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Lazrah Strongarm

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All cliches aside, Lazrah is a breath of fresh air from all of todays "Rap-pop-superstars" and cheesy Emcees, he's not in it for the fame, or the money, (although thats all good) he's in it for the love.


I'm Lazrah
Strongarm, I rap in a group called THE ALUMNI. The Madik and I share producing responsibility while we all (Me, Madik and Sevr1) come up with all song concepts, lyrics and what-have-you. We own our own recording studio, do all our own production and make all our own beats. We just released our sophemore album "The Second Coming" in september, if you wanna pick one up, stop by and pick up a copy, you can also get our first album there, or look us up on, or just send us a message or go to ALUMNISTUDIOS.COM and mail us for a copy. I also dabble a little in Graphic designing, i just love to create. Wether it is making beats for his group, writing lyrics or producing other artists, you can rest assure that he is in his element.


Past and Present Airplay
Deceitful Eyes by The Alumni (Lazrah's group) -2003
The Movement by The Alumni -2004
Locked Down by The Alumni -2005
Also, Lazrah has had several on air interviews and performances.

Released LPs
Line of Fire: Armageddon by The Alumni -2004
The Second Coming by The Alumni -2005

Other streaming play at:

Set List

it usually varies, but around 8-10 songs.