Prodigal Light

Prodigal Light

 Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip Hop

Prodigal Light music is aimed towards people who struggle in life, spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc. The theme of the first album is providing hope and freedom through Jesus. Prodigal Light music can best be characterized as Hip Hop, using R+B and Rap to provide songs with powerful beats.


My Story...ironically, that's the title of my first compilation. I was raised in a Christian home, and my life was fairly easy, quiet, until my teens. It was then that I fell into a life of addictions. My "friends" were all criminals, or sellers, a corrupt crowd that lived to party and feed their sin natures. My life was changed when I was 22 and I hit a bottom point. God changed my heart, and subsequently, my entire life changed. I was freed from myself, from the life of sin. I have been given a message from reach those who hurt, those who need, those who have faced temptation. It really applies to everyone. My prayer is to have an outlet to share my music, His music. In terms of influence, of course the #1 influence is God, and all He is. Much of the focus is on His mercy, grace, and love. Other influences (in terms of lyrics, stories, etc) stem from my life, my experiences, and people I have encountered. As for the music....the melodies, the harmonies, the rhythms, the basslines, some is influenced by Christian music, however, most comes from secular rap or Hip Hop artists. Many people I know have said to me that contemporary Christian music is OK, but the songs are usually slow, and lack a beat you can really get into. If I am trying to reach people, I want to use the music style He gave me and blessed me with. I want to give the people songs that pump them up, get them excited about the Lord, music you can bump that is all for His glory. As a teen, and into my early 20's, I didn't listen to Christian music because I found the secular rap and Hip Hop (musically) to be, plain and simple, better. God led my heart in this direction, to make the music inspired by Him, in this manner. So if I am blessed, and you listen to this....turn it up loud and enjoy!


Holy, Mighty

Written By: Lucas Carrao

(Chorus A)
Holy, Mighty, strength and power,
Overcome come just thinking about Him,
Every second, minute, hour,
Life is impossible without Him,
Filled with love, the glory and honor,
Father how I love You, how You
Reign inside my heart with all Your Holy Might and Strength and Power

(Chorus B)
He knows the end of it all before it’s begun,
With a humble heart I let it go then it’s done.
He knows the end of it all before it’s begun,
With a humble heart I let it go then it’s done.

(Chorus A)

(Verse 1)
Alongside, me every day,
You know what, I’m facing today.
Throughout it all, You haven’t changed.
So loyal to us every step of the way.

(Chorus B)
(Chorus A)

(Verse 2)
What words can I say when we’re face to face?
What words can I say when we’re face to face?
Heavenly armies march before You,
Heaven and Earth, they both adore You,
Lay my cloak upon the ground now Father walk along.
Heavenly angels all around me,
Heavenly peace and love surround me,
Blinded by the shining angels while they sing this song.

There’s never been a better day,
All the doubters still will find a way,
To say that You’re not Holy, You’re not mighty, You’re not powerful,
But they don’t know, no they don’t know, everybody dies that don’t know.
I will defend Your name today,
I will fight in Your army, every day.
Give up my life to please and serve You, don’t deserve You,
Time to go and find the One who calls my by my name.

(Chorus B) 2x

No More Shame

Written By: Lucas Carrao

Repent, my heart’s contrite,
No longer broken I am fortified, every day,
Because there’s no more shame.
Marching on with you by my side,
Even when I fall out of line,
‘Cause right now, You promise no, more shame.

(Verse 1)
Not so long ago I walked the road,
A life of sin is where I made my home.
But on the surface played the perfect role,
I played them all for fools like nobody knows like nobody knows.

But they don’t see, my 3 x 3, underneath my seat,
And it brings the hell out of me, the hell out of me.

Everybody knows the feeling’,
Up against the ropes and reeling,
And you go to the Lord, you’re kneeling,
Caught up in your feeling, looking to the ceiling.

Well on the outside looked like it was alright,
But on the inside good and evil fight,
The only hope there was to follow the Light,
To make me clean again, to get through the night, get through night.


(Verse 2)
I’m facing I’ve done and things done to me,
And all the guilt, the shame I couldn’t be free.
Was easy to give in, the dark following me,
And show the world around that you couldn’t beat me, you couldn’t beat me.

But they don’t see,
From the pain I flee,
To the life of greed,
Didn’t know who you wanted me to be, wanted me to be.

And you’re looking so long for the healing,
At every turn you see the enemy stealing,
And looking for the one you know you can believe in,
Strongest are the feelings, pressing from the ceiling,

But in your broken state you run to the Light,
Not disappointed, cherished son in His sight,
I learned that shame comes from the evil one’s mind,
With Holy help I fight him, run follow him fight, run follow him fight.


What led me to do this thing, the things we all keep inside?
Lord help me to see the way Your Son sees me in His eyes,
And help me to realize we’re still on track for the prize,
Dear God take away the shame that grips us all deep inside (so deep inside).



Written By: Lucas Carrao

Act 1
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Throughout my life I’ve seen it all and watched the joy and watched the pain upon my face look in the mirror either way I will sing,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

And heaven knows how easy it becomes to turn your back on Him when all you know is gone and dead it suffocates still I sing,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Lord I’m so tired asking questions of my Savior if You love me, come and help me as I wait it’s all I know just to pray,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I try to focus on Your blessings all around me, what’s important, what we have not what we don’t, and I’ll praise You this way,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Lord take my sacrifice You know it well, I’m willing, giving up myself to follow, blindly trusting what You say, I will say,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

I will praise Him (through the rain),
I will praise Him (through the pain),

Act 2
And in this world so dark, it’s full of sin, begin again, create in me a cleaner heart and every day to You I can sing,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Show Me Grace

Written By: Lucas Carrao

(Spoken—Michael Carrao)
“So that having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs to His throne,
Having the gift of eternal life. Titus 3:7”

(Spoken—Lucas Carrao)
“But He said to me, my grace is sufficient for You, for my power is made perfect
in weakness. God’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians12:5”

(Spoken—Emily Carrao)
“I love God…’cause God is grace.”
“Show me grace.”

(Verse 1)
Here I go again, when will it ever end?
I feel the shame inside, how can I face my Friend?
So many holes to fill, I know You love me still,
But all this foolish pride, can break the strongest will.
How do You love me when I can’t even look in Your eyes?
But You see through it all, the dirt, the evil, and my flaws,
You answer every time I call, by grace I’m saved.

And if I fall, today, flat on my face,
Will You find a way, to show me grace?
Every single day, You can erase,
The failures from my past come on now show me grace,
(EC-“show me grace”)
Come on and show me grace…every single day.

(Verse 2)
You know every heart, the end before the start,
And You reach out Your hand, even when I’m so far…
From living as I should, but Lord You knew we would,
Succumb to sinful ways, and run away from good.
I don’t deserve it but I praise You for this gift of grace,
So draw me nearer now, and when I stumble, show me how,
To get up when I’m laying down, by grace, I’m saved.


It’s cold and dark outside, I look through the window in my mind,
Afraid of the darkness that I’ll find,
I’m hungry longing for Your light.
Stuck in my head tonight, the wrong and the wicked things in this life.
I know where to go, I know what is right,
Why does it have to be this fight?
I’m fighting shame and pride, Lord help me not to fall tonight,
But if I may and if I might,
Let it rain, Your glory shine.
Deserving death not life, Your mercy and your grace suffice,
Shuts evil down all day, all night,
Clothed in His glory grace and might.

His Throne

Written By: Lucas Carrao

I’m up late tonight, feeling cold inside,
Pain within my eyes,
Then I wonder why? All I do is try,
To live my life.
Memories on my mind, can’t leave my past behind,
Even though I try, even though I try…

Holding back my tears, I struggle to forget about it,
But in my lonely times I always seem to think about it.
I’m feeling empty Lord, so how am I supposed to live without it,
On my own?

He gave us all the answers if you really think about it,
It’s in His holy word, if you stop and read about it.
He says “The only way, for you to heal, no doubt about it,
Come to My throne.”

Again I lost my way, just the other day,
How much can I take?
I’ve been so betrayed, in my darkest days,
Take my pain away.
I wander like I’m blind, and never seem to find,
My peace of mind.
I wander like I’m blind, and never seem to find,
My peace of mind, my peace of mind.


So if you’re like me, then I know you see,
What it feels to bleed.
So many enemies, always watching me,
Hoping that I flee.
But I can’t run no more, it’s all been done before,
He’s worth fighting for.
But I can’t run no more, it’s all been done before,
He’s worth fighting for.

Close my eyes for a moment, I can visualize.
Him upon His throne in a perfect paradise.
And I sing His praises, now my past is all behind,
He looks at me and tells me that He’ll love me all my life.
See we can get there, we can get there,
There’s relief there, under His care.
If we seek Him, we will meet there,
In the Power of prayer, the power of prayer.


And all I know, I’m going home,
And I’ll see His face, upon His throne….


Alternate Chorus (Ending)
So then I sought the Lord, He finally helped me figure out it,
And He erased my past; my vision is no longer clouded.
And from the mountaintops, it’s time to sing and shout about it,
Come to His throne.

Come and Fight

Written By: Lucas Carrao

Verse 1

Don’t want to fight; don’t want to fight anymore,
Don’t want to fight, don’t want to fight anymore.
Cause I’ve been broken more than ever before,
So this I pray before my head hits the floor…

Just come and fight, so come and fight for me Lord,
Just come and fight, so come and fight for me Lord,
And save my soul, so I wont fall anymore,
Protect my heart until I reach heaven’s door…

Verse 2 (2x)

Don’t want to fight; don’t want to fight anymore,
I’m losing sight of what this fighting is for.
Cause I’ve been broken more than ever before,
So this I pray before my head hits the floor…

Just come and fight, so come and fight for me Lord,
Defeat them all and we will praise You once more,
And save my soul, so I wont fall anymore,
Protect my heart until I reach heaven’s door…


"My Story", 2010