San Francisco, California, USA

melo alt rock com drum machines and keyboards.


Mitch Buttress and Ryan Spratt are Lazertag: two young men who have it figured out in their late twenties. Young men need only simple tools: a guitar, synthesizers, a drum machine, some heart and a quiet sense of humor to get you through the rough spots. This sentimental approach has been put to the test in lazertag's sophomore release, "A Minor Loss Of Fidelity".

In the spirit of their first album "Modern Cuts for the Modern Man", Lazertag continues to bridge the gap between old-fashioned sentiment and space-age wonder, resulting in a sound that is part acoustic folk and part synth pop. "A Minor Loss Of Fidelity" is nothing more than modern day thinking-man's music. It immediately sparks a sense of subtle nostalgia; similar to the feeling a child might feel when looking at pictures of his grandfather's past. In its entirety the record maintains a sort of futuristic optimism coupled with heady romanticism, resulting in songs that are honest, measured, and beautiful.


Modern Cuts for the Modern Man available on Itunes
A Minor Loss Of Fidelity coming soon to Itunes

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Herman Dune cover? You bet your ass.