Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets
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Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets: I'm really diggin' this album right here! It's homebrewed so don't snooze..."

Supreme I.N.K. is the debut album by Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets, and it is very impressive to say the least! ...

Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets are no amateurs. This rapper/producer duo hails from ATL, and have been slangin' CD's of their potent brand of Southern crack since high school. In fact, in preparation for Supreme I.N.K., they built a new studio and assembled a top notch production team to ensure quality. The team is called De Mystro, and is comprised of members Lazy Mane, Kosherbeets, Heartdoctor, guitarist Daniel Friedman, DJ No Spoon and saxophonist Dante.

These cats put in work for Supreme I.N.K., which is the culmination of years of hard work, trial and error, as well as tremendous sacrifice. The end result is a Southern classic, lightly seasoned with Bone X Dungeon Family flavor, and a healthy dose of originality. Of course Digs can go on...and on...and on...did I mention my standout favorites DeepSeaGumpShrimpin, The Galaxi, Springtime and Blow My High?! Nonsense, you don't want to hear it from me, you want to experience Supreme I.N.K. for yourself right ( I knew you did...



There have perhaps been too many "street-releases" to name. Notably though, 2004 saw the release of one of their most celebrated works - "Return of the Beast," which garnered much attention in the metro-Atlanta area. Additionally, Kosher has completed many solo works, including "Rap for your Life" in 2007. An archive of all of their material - including said solo works - is available at Most recently though, Mane & Beets have released "Supreme I.N.K.," a full-length album available for download at It stands triumphantly as their finest work yet - an eclectic LP combining the essence of southern rap with an undeniable musicality that, in many cases, incorporates live instrumentation.



At this point, Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets are young veterans of the Atlanta rap game. They've been selling CDs by the thousands since high school, and in recent years have built a music studio, taking time to perfect recording and mixing techniques. Thus, their masterwork - "Supreme I.N.K." (@ - has finally arrived. Boasting a particular brand of southern funk, the two rapper/producers blend styles as though two pieces of an ancient puzzle. To boot, Mane & Beets have been ripping stages around the great state of Georgia for years now, performing with the likes of Nappy Roots and Yin Yang Twins. Indeed, their reputation, much like their artistry, only continues to blossom.

Some primary influences: Outkast (and basically the whole Dungeon Family), Curtis Mayfield, Wu-Tang, Madlib, older Memphis rap (3-6 Mafia, 8-Ball & MJG, Playa Fly, etc.), Charles Mingus, Roy Ayers ...