L & B Positive Rappers

L & B Positive Rappers

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L&B consist of 3 dynamic and energetic young men, ages 11, 13 and 16 who are winning prizes all around Central Ohio. Listed in Who's "Who in Black Columbus," Winner of 2004 Strategies Against Violence Award, performed in the 2003 & 2004 Smart & Sober Teen Rally; 1st Place-Village of Oppor. Showcase


L&B takes Positive Hip Hop straight to the top. Youth love them because of their energy and hip hop style, while parents love them because of their positive image and creative Raps. This band takes positivity to a new level with their thought provoking lyrics that speak to such issues as Black History, Violence in the Streets, Drug and Acohol Abuse and Staying in School. L&B has set themselves appart from other rappers with their positive raps and entertaining hip hop style. In addition to their original Black history rap, a Dr. Martin Luthr King Jr. rap, and a Non-Violence Rap, L&B has just completed a rap about Drug and Alcohol Abuse. These 3 positive young men are the darlings of Central Ohio's hip-hop scene and have proven themselves to be true crowd favorites. Their fan base includes youth and adults alike and THEY ARE HOT.

Set List

L&B's typical set list is:
Yo Listen Up (Black History Rap);
Alabama Dreamer, (Martin Luther King Rap)
If I Should Die (Non Violence Rap)
Smart & Sober (Anti Drug & Alcohol Rap)
In School (Stayin In School Rap)
Who You Wit (Fun-style general rap)