Piano rock with an edge; catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and terrific instrumentation from this Denver five-piece make Lazyface a tremendously entertaining live act.


Touted as an “up-and-coming rock band” (Elana Jefferson – The Denver Post) and the “best band in Denver to take a date to see” (, Lazyface combines soulful lyrics and catchy melodies with complex arrangements and upbeat tempos to form what the band jokingly calls, “Swahili Disco.”

Says lead singer Sam DeWitt, “We pull influences from such a large variety of bands, 311 to Dave Matthews, Ben Folds to Pink Floyd, Coldplay to Cake, we have a hard time finishing the sentence, ‘We sound like _____.’ To make things easy, we created our own genre.”

So what, then, is Swahili Disco? Consider first the backbone of any great band -- an experienced rhythm section. Highlighted by Mike Dybing’s unique ability to rap while drumming, and supplemented by the robust sounds of David Sloan's five string bass guitar, the Lazyface drum/bass combination provides the bedrock for the dynamic beats that drive each song. A full, hooky keyboard is added by Aaron Rocha, and adds strength and character to the music. Andy Anderson's melodic, powerful lead guitar embodies the full, dynamic sound for which Lazyface is recognized. And lastly, lead vocalist Sam DeWitt uses thoughtful lyrics that resonate on personal level with the audience and leave them humming his tunes for days.

Lazyface has enjoyed a great deal of success in its first three years of existence. With over 65 shows under their belt, consistent radio-play on 93.3 KTCL-fm, and a growing fan base, LazyFace looks to extend its success and make a name for “Swahili Disco.”


Transcending Poverty EP - 2005
Smile EP - 2006
"My Line," from the Transcending Poverty EP
"Now & Then," from the Smile EP

Set List

A typical set for Lazyface consists of mostly original songs, including some variation of the following:
My Line
Now & Then
How It Goes
The Score
Down to the Wire
... and generally includes a cover or two, including:
The Humpty Dance
Free Fallin'
Crash Into Me
All Along the Watchtower