backgrounds; on the other hand, he also has a great feeling for the Chassidic niggun [traditional Jewish tune] which he gives in own unique way, and he is able to transfer his passion and love to the listener,” said Rabbi Yossi Yaffe of Chabad of the Shoreline, which is sponsoring the 8th Annual Shoreline Jewish Festival. “In addition, he himself is a person who is on a spiritual journey that is inspiring and it comes through in his music as well, in particular caring for all people and his unique love for Jewish people which is really impressive.” - Jewish Ledger Connecticut Edition by Mara Dresner

"A man, a guitar and the occasional harmonica"

‘Lost On The Highway’ is not simply one of many blues acoustic albums that have appeared during the year. It is a very important work, providing food for thought via the humanity of the songwriter and his desire to inspire other people with his stories. Touching and fascinating and highly recommended for all those to whom the sense of spirituality has not yet been lost. - Nathan Nörgel, Wasser Prawda Magazin (Germany)

"Lazer Lloyd Brings Jews Together With Power of Song"

The concert Lazer did for us was a virtuoso performance infused with spirituality. It is a Jewish experience through music that he combines with an amazing ability to communicate with the crowd. There was total involvement of the audience with every song. - The Jewish Voice

"Space Time Continuum Music that borrows from different eras, people, and places"

...the unabashed power rock vibe, which feels both intimate and anthemic, like someone locked in his imagination and playing to a hypothetical arena—something like, dare it be suggested, a religious experience... -

"Soul music"

When Lazer Lloyd enters the zone onstage, his eyes close tightly and he begins a peculiar dance - partly Tevye in the shtetl, partly psychedelic free form shuffle. He handles his guitar like it was an extension of his lanky but sturdy body, and the glorious noise that it emits sounds like wails and squeals emerging directly from his soul. He is lost in the moment. He is the best guitarist in Israel. - International Jerusalem Post Magazine

"Truckin’ in Jerusalem"

...featuring the amazing guitar work of Lazer Lloyd Blumen... -

"“This is the best Rock N Roll Blues that I have seen in Israel""

“This is the best Rock N Roll Blues that I have seen in Israel. He is right under our nose and we do not know about it. Amazing, you have to see him live.”
- Ben Red, 88FM (Israeli Indie Rock DJ)

"Making the desert boom: Indie fest becomes Israel's most influential music event"

Blues fans should get to know Lazer Lloyd, a virtuoso and emotive guitarist -- Uri Zer Aviv - Ha'aretz

"In Israel, ultra-Orthodox rockers win over hearts"

One of the most popular blues singers and guitarists in Israel is Lazer Lloyd. - The Washington Post

"Lost on the Highway: Wild acoustic blues from Israel"

Wild acoustic blues from Israel ... this is a wonderful bolt of the blues. It might fly under the radar but it is really high flying stuff. Check it out. - Midwest Record

"Lazer Lloyd Live on Army Radio"

“From the moment the sounds of his blues guitar reached the air it was completely clear that this is an international-level guitarist . His shows are worth every minute. One of the great musicians.” –Yoav Kutner on Army Radio (Galatz),7340,L-4046057,00.html - Ynet

"Lazer Lloyd puts his faith in blues"

...Lloyd said that he brings an “assortment of friends” to his shows, and he’s not referring to people.

“I have a whole selection of guitars I’ll play with. I do a special 12-string tuning, it sounds like nothing anybody’s ever heard – it’s a huge sound.”

Lloyd’s huge guitar sound has made waves throughout the country, beyond an Anglo audience or the novelty of a hassidic Jew playing the blues. He’s one of the featured performers on the current Channel 8 series Guitar Heroes. Hosted by Tal Friedman, the show focuses each episode on one of the seminal rock axe men such as Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, and Lloyd performs a scintillating Hendrix tribute. - JPost

"Lazer Lloyd finds his own blues"

My Own Blues, recorded in a power trio groove with accompanists Moshe Davidson on bass and Elimelech Grundman on drums and, for the first time, capturing the raw excitement and power of Lloyd’s shows. - The Jerusalem Post

"Lazer Lloyd’s still got the blues"

“Lloyd’s bands have recorded and performed electric blues albums; however, Lloyd decided to record an acoustic [solo] album. “I like to just sit with an acoustic guitar. To me, that’s the real blues,” he explains. But the album began when Lloyd was playing an acoustic guitar on the street one day. A man approached him and, impressed with the songs, complimented him on his unique, raw voice that went well with the pure acoustic sound. “He called up and said, ‘I want to make an acoustic album with you’.” - The Jerusalem Post

"Lazer Lloyd - Lost on the Highway Album Review"

I have been listening to the blues for most of my life and had never run into a blues record from Israel before, but this first one is setting the bar high. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Lazer Lloyd’s newest album, Lost on the Highway, and it certainly gave me a lot to think about.

Lazer Lloyd was born in New York as Eliezer Blumen, and he started playing guitar at the age 15. After attending Skidmore College his music career turned the corner, and he was about to go to Nashville to work with producer Gary Tallent (also Springsteen’s bassist) when he found another calling. After being asked to play at the Millinery Center Synagogue with the late Ray Shlomo Carlebach (The Singing Rabbi), he accepted the challenge of taking his music to Israel, where he has lived for the past 19 years. He has been busy plying his trade, working with various bands as well as his own power trio, Yoon.

The album cover advertises “Solo Recordings” and that is exactly what he delivers. This CD includes thirteen original tracks, and features Lloyd in the singing role, as well as playing six and 12-string acoustic guitars, with a little harmonica thrown in for good measure. And when you listen to his songs, you are getting to the roots of the blues and folk, with no filler added.

“Lost on the Highway” is the first track, and it is raw blues that sounds like it was cut live in one take, which is a good thing in this case. From the first strains of his acoustic guitar, the listener can hear that Lloyd has serious chops, with confident fingerpicking and slide work. His voice is pleasantly full and strong as he tells the traditional lament of a man on the road, adding the bonus destination of Tel Aviv to the usual list of cities that you find in songs like this.

Lloyd does not speak much of his homeland on this album, and he only lightly touches on the standard blues subjects, instead focusing on man’s relationship with spirituality. “Higher Ground” is about finding one’s place in the world, and this folk blues song features beautiful fingerpicking and intense harp interludes. This is backed up with a heartfelt ballad, “Been Trying,” which is laden with sentiments about trying to lead the good life. This is one of my favorite tracks on this disc.

He lets his guitar do the talking on “Swamp Meditation,” a slow rolling Delta blues instrumental. He does not do anything fancy here, but he already proved his technical skills on the first four tracks. Here he demonstrates his feel for the instrument and the song, and the results are impressive. I thought that “Back Porch” would be another a capella tune, but after a 3 ½ minute intro he launched into verse. This song is notable in his use of guitar chords that are not generally used in blues music, but they work well here to add an exotic mood to the song.

“Politician” is a cranky commentary that relays the frustration we all have with our elected officials. As he does not call out any parties or policies, this is more of a social commentary than a political song. After skirting the political minefield, be takes a tasteful approach to discussing his prayer relationship in “Talk,” as well as a trip to the Garden of Eden in “Man” and the judgment day on “Landlord Blues.” He put a lot of thought into writing these songs so that he could talk about what is on his heart without being preachy or in your face.

Lazer Lloyd’s Lost on the Highway provides a fresh take on the blues and it is definitely worth a listen. His guitar playing alone is worth the price of admission, and when you add in his vocals and strong songwriting skills, this disc is a winner. He toured the United States this past summer in support of his new CD, and I hope he comes back again soon so I can catch one of his performances. From what I heard here it should be a show to remember! - Blues Blast Magazine

"Israel’s King Of The Blues Lazer Lloyd Lands on The Lakeshore!"

The musical guest is guitarist/vocalist/songwriter LAZER LLOYD, hailed worldwide as “Israel’s King of the Blues.”

After meeting a homeless man in Central Park while living in the U.S., Lloyd walked away from an Atlantic Records deal and production opportunity with an E-Street member to chase his muse to the Middle East.

American born-and-raised Lloyd shared the story of his colorful career during a call to Tom Lounges from Israel, telling of his incredible musical journey, one that took him to Israel where he has spent over 20 years helping develop a blues scene in the Middle East. Hear as he talks about how B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Harrison has impacted on his own music.

This radio show features both acoustic and electric blues from Lloyd’s catalog, including selections from his newest album, “Lost On The Highway,” a 13-song set of original acoustic blues. Backed by The Chicago Blues Kings, Lloyd performs live June 22 at The Northwest Indiana Jewish Federation in Munster and June 24 at Rosa’s Lounge in Chicago. More: - NPR

"Lazer Lloyd - Israel's King of the Blues"

Israel is a land of many wonders, both
old and new. It is as ancient as the Dead Sea
scrolls and as modern as it’s ground breaking
development of cell phone technology. Blues
guitarist Lazer Lloyd, although not born in the
"land of milk and honey", has made his home
there for the past 20 years and has become
their "Ambassador of the Blues." Albert King
in his classic "Blues Power" lets us know that
"everyone has the blues." We devotees know
that Blues music comes from deep down in
our guts, or soul.
Lazer Lloyd has brought many people of
different ages and backgrounds to Israel to
hear "his" kind of Blues. In 2012 his recent "My
Own Blues " CD was crowned Israel's "Blues
Record of the Year" which was filled with
deeply inspired high energy electric blues.
Lazer sent this CD to Memphis Tennessee
for the annual International Blues Challenge,
where his music caught the ears of many
prominent blues musicians and producers
from around the world. This interest led to
his first U.S. release on the Blues Leaf label, a
superlative collection of original solo acoustic
Blues ironically titled "Lost on the Highway".
Listening to the title track " Lost Highway " he
metaphorically searches for life's meaning
while traveling the path "from the streets of
Memphis to the streets of Tel Aviv. "
His journey on this "highway" began in
the 1950’s in Madison, Connecticut. At home
Lazer was surrounded by music as his father
listened to the records of B.B.King and jazz
guitarist Kenny Burrell. There was always
a guitar around the house where his dad
would captivate Lazer with traditional Folk
music of the 60’s. Then, like many of those
growing up in the 60’s, he was "turned on"
to the " Woodstock groove" as Lloyd puts it.
He immersed himself in the Rock and Roll /
Blues Fusion of many bands such as The Jimi
Hendrix Experience, Cream, Traffic, Santana
and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, which
were among several of his musical influences.
Lazer began " cutting his teeth " by listening
to and playing guitar to music of traditional
Blues masters like Robert Johnson and Blind
Lemon Jefferson..
During the seventies Lazer honed his
guitar skills listening to "classic rock" while
he played in many local bands. Lynyrd
Skynyrd was a strong influence on his music
as he attended Skidmore college. In the
late 80’s Lazer formed a band called "The
Last Mavericks," which played a blend of
music inspired heavily by bands like Bruce
Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Nirvana.
Big things began to happen for his band
as they played a demo session for Atlantic
Records. Although they were interested in
signing the band, they were taking their
time in doing so. Ironically at this same time
his guitar playing was heard by the world
renowned Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, also
known as "The Singing Rabbi". The Rabbi
was famous for his inspirational story telling
and his singing of sweet melodies in song.
Carlebach was not a traditional Rabbi. He
had a profound influence upon Bob Dylan
and Pete Seeger while playing in New York
City's Greenwich Village coffeehouses with
them. Carlebach’s influence has been said to
inspire such modern artists as Soulfarm and
Matisyahu. If Rap music has Matisyahu, then
Lazer Lloyd is the "Matisyahu of the Blues ".
Lazer was at a crossroads in his life at this
time. He was deeply moved and spiritually
inspired by Carlebach and played live with
him in Manhattan and decided to move his
career to Israel. Lazer was sure he had made
the right decision and he decided to make
Israel his home. He felt it was the best place to
make music and to be at peace with himself.
Lazer Lloyd will be playing in Toronto
on the evening of Thursday June 19th at the
Cadillac Lounge and will be backed by the
rhythm section of the Juno award winning
band DOWNCHILD, Gary Kendall on bass
and Mike Fitzpatrick on drums. This will be
a power trio that should not be missed. Lazer
is looking forward to playing with these high
caliber musicians, and as Lazer says, "these
guys know musically where I’m at."
In the past Lazer Lloyd has opened for
such artists Johnny Winter and Prince. Lazer
is in the studio working on a new album of
completely new electric blues material and
re mixing and re releasing, " My Own Blues ".
Lazer ‹s real joy is in playing live shows where
he can " experiment with my music and bond
with my audience, that is what playing music
is all about for me - the unity of the soul with music. - Toronto Blues Society "Maple Blues" by Ken Shankman


"Lost on the Highway", Blues Leaf Records, 2013

"My Own Blues", Helicon, 2012

"Lazer Lloyd Unplugged", Lazer Lloyd, 2011

"Blues in Tel Aviv", Lazer Lloyd, 2010

"Real People", Tightrope Productions, 2008

"Passin' Over", Tightrope Productions, 2007

"Higher Ground", Lazer Lloyd, 2004



Lazer Lloyd is an Israeli singer/songwriter whose music is influenced by blues, gospel, southern rock, and the great guitar traditions of power and groove from Hendrix to Wes Montgomery.  Lloyd has spread love of the blues rock, acoustic blues and his own form, "world soul groove", across Israel with constant touring - playing both acoustic solo shows and electric gigs with the Lazer Lloyd Band. Lazer has recorded several solo albums, acoustic and electric. His 2012 electric record, My Own Blues was the Israeli Blues Societies award winning CD that year.  He released an acoustic blues CD, "Lost on the Highway" on Blues Leaf Records in 2013. "Lost" was popular on college indie, blues and blues rock programs, even winning some AAA radio spins across the US as well as in Italy, Germany, and the UK. He has a new record of blues rock originals on track for release in earl 2015. 

Lazer has toured around the world and opened for such artists as Johnny Winter, Prince, Snowy White, Olie Brownas well as headlining in clubs and major festivals in his home country Israel.

Raised on the roots of rock and blues growing up in Connecticut in the USA, at age fifteen Lazer was playing in night clubs along the Connecticut shoreline and in New Haven with his group Legacy. At eighteen, Lazer went to study music at Skidmore College where he played and studied under famous blues men such as Milt Hinton (bass player for Louis Armstrong), Randy Brecker (Blood, Sweat and Tears), and Gene Bertoncini.

After college, Lazer returned to Connecticut to form his own rock and blues band called The Last Mavericks. The Last Mavericks became very popular and their first demo gained them a showcase with Atlantic Records. Toby Mofet from A&R at Atlantic took Lazer to Manhattan to record more material and wanted Lazer to go to Nashville to work with producer Gary Talent (the bass player from The E-Street Band).

At this point Lazer was given a gig with the legendary Shlomo Carlebach. Shlomo invited Lazer to play with him in Israel, he did and quickly decided to move his life and his music to Israel. Lazer moved to Israel in 1994, married Elana and they live together with their 5 children in Beit Shemesh. For a decade Lazer toured around the world as lead guitar player and second singer for legendary Israeli jam band Reva LSheva.

Then he formed the power trio Yood and produced the record Passin Over in 2007. The band toured Israel as well as US college campuses for three years. In recent years, Lazer has shifted his focus to a new project, the Lazer Lloyd Blues Band, which has successfully crossed over into the Israeli mainstream music scene, been featured on Israeli television, radio and in the international media.

Lazer plays live in Israel regularly as well as touring abroad. He played in Russia and the USA in the summer of 2013 with plans to return to North America in 2014.

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