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"Lazy Bones leave you wanting more:"

"Yes indeed no one likes a lazy bone, but contrary to their namesake Lazy Bones always satisfies. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out they switch moods on you. With a healthy amount of killer jamming in between funky bass and an occasional bluegrass lick, Lazy Bones keeps their audience shaking it out on the floor and wondering what could come next. The members of Lazy Bones (Jeremy Macrae, Brett Fraser, Jeremy Weller and Matt Sissel) are obviously having just as much fun rocking on stage as their audience is having dancing to the music. However, some of the longer jams are better left as gifts for the fans that come to live shows and on occasion one wishes they weren’t so lazy about editing it in the studio. Overall though, the various musical influences that each band member brings create a dynamic sound; Viagra for the auditory canal."

Amberine Wilson
Violet Prairie Publishing - Violet Prairie Publishing


"Another newbie on the northwest blues scene, Lazybones - pronounced la'ze'-bonz - offers up an eclectic mix of blues, funk, and jam styled rock 'n' roll. The Seattle band kick started in 2003 with Jeremy MacRae (guitar and vocals), Brett fraser (bass), Jeremy weller (keyboards and vocals), and Matt Sissel (drums). Over the past three years, the band has been steadily building a reputation as one of the premeir jam bands around Puget Sound. This is an egoless band, and each member brings talent to the table. MacRae's sharp licks and killer fills harken to the heyday of Jerry Garcia, while Wellers Hammond-flavored keys are as easygoing as a warm spring day. The band issued their debut in 2005, Til' It's Over. The disk parallels the quartet's live shows with a comfortable cadence without any overproduction and a nice mix of mid-tempo shuffles, relaxed rock, and shades of New Orleans funk."

Tony Engelhart

Tacoma's Weekly Volcano
March 30 - April 5, 2006 - Tacoma's Weekly Volcano


I was in a chipper mood on Oct. 17 when I cruised into the Buffalo for a taste of some funky blues from one of Seattle’s up-and-coming jam bands, Lazybones. Though the crowd was a little thin, the music hit the spot.

Formed in 2003, Lazybones’ sound follows in the footsteps of Puget Sound jam legend Flowmotion, but with a dirty-blues edge and a twinge of rockabilly of its own. I soon found myself diggin’ the grooves of guitarist and lead vocalist Jeremy MacRae, and losing my worries in the sounds of Jeremy Weller’s happy keys. It had been a pretty long freakin’ week but my cares were fading fast. Complete with the talents of bassist Brett Fraser and the band’s new drummer, Erick Bell — who were both definitely on their game — the band’s sound was cohesive, solid and danceable.

“Rootsy,” “rusty,” and “organic funkabilly” come to mind as words to describe this band, but those adjectives are sooo Bellingham. Then again, Lazybones did seem right at home at the Buffalo, even enticing local scenesters to hit the dance floor. (I’ve noticed Hamsters are often insecure about dancing to bands unless a friend of a friend of a friend knows someone on stage, I think.)

In any case, despite low turnout, the band worked hard, and succeeded, in getting the crowd to get off their lazy bones and move. Each Lazybones member carries his own weight during a performance, and it translates into a dynamic show with a highly personal appeal for the wayfaring stranger.

Lazybones boasts three releases: Their debut, Til it’s Over, the more recent Live at the Brick, and an EP, Savior Tonic. Newer stuff is on the way, including a song unveiled at Friday’s show, “Been so Long” — which should be up on their MySpace page. Just in case you missed the show, also check them out at their website. - Josephine Jager/What's Up Magazine


2005 LP "Til It's Over"
2006 LP "Live at the Brick"
2007 EP "Savior Tonic"
2008 EP "The Boondoggle Sessions"
+Many "unofficial, unreleased" show tapes.



Pacific Northwest band that has been jam 'n rollin for the past 6 years. Collectively the band brings well over 60 years of music experience to the studio and stage. One listen is worth a thousand words of band propaganda! Enjoy.