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Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Band Hip Hop Rock


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Pickin boogaz E.P. released feb.2009
Kornfield Karnies Crop circus E.P. released april 20th 2011
black sheep of america coming aug. 20th 2011



Nick aka lazie.c was born in Des Moines Iowa april 11th 1984. Lazie.c grew up on the south side for most of his life. lazie.c child hood was full of fun time and hard times. He was raised by a single mother that did her best to keep her 3 boys in line but all 3 of them was hard headed. lazie.c father was in the army for most of his life so there was times that he could not be there to keep lazie and brother in line. So his mother was dating a guy that was a straight ass whole he used to beat lazie his brothers and his mother like they was grown men. At 16 lazie could not take it any more his mother would not leave the abusive relationship decided to leave. lazie.c has always did what he had to do to get his goals accomplished. some would not belive that as a 16 year old troubled kid would still go to school and work on graduating. lazie.c graduated in 2002 from lincoln high school. That year lazie started to learn as much as he could about recording and making music. He was in a few different groups that really just made some songs for fun. When as his 1st child was born he decided that it was time to do what he had to do to make it work. in feb. 2009 lazie.c released his 1st e.p. entitled "pickin boogaz" witch was the first release for his record lable that he was starting called booga asylum recordz. The cd should have waited to be released do to bad mixing and no mastering this was a good time for lazie to relize what he did wrong so he can do things right for new projects. There is a posibilty that lazie well re-release a better mixed and mastered "pickin boogaz" but only time well tell. In 2009 lazie.c started working with dmi killaz who would later be called Kornfield Karnies. Lazie.C was making beats as if his name was dre. not saying that his beats killed dre's beats but he was in that mood to make beats every day.
In 2010 lazie.c became apart of the korn field karnies.
On april, 20th 2011. A few days later Lazie.C and Klown Koleone had a falling out. So Lazie.C decided to go back to being a solo artist and focus on his own E.P. that he was putting together before joining the Kornfield Karnies. So be ready for him to spit fire on the Black Sheep Of America E.P.