Lazlo Hollyfeld

Lazlo Hollyfeld


Lazlo Hollyfeld is a national touring and recording group that plays original instrumental indie rock.


Through several years of touring, recording, and creating Lazlo Hollyfeld has become recognized as an underground force in pushing the boundaries of what instrumental music can become. With a high energy and engaging live performance and a meticulous approach to studio album production, Lazlo has crossed the barriers of Post-Rock, Electronic, and Independent music time and time again.

"...marking Lazlo Hollyfeld out as almost the Beach Boys of the post-rock scene." - UK Music

"... Lazlo Hollyfeld could cross that rare bridge between hippie and hipster." - Relix

"...groove-based music exciting on a melodic and harmonic level as well. This band is ready for the world stage." - Jeff Miers, Buffalo News


Our Universe Is Feeding (Released Feb 2004)
The Pacer EP (Released August 2005)
Sailfish (2006, Released Feb 08 online)
Elimination (Released December 2007)

Set List

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Lazlo Hollyfeld
Nectar's, Burlington VT

1. Disconnect (9:53)
2. Six Months Later -> (6:58)
3. Improvisation (7:00)
4. Brazelton (6:58)
5. B17 (11:07)
6. Lauwenj (17:15)
7. Ken Mo Fiiv Oh (5:45)