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"CD Review by Night-Life Magazine Sep 20-26, 2004"

LÜCID's 7 song CD "Games" is a rare form of alternative rock with a special added twist. The band's musical influences are 3 Doors Down and Nickelback. "LÜCID" has taken to the national highway full-force by a great blend of musician artistry. The CD was engineered and co-produced by Ken Rutkowski at Outer Limit Recording Studios.

"Games" contains songs with strong percussion and great catchy guitar riffs that "bring it all together for a perfect fit". Each song moves you to want to hear the next one. There is a professional quality throughout the CD. I believe the songs are enticing, enjoyable and very marketable. As we take an early listen in, we notice some vocal similarities to that of Hootie & the Blowfish. They are strong, solid and intense. We especially took notice to the song "Drag". We could see this song being aired on a variety of radio stations.

Using the background vocals wisely in "Shallow", the music starts to grab your attention and keeps you there. Snappy drum beats & great hooks are prevalent on all tracks. The bass is an important part of the mix. The best part about the song "No Way" is how the guitar parts don't overpower the message. This song brought me back to yester years as if we were listening to the popular band "Boston".

We both liked the music arrangement and the overall sound and message. I believe that anyone young or old would enjoy listening to this CD. The songs have a way of relaxing, reflecting, reviving and roaring. "A great sound and mix with a 'Pick me up' feeling. The lyrics were ones that you could relate to and understand." We give LÜCID's "Games" a thumbs up. See www.lucidrocks.net
- Judy Ann Dolce & Peter DiGioia

"News Article - Nite & Day 11/12/02"

After 9/11, LÜCID continues to grow as a group..........

Standing near the smoking remains of the World Trade Center in November 2001, members of the fledgling band L*CID, struggled to make sense of what they were observing. “It touched me like nothing ever had before", guitarist A.J. Fantrazzo said. "It was so real -- you could smell the antiseptic, you could smell the rotting flesh and everyone had the same sad look on their face."

Fantrazzo said the musicians wanted to help in some way; anyway they could. So did what they do best -- they wrote a song. "The sense we had was that we are Americans, but we're also New Yorkers, so as the events following Sept. 11 unfolded -- the story about Flight 93 and Todd and all the heroes -- we wrote a song called "Tragic Heroes", and we were honored to perform it last November at Ground Zero.

"Going to New York, seeing the devastation and realizing how many had perished, and talking to the people there was overwhelming and inspiring." "So, when we got back, we decided to get together and do something for our own community. Every year the Niagara Falls firefighters are out soliciting donations, so we chose to help that organization. The band is fortunate that things have gone so well; we want to give back to Niagara Falls."

Performing last November at a fund-raising event hosted by the Niagara Falls Firefighters, the band was able to raise nearly $1,000, which went to the firefighters' toy fund for needy children. This year, LÜCID, also is participating in the fund-raising effort, with proceeds to be divided between the firefighters' toy fund and the Food Bank of Western New York.

The band members feel the benefit is a good way to give back to the local community, which has embraced the band since its inception in August 2001. LÜCID's success, their manager states, lies in part because of the support it has received on the local band scene and the talent of its members.

LÜCID's style features strong percussion that compliments fluid guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Its original lyrics reflect the pensive, somewhat brooding meditations of the writers.

"Tragic Heroes" puts the listener at Ground Zero, in the shoes of the emergency workers who summoned up every last bit of courage to do their job in an unthinkable hell.
"Rushing into town they were called into duty
Standing in the middle of hell in a daze
Trying to survive, reaching out for someone
See a shaking hand reaching through the haze."

Though LÜCID is little more than a year old, it has become well-known in the Niagara Falls area. In April, it won best original band - next to the Goo Goo Dolls - at the Buffalo Music Awards, which will be given out tonight.

"Our style is modern rock, but it's not like everything else," Fantrazzo said. "We have our own unique version -- you can't put your finger on it (because) it has so many different influences.Our music is hooky, it's got a lot of catch for people of all ages -- from 11 to 70-something."
- Cindi Wittcop

"Show Review - Nite & Day 6/10/04"

Local Band LÜCID is passionate about playing, and it shows in their show.........

With summer finally here, many clubs are planning to feature local bands during the hot months to come. The Dome Theater, 1713 Main Street Niagara Falls, was definitely the hottest place to be Friday night with Three Days Grace, Thornley and LÜCID.

LÜCID a band from Western New York, creates music that can be described as alternative rock with a twist. Sounding like a mix of 3 Doors Down and Nickelback, having fun while entertaining the crowd is what they like to do best.

This band has its own unique sound and melody that just can't be duplicated. I enjoyed their performance, and this was probably one of the best shows that I've been to lately.

With a number of musical influences, LÜCID has a tremendous amount of talent,
and they know exactly how to use it to their advantage, as every member contributes to the writing of their songs. "You just pick up a pen and go with it," Fantrazzo said. "If it feels right, we play it."

It was nice to sit and talk with a bunch of guys who are not only down to earth, but love to show their appreciation by stopping to sign autographs for their fans. That to me says more about who they are, a band that takes time out of a busy schedule to talk with people that love and respect their ability to produce great music.

With their schedule pretty full this summer, there will be plenty of chances to see this band, and trust me, you won't be disappointed. No matter what age you are, you will appreciate their music as well as all the effort that they put into their shows.
- Amy Banks

"CD Review - Nite & Day News"

"LÜCID's Peter Vincent rises to the occasion in the band's latest release "Games". From the raw, emotional song "Burning Rain" to the slow, pop driven ballad "Drag", his vocals soothe even the most unfamiliar fans.

Early in the band's career, the band seemed to have a heavy dark cloud hanging over it, but LÜCID proves it can have a future if members continue to produce original material with more rock influences and metal."

- Pam Cowan

"Outer Limit Studio Review"

Having both worked with LÜCID in the studio and experienced their live stage show, I can without a doubt say that they are among the very best that I've dealt with in both areas.

In the recording studio - and in the business dealings in and around it - they and their management team have been nothing but efficient, forthright and upstanding during all of the projects that we've done together. On the musical side, every member is tight, has top quality gear that is kept in great condition, and is open to every suggestion. Their music is about six feet ahead of the game - meaning that it's new enough to be original, but is still very accessible to everyone looking for solid, heavy, musical rock.

Their stage show has a professionalism rarely seen in a band that is not yet signed. Not resorting to any gimmicks, LÜCID simply shows their audience how much they enjoy performing it and gives everything they have in the process."

- Ken Rutkowski, Chief Engineer/Producer

"Radio Station Review 1"

"I really like their sound. It's a good straight ahead rock with good hooks and awesome licks." - John Paul, Program Director, 92.9 WBUF Buffalo

"Radio Station Review 2"

"Musically tight and now with Peter V. on vocals LÜCID is complete. One thing many local bands lack is a quality singer. I've long been a fan of Peter's from his days with God's Children and I am glad to see him resurface with a band that is as strong as his voice. Watch out world, here comes LÜCID!"
- Ted Shredd, 103.3 WEDG Buffalo


7 song EP "Games"
Radio airplay on 92.9 WBUF, 103.3 WEDG and 96.9 WGRF in Buffalo, NY, 90.5 WBER in Rochester, NY for singles "Burning Rain" & "On & On"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ready to take its place in the national music scene, LÜCID has been preparing for its rise to the top unlike any other band, smashing through adversity at every turn. LÜCID has busted every roadblock in its way and landed in the spotlight.

In the four years the band has been together, its music has been boiling and bubbling under the surface like a volcano ready to erupt. Now, with the past left behind and the new release "Games" now in the stores, the band's music can finally speak for itself.

"I've never been as excited about anything in my life as I am about the push forward we are about to make", says Peter Vincent, lead singer for LÜCID. "We've been dealt a tough hand at times but as far as we're concerned it has all brought us to this point and made us stronger. Right now we're ready to take on our future and whatever it brings our way."

And the future looks exceptionally bright for LÜCID, whose music is continually recognized as being among the most commercially viable coming from the Western New York and surrounding areas. With a significantly growing fan base, an ever-widening tour schedule and regular airplay on several radio stations, LÜCID is poised to join the ranks of the most notable bands around. These are just some of the reasons why LÜCID has consistently been asked to play along side of some of the most respected acts in music today including Econoline Crush, Wide Mouth Mason, Zakk Wylde, Default, Korn, Three Days Grace, Thornley, The Goo Goo Dolls and The Rollins Band. The band has also been busy working with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.

LÜCID's effort and attention to their music, both in studio and out, has definitely paid off. The music on this release has been described as clean and melodic, but absolutely power driven - written with the vocals as the main drive of the song.

LÜCID is currently preparing an east coast tour to support their new release, "Games". The band's main objective while on tour is to focus on the music and the fans - who are the bands biggest priority. "The only reason to play music is to touch other people. We do that through the process of creating the songs and making them the absolute best they could possibly be", says A.J., guitarist for the band. "The most exciting thing about writing our music is that we give the fans what they want - intense hard hitting songs with hooks, catchy melodies and unforgettable lyrics that will stick in your mind."