LB is LB. No categories, no gimmicks, no boundaries, no box. Recording artist LB has built a solid reputation on the raw, uncut, “real” he conveys through his music and live performance. Hailing from the sunny shores of the Bay Area, LB grew his musical roots exposed to true “soul music” in the popular pews of Oakland’s Love Center Church under the auspices of gospel music titan, Walter Hawkins.

LB soon moved from the pew to the choir stand eventually singing backup for Hawkins, Tramaine Hawkins, Darryl Coley, and a host of other gospel giants. Later, he formed his own group which developed the undercurrents for his artistry and creativity. Amazingly, you wouldn’t believe with this resume LB never set out to be an artist or entertainer, reserving those visions to mere dreams.

As a film student at Howard University, LB set out on a path to become the next big music video director. However, it was undeniable that what once distant dream had collided with destiny birthing his solo music career. Armed with a street gritty, yet velvety smooth voice, and a style to match, LB makes no apology for his unique sound. In an industry rife with duplicates and imitations, LB’s authenticity helps to set him apart from the crowd, a bold move when a mass of artists are manufactured to turn profits, thereby cheapening the artistry. LB knows there is only one LB and will never be another.

Poised and confident, LB is an aficionado of classic R&B music, following in the tradition of Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Prince, and Michael Jackson, who not only created beautiful music, but catered to their audience with an electric live performance experience. LB’s demand has rapidly grown throughout New York City, the Bay Area and beyond due to his show stopping live performance sets. Captivating audiences coast to coast has sparked an audience that expects the full LB experience: original, innovative, and unapologetically real. He is currently working on his highly anticipated debut project, which infuses modern and classic R&B, covering undying themes surrounded by love set to smooth ballads and up tempo grooves.


LB Muzac:
NO MORE PAIN featuring Focus