Liquid Cheese

Liquid Cheese


Referred to as "The Parliament Funkadelic of Ska", Liquid Cheese is the premiere reggae-latin rock band of the borderland.


In the same way the hybrid of Spanish and English dialects have become known as "Spanglish," Southwestern bands enamored by ska music have added their own homegrown flavors and spices to create a subgenre of ska. Growing up surrounded by Spanish culture and Mexican music, The borderland's Liquid Cheese is fusing the music born in Jamaica with their traditions, and arriving at something that is easily danceable, full of energy and highly entertaining, Could this unnamed fusion of Tejano, NorteƱo, ska, rock, funk and punk be a new paradigm? The group's definitive sound is the culmination of more than a decade of work and a handful of recordings. The band has been on the road since 2003, performing over 1,000 shows. So...sit back, relax, and let the sounds of the Southwest flow through your system like Liquid Cheese.


710 Texas - 1997 Compilation
Liquid Cheese - 1998 EP
Kickin up in the night - 2000
Lost in the Music - 2003
Tres Equis - 2005
Tres Equis Amber - 2009
6 Days Late (Live at Steamworks Brewing Co.) - 2009

Set List

We play either one long set (about 90-120 minutes) or divide it up in to 2 sets (50min each).
With a list of over 30 originals and cover songs like, Badfish-Sublime, Cisco Kid - War, Ska Boss- The Skatalites, I Shot The Sheriff - Bob Marley, 3 Little Birds - Bob Marley, Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte, Last Dance With Mary Jane - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Spooky - The Zombies

Typical Set:
Super Sonic
Cisco Kid
Drunken Man Skank
No Orginality
Police Train
I Shot The Sheriff
Kickin' Up In The Night
I Said Nothing
Jump In The Line
Spooky Little Girl
Last Dance w/ Mary Jane
Bagel Song
El Troubled Times
Body That Kills
Pon di/Mentiras/Mr. Bobby