Lazy Ass Destroyer

Lazy Ass Destroyer

 Covington, Kentucky, USA
BandAlternativeHip Hop

Lazy Ass Destroyer is a raw hip-hop/rock energy, while some of the lyrics are comical, this band takes its delivery seriously. It is a loud Beastie Boys meets Crunk meets Rock sound. Our music has been evolving since he first burst onto the scene.
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Thanks for Stopping By! Hope you enjoy my twist of punk, rock, hip hop, drunken craziness. I enjoy listening to all types of music, drinking beer, and having a great time. So I mix up all types of ingredients to make this cake batter. Add some good friends and cook it up for 30- 45 mins. Some high energy rock and ryhme is the result once this tasty treat cools down!


"2012 ReBlazed" LP Released July 13th 2012 blazewright studios
New guitar player Krusty 77 has been rocking the guitar for Lazy D for some time now and we’ve teamed back up with Dj John Blaze, who was been destroying our beats and thumping them them out to compliment our live sound!!!

"You Know How We Do!!" LP - Released Jan 1st 2007 whack off records 009
15 tracks of Cincy Style, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, complete with skits, samples and more drunken phone conversations. Engineered at WhackOffRecords by Spliff Dog, with special guests Dj John Blaze of Blaze Wright Studios, Sket Brock, Lou From Peru, Jack Gamble, and many more!

"v.05 - the Beta Version" EP Released Dec 25th 2005 whack off records 007
This is a Beta Version of the mayhem to come. Some Stolen Beats, Soundbytes, Drunken FreeStyles, and a Few Remixes, this Demo with attitude will keep you entertained for hours.

Set List

A typical Lazy D set consists of 20- 35 mins of in your face, rock you socks off entertainment. Mixing old school hip hop, with punk rock and alternative, we throw everything but the kitchen sink at ya.