Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday


There is an umatched originality in the collective musical energy that binds the women of Lazy Sunday. Layers of instrumentation and distinct vocal delivery come together to give the listener compelling stories within unexpected sounds and silence.


There have been a great many changes in Lazy Sunday's history, but their backbone remains the same. Pull up a chair, take a listen. These women weave their stories with sounds and silence. Deep soulful strength is delivered as the vocal harmonies come together over exchanging layers melody and rhythm. Their instruments and energy express achingly honest reflections of social and emotional consciousness as they unabashedly share life experience, connecting with people simply by being themselves. On stage, the remembrance of of heartache is betrayed by the smiles they exchange, clearly illustrating that these women find strength in being together.

Lazy Sunday has quite a few shows under its belt, ranging from college coffee houses to main stages at festivals, touring throughout Michigan and the surrounding states. Their social consciousness and passion have struck a wonderful balance between what music does for them personally and what it can do to support events like a Planned Parenthood benefit or the Voter Registration series. They have also been fortunate enough to share a stage with many artists they admire including Melissa Ferrick, Ember Swift, Chris Pureka, and Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers. Lazy Sunday released their first full-length album, Empty Song Space in March of 2005 to high praise from their listeners. They returned to the studio in 2006, inspired to record at a new level of artistry. Their sophmore album, Words and Sounds, was released in September of 2006.


Empty Song Space (2005)
Words and Sounds (2006)

Set List

Typically 45 minutes - 1 hour, around ten songs. Song selection includes a few songs from both albums, some new songs (unrecorded), and typically one or two covers.