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Debut EP release on the 25th Feb "Luzaville"

4 track EP

1. Luzaville
2. Memories
3. Adverts
4. Without U

Luzaville the main single has been played on BBC Radio London 8 times.

The video has over 95,000 views on Youtube:

Amazing radio interview:



We are a band that tries to represent and express the feelings of young inner city multicultural Britain.

We believe lots of mainstream music has lost it's soul and does not provide a message with the beat. Too much style over substance.

We love the stories the Kinks told, the message and vibe Bob Marley transmitted and the attitude The Clash injected.

We want to bring all of these influences into our music.

Our live shows are a party. Our music talks about and expresses our life experiences and we hope the crowd can relate, but we want the beat and vibe to help get them dancing their worries away.


"Big fans of Lazytalk over here at Strummerville (Joe Strummer Charity) and looking forward to hearing more recordings asap"
Trisha Whelan, Strummerville

“Luzaville is quite simply a song that could only be born in our city of London. Right now in music, it’s all about lyricism and wordplay, that’s why I love listening to the songs from LazyTalk.”
Uche Uchendu, 1Xtra,

The Band have a great back story. Here is some info on 3 of them.

Lead Singer - Pete Robinson:
Pete has enjoyed music since as long as he can remember. As a youngster he was influenced by the music of his parents youth which they would play on old 45’s, bands like The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks and The Beach Boys would play in the flat where he grew up and on long car journeys. Other big music influences came from his older brother and sister, albums like Nirvana Nevermind and De La Soul is Dead stick in the memory, played over and over on bootleg cassettes in his Sony Walkman.
Growing up his disdain for soulless pop music set in early, as it was clear that music could be better and mean more than the vapid and expertly marketed boy-bands that were all the rage in the mid 90’s along with all the plastic pop groups that filled the charts

His first love was Jungle & Drum & Bass which he discovered when he was 7 or 8, with tunes like On A Ragga Tip by SL2
Then at a house party in Forest Hill in his teens, Pete saw the whole thing in action and was hooked. At the bottom of the garden in a make shift shack, boys a few years older than himself were passing around a mic, delivering quick fire lyrics while a DJ span heavyweight Jungle Drum & Bass. He was transfixed by the tunes such as Superman, Dark Soldier, Chopper, The Message and even more so the MCs that seemed to fit no particular type, being white, black, street, whatever.

Up to this point Pete had taken no interest in rapping or being a rapper, although he enjoyed Hip Hop music immensely listening to groups such as Wu Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest and rappers such as Nas. However it was not something that he was interested in emulating although he enjoyed the insight the lyrics provided into a world so alien from his own. The Jungle scene was different though and felt exclusively ‘a London Thing’ and more importantly the music was fresh and had energy with a rudeboy edge that made it dangerous and equally enticing. Apart from tuning into the pirate stations – Kool FM, Rude FM, Rude Awakening amongst others (they came and went so quick) to listen to the dons of the scene Skibadee, Shabadee, EKS Man & Herbsie, the only way to feel a part of the scene as he was still too young to get in the raves was to start writing Lyrics and perfecting his own lyrical style. DJing was not even an option at the time as he had no decks, no chance of getting decks and no idea how to mix, besides whenever he saw DJs and MC’s playing Jungle music all the focus was on the MC and it was him or her that was hyping the place up. After that weekends and evenings after school were spent in friends houses (who had decks) rolling sets, showing off lyrics to then perform at parties and in clubs when you could get in. Various crews were formed with Pete performing under the name MC ELFY D.
To this day Pete still considers himself a Jungle MC and will perform lyrics whenever the opportunity arises.

The next big musical influence on Pete came around 2001-2002 when he started to hang around his older brother and sister in there house in Angel where his sister had become involved in a small scene that was developing in and around the pub Filthy McNasties. The pub was a meeting place for local bohemians and would regularly be full with artists, poets and musicians. It wasn’t long before my sister set up a monthly cabaret night called Skint n Minted, and the first act she asked to play were her friends The Liberteens, as well as Johnny Borell who later went on to form soft indie outfit Razorlight. Pete Docherty and Carl Barat were regular visitors to 53 Amwell St where his sister lived above their mother’s second hand bookshop due to her being in an on off relationship with Carl and them both regularly having nowhere to stay. Pete spent quite a lot of time around them as they were so different from th