Lazy Slang

Lazy Slang


Punk rock explores reggae sensibility. A hybrid of musical styles from Blues and Hip Hop to Jazz and punk rock. Well developed melodies and catchy hooks come together with soulful musical proficiency.


Lazy Slang came about in 2004, as a group of guys from Burlington Ontario found common musical ground during the summer before their second year of University. Since then, Lazy Slang quickly become more than just a jam band, and thoughtfully began writing material with catchy results. The style of Lazy Slang formed itself out of the varied histories of each member. Tyler, a metal inspired drummer trained formally as well, brings an element of intensity and rock. Ryan, who was in a punk rock band prior to Slang, brought a raw quality inspired by punk/reggae acts like Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, and Joe Strummer. Mick brings a love for reggae on bass, while not limiting himself to reggae, getting into funk and hip hop grooves. The end result of this is a rock and reggae fusion that is not afraid to dip into any musical style that pleases them.

This happenstance of collaborative loves brings about a unique musical style that does not bother to limit itself.


Lazy Slang EP 2005

Freak out the Squares (in production) 2007

Set List

recorded original tracks:
Cosmic Dust
Devil Rebel
Something Sexy
Sorry i Missed the show
Whombat Jam
Dark Night
Garden City
Home Grown
Berry the Blind Man
Trade in your empties for cash
Ghost after the Storm

Sublime (many songs)
Bob Marley
Toots and the Maytals
Half Pint
Gregory Issacs
Barrington Levy
Slightly Stoopid
Mad Lion
Pato Banton
Lee Perry
Led Zeppelin
Peter Tosh

Free style jams and mixtures of of songs into medley's often occur during live play, improvisation is a substancial aspect of live preformance.