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"The League on"

The pages of hip-hop history are filled with stories of groups, once strong as glue that fell apart under the weight of industry pressure. Names like The Fugees, Tribe Called Quest, acts that were considered great for their time but couldn�t last as a unit over the long haul.

Long Islands own The League has a bond that�s deeper than music. �We started out as a family,� said Flip one fourth of the crew. �We all grew up in the same hood since we were like kids. We go back to 94 with this rap thing.�

But back then, it was just a hobby. But after numerous rhyme sessions, the League noticed that they were getting better, and the bond was growing stronger.

�Our sound is natural,� said Flix. �It�s unison, that�s why people feel it. We�ve been people since back in the day. The music just comes together perfectly from that.�

It didn�t take anytime for the rest of the industry to take note. Consisting of Flip, Flix, Reem Denir and Merce, Mariah Carey would be the first to offer the group a recording contract signing them to her label. That venture would be short lived and the League would find themselves back to grinding on the underground.

�Independent as far as the money is coming in is the best way to go,� said Flip about the crews� recent success on the underground scene. �If a major was to pick us up, they would have to pay us like we weigh! That�s how the game goes, you weigh more, they pay more.�

A good sign for the League is their weight must be ballooning right now. Aside from working with Dj Kay Slay, they won best group award at the Underground music awards in New York. Their single, �Beastin� is produced by G-Units own Sha Money XL. With credentials like that, its safe to say that any A&R trying to get the crew to sign on the dotted line will have to know that they�ve grown quite the appetite over the years and they�re not going to compromise their sound for anyone.

When asked about changing their style to fit the industry standard, Murs answered best. �How we do our music, we do what we feel. If we alter it, it will be someone else. How we do our music, we give it to you. We don�t let the fans tell us what they want; we�re trying to bring something to the public.� - Mehka

"The League on"

Whats poppin League? Let everyone know about this crazy movement you have.

1. it’s not a movement it’s a revolution, we are the definition of a breath of fresh air. Hard hitting lyrics with melodic hooks, and a persistent business ethic to keep industry perks on there toes.

How did you guys get your start in the music industry?

2. Music is our passion, we got our start after performing in greekfest back in 1997, and we were still in high school grasping the fast life of the industry. Maturing over the years and learning the ins and outs of the game now molded us into the best RAP group the world has ever seen!

Your last mixtape 'LIRR' Vol 1 hosted by Kay Slay was nominated for 'Street Album' of the year at the 11th annual Justo's, how did it feel to get recognized for such an honorary award?

3. It feels good to be recognized for all the work we put in. We would like to thank the public and hopefully they will push us far enough to get a Grammy!

Your current mixtape 'LIRR' Vol 2 Hosted by G Unit Co Founder Sha Money XL is also doing its numbers right now, how did you guys link with Sha and what can listeners expect to hear on this cd?

4. The League and Sha money both respect each others talents and decided we could take this project to the next level. You could expect to here a new original sound that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

You guys define the word grind- 4 or 5 shows a week, lot of online and mixtape presence, good relationships, whats it going to take to get The league to the next level?

5. The work ethic is already there and the product speaks for itself, all it is now is better relationships with people in higher position.

Your latest single 'Give The What They Ask For' is popping up on mixtapes everywhere, whats the concept of the song?

6. People put themselves in situations thinking they can handle it, weather its beef, money, music, or women and we give em what they ask for. Basically in a nutshell put ya money where ya mouth is or we will be sure to take it from you.

You won 2 UMA's in 2007 then were Nominated for 3 in 2007 (Best Rap Group, Best Performance and Song of The Year) and ended up winning Best Rap Group. How does it feel to be recognized on that level by your peers and fans?

7. Special thanks to the fans to the fans who stuck with us through this struggle. We appreciate the recognition and hope that it can take us to another level.

You guys recently featured with Sic Osyrus on a record 'Who Would I Kill', and were also featured on Donny Goines 'Bars' Segment, seems like there is unity amongst the up and coming NYC artists when many criticize that fact, why work with other artists on the come up?

8.Its just a respect factor for artist doing the same thing were doing which is grinding to get to the top.

Whats next for The League?

9. A new video for the streets called Beastin.. Its real raw and very entertaining, so you will enjoy it if you love excitement.

Where can fans find you online?

10. - Corey Hill

"The League on"

Sraight from L Crooked I, yes, Long Island NY, hails a movement like none other behind a group that exemplifies the meaning of Hip Hop. The 2007 UMA Most Original Rap Group, The League brings a classic flavor of vintage lyrical flows coupled with headbanging beats and catchy hooks. With a slew of mixtape exposure, nightly (sometimes multiple) performances at most NYC hot spots and a buzz that makes most beehives jealous, The League talks about the new era of hip hop and how they intend to break the current mold.

What’s good fellas? Tell the readers who The League is and what you stand for.

The league, Best hip hop group PERIOD!!!! Our music is impeccable and universal. We are a group that stands for a true meaning of hip hop.

As you know, the musical strength of the upper east coast is not the fan favorite these days when it comes to popular music. How do you guys intend to crack the code and ensure true talent gets seen?

Originality is what we bring to the table, this is heart felt music. It’s either you hate or love it.

You guys seem to be everywhere, maybe because there are so many of you, networking, performing, and also observing, how important is it to have a visual presence in today’s saturated market?

Networking is 80 percent of what you do in this game. You have to be at every event possible. The other 20 percent is the talent; consistency is the most important element in success.

Let’s talk about your Underground Music Awards in 2007, which categories did you win and how did it feel to be recognized on that level by your peers also on the grind?

We won an award for best rap group and we were nominated for most original rap group. Winning this award we felt ecstatic because it was the first of many awards that we will receive as a group. For us to be recognized by our peers is motivation. It felt good that we were finally
being acknowledged for our hard work…

Rumor has it; you guys were once signed to Mariah’s label, Crave records and actually recorded a commercial release with her! How did that come about, what’s that relationship like now and where is that song to be found?

Yea, we were signed to Mariah label. The relationship will always be all love, shouts to MC. The song we did came about when funkmasterflex ask MC if she could do a song for his album. She agreed to do it but wanted us to rock on it as well. Everything went as planned and the song came out hot. You could find the song on funkmasterflex’s album volume 2.

Let’s talk grind…..from your perspective, how does The League define their grind ?

Grinding is 24 hours 7 days a week, Losing SLEEP, GOING IN forsomething that you feel is going to make you.

Being from LI, you guys bring a lot of rowdy energy to the stage, always have a ton of supporters, describe The League’s stage show and musically who has influenced you guys?

The leagues stage show takes you through a roller coaster of emotions and influence. From being as energetic as busta rhymes to having ambition for success like Jay-z and just reaching for deep thought like Nas. Other rappers who musically influenced us were biggie, pac and ourselves influencing each other makes us a stronger group hopefully to leave influence for aspiring rappers.

Ok so let’s get down to the gritty Sh*t- yall have been down with people like DJ Kay Slay, Sha Money, major players in the game, you’ve gotten press, your performed everywhere, your songs and energy are def a step above- so what is it going to take for The League to get that deal, or situation that will allow the world to hear your passion for music?

Gritty lets gooo. My motto is if it aint broke don’t fix it. Like we said before you have to stay consistent. If you keep knocking at the door someone is bound to open it.

Its 2008, any New Years Resolutions?

Health, wealth and prosperity

I know how y’all do, I see the groupie love, how are the ladies responding to The League movement?

Its a beautiful thing, they respect the music but besides music it was never a problem for us. Shouts to the ladies for the support they’ve been showing us. We love yal!!!!

How can fans find you online?

Yall could find us at or at a hood near you moving units.

Any Shouts?

Shout outs to P2, sha, cgriff, j hatch, snoop skets, kasper, kha and the whole lcrookedi - Cartel

"The League on"

The League is in the building!! What's good fellas, introduce yourselves.

1. Whats poppin, The League consist of 4 members Flip, Flix, Merse, and Reem Denir

How did The League start?

2. We started after performing in greekfest a few years back. Our stage presence and lyrical expression brought us feedback that was nothing less than extraordinary. We saw that we had a talent for the game and decided to push all the way in!

Being from Long Island NY when NY in general hasn't been a consistent hip hop force for years, do you guys feel challanged to get your music heard and to make an overall impact in the game?
3. The game is always going to be a challenge regardless of where you're from. Being from NY does make it a little more difficult for the simple reason that the majority of the records that are selling are not from here, but It wont matter where were from with our originality and unique sound! We will definitely make an impact that will leave a mark in Hip Hop fore ever.

One thing is for sure, your online presence and street presence is very balanced, how do you guys maintain that?
4. We stay grinding! We just have to do everything possible until it pays off. Were closer to the end than the beginning so the consistency has to reward us.

Let's talk about the new video 'Beastin', what was the creative approach to the video and overall song concept?
5. Beastin is just going hard at everything you do. It's a term that's been floating around the streets of NY for a while now. We go hard, and live our music so we decided to beast on a record. Check out the video on youtube….just type beastin(theleague) and enjoy the ride.

This year has been a good one for The League- nomination for Justo, winners of a UMA, Sha Money hosted mixtape, a lot of press and shows- what is it about you guys that gets peoples attention?
6. We have the swag and charisma that projects star talent. We keep good relations and never burn bridges.

Sha money has been a big supporter of your movement for some time now, how did you guys link and how has it benefited the movement by having him in your corner with a cosign?

7. He supports our movement and we support his. We just recognized each others talents and decided that we could take it to the next level.

He recently hosted (and produced half of) your 'LIRR' Vol 2 mixtape, how has the street responded to the tape and if someone hasn't copped it yet, why should they?
8. The street loves what we do cuz we spit real lyrics that the streets been missing. You can get a free download of our music on or just go to our to get the direct links

With everything going on, what's it going to take to get The League to that next level?
9. We just need to be at the right place at the right time. All it takes is one person to push us over the top.

What's next on the agenda?
10. Were currently doing a lot of videos right now, just taking advantage of the internet by putting a visual out there that the people could appreciate.

Where can fans find you online?
11. You can find us on

Shouts or plugs?

12. Shouts to P2, Shamoney XL and Money Management, Inasirkil, and the Whole Lcrookedi for supporting our movement.
- Joshua

"The League on"

It is pretty obvious that NYC and the whole upper east coast has been somewhat missing from the hip hop community in regards to sales and noteriety, however in the underground, no one does it better. One group that is challenging that norm is The League. Armed with their new single 'Beastin' produced by G Unit Co Founder Sha Money XL, a mixtape hosted by one of the most influential DJ's in the game, Kay Slay and the work ethic that many new artists lack, The League is ready to make that transition to the mainstream.

What's hood The League? Introduce yourself to the readers.

The League consists of 4 members; Flip, Merse, Reem Denir, and Flix.

As an unsigned artist in today's saturated industry it takes a lot to
really stand out and make an impact, how do you guys plan on making it
in the game?

The only way to make it in anything in life is to believe in what you're doing. We stand out because of our live performances. We do 3-4 shows a week instead of just mixtapes which allows the people to see a visual along with the music.

After checking out your music, it's easy to see you guys love hip hop.
Who influenced The League to follow this career path?

We would have to say Biggie, Jay Z and Nas. 2pac also played a large part but most of all we influence each other. We are competitive amongst ourselves which makes us stronger as a group.

Let's talk about the awards, 2008 Best Rap Group at UNI's, 2007 Best Male
Rap Group at UMA's and 2007 nominee's for Most original rap act, that's
impressive, what is it about you guys that gets people to want to
put you on that pedestal and recognize your talents?

We believe in what we do and do it for the love of music. Our lyrics and melodic hooks are something people have learned to appreciate and we appreciate the recognition from the awards we received.

LIRR is out, hosted by DJ Kay Slay, how did that happen and what's the
reaction been from the listeners?

You know Slay likes some exclusive shit! He heard one of our tracks and was feeling it and put it on his mixtape. We built a relationship, did more mixtapes which eventually led up to LIRR hosted by Slay which is a mixtape classic according to the listeners.
In a League of Their Own

I saw that Sha Money XL produced a few records for you, that's good
company to keep, describe the relationship and what its done for your

The League and Sha Money been rockin' with each other since the mid 90's. We just respected each others talents and started making music. He definitely widened our scope of promotion and allowed the public to pay attention to something new and original.

So with everything going for The League moving into 2008, what's next,
or better yet what's gonna get you guys to that next level?

Next for us is expanding our market to ring tones, clothing, and regional promotion. We pretty much covered the tristate but we feel the rest of America then the world needs to experience the movement.

How can fans reach you online?

Any last shouts?

We would like to shout out P2, C griff, Sha money, Kasper, KY, Snoop Sketz, LES, SECA KONSA, Big Bang, Illiotic, Narc 40, Psycho one, Ahmed, ST, Justin, 721 prod., Drama Mag, Rap fanatic, J hatch, Ace of Spades, Sic Osyrus, Linden, Nassau Rd and the
Whole L crooked i for holding us down! - Cobi

"The League On"

Hip-hop crews come together and some make an impact and some don't. If you ever paid attention to some of the legendary crews in the game most of them stayed together through thick and thin no matter what obstacle came ahead trying to break them up.

Honestly, many people know a lot of these groups are put together and most members don't even know each other from a can of paint. I can say though that the ones that do stay together have a strong bond that will never separate and New York hip-hop crew The League expresses that.

Co-signed by Sha Money XL and DJ Kay Slay, The League is a four man hip-hop crew here to bring back the true essence of hip-hop while also taking it back to it's birthplace. gets with 1/4 of The League (Flip) as he speaks on the crews brotherly bond, the importance of their consistency, and their love and respect for Sha Money XL.

The League is a pretty good hip-hop crew, dope lyrics, good image, and ya'll making a good impact on the game. What keeps The League hungry and motivated to strive for success?

Before the monwy it's just a passion for doing it so you gotta love hip-hop. We love the lyrical aspect of it, we love riding hooks, we just love what we do and that what keeps us hungry. We keep up the grind, because we feel like the world has something to hear from us you know.

Talk about your other crew members, what you admire about their work ethic, lyrical ability, as far as their talent?

As far as the crew is concered we all inspire each other. You got your Jay-Z's, your Nas's, we all grew up listening to the 90's hip-hop, but as far as the group is concerned when we came together we started inspiring each other. It makes us go harder and stronger just by us inspiring each other. What we do amongst ourselves makes us more powerful as a group.

In hip-hop a lot of indsutry record labels put a lot of groups together. Talk about the whole story with the League and how they came up?

Most definitely, we all grew up together so we brothers first. All that putting a group together shit that's bullshit. It is what it is for it's aspect, but as far as were concerned we all grew up together so we know each other in and out. No matter what happens we will all stick together and ride it out to the end.

When all of ya'll is in the studio cooking up those hot tracks do any any arguments happen like "Yo I'm not feeling that"?

We never really had any arguments with each other is far as the studio is concerned. When we tell somebody something is not popping then we leave it right then and there. It's not that we really much argue, matter fact it's even better for us because we have more ideas. As far as the group is concered it's a lot of ideas as it's four of us. When we put our minds together it's just more ideas for the song so like i said brillaint minds think a like.

The League is from New York and as always people been saying NY is not the same. What ya'll gonna do to put the city back on the forefront of the hip-hop scene?

The way I feel about New York hip-hop is more like the tower fell. It's not about where you from it's more about good music so as long as you coming with real music and not following the same script as everybody else your gonna make it in life. Just keep your music original, just push, and your gonna make it.

Hey Flip you just keeping it real your not into all that regional shit!

I'm not really all into the regional shit. I t's just like I said it's not about where you from it's all about hot music. Of course it's not all on New York right now, because the way the industry is it lacks on to everything that's popping. So wherever it's popping it's real business like so of course they going to keep moving on with the business and latch on to what's making money. You know how the industry is they just want to latch on to what's popping and keep rolling like that. Like I said the towers fell and they will be rebuilt and we gonna make sure of that.

Ya'll got a hot record out "Beastin" produced by Sha Money XL. how did ya'll get down with Sha Money?

We grew up together, we knew each other for like ten yearsstrong now maybe twelve and we just recognized each other's talents. We've been rocking with Sha even before he got on. He recognized our talents, he did the beat, we did the rap, and went to the studio and layed it down. Ever since he been in the game he attached us to him and we been cool ever since so now we on our way up and he just helping us with that.

How much respect you got for Sha Money, because you know a lot of dudes in the industry when they from the same hood they forget about they homey's. How you feel about him getting to the level where he's at in the music business and come back to show ya'll love?

I respect him you know, but at the same time you can know somebody that went to school to be a lawyer and that's what they do. You can't expect him to come back and be like "Alright your gonna be my paralegal now". It's the same issues with the music business. If your going to go hard and grind with something that's what you do and make a career out of it. You can't expect everybody from the hood to latch on your back and be like just because he made it he gonna put me on and make me famous. That's the mistake a lot of cats be making, you can't expect to blow just because somebody else is on and popping... that's his career.

Now if your an artist on your grind the same way they will respect your grind the same way. With The League we have our work ethic and he see what we do and we see what he do. I respect him for recognizing our talent and our grind as of course were from the same hood. We work the same way and is heading the same direction so we will achieve goal which is success.

For all the crazy hip-hop fans out there can you explain the meaning behind The League?

The meaning behind The League is hunger, passion, and success. Like I said it's for the love of music and we got a message for the world to hear.

Ya'll also been working with DJ Kay Slay, how did The League gain his support, because he's a major DJ and he's not going to mess with you if your wack?

We started rocking with Slay like two years ago when out joints was bubbling on the underground. The song was called "Collect" he respected the song and wanted to put it on one of his mixtapes. He respected our talents and we respected his. About four or five songs later he just took it to another level and just hosted our joint. We just builded a relationship from there as the industry is all about building relationships.

J-Hatch says that at all his events it's all about building relationships.

Right, it's all about building relationships.

How will the crew maintain all the politics and bullshit in the industry being an upcoming crew?

The industry is the industry it is what it is. As long as you stay focused and on the right path stay in one direction. Stay on the same page with whatever team you moving with and you will be good like that. Be consistent as what I would say to all the other rappers out there. If your not consisent in your music they will forget about you quick. It's too many rappers out there as the industry is oversaturated so whatever you do you gotta stay consistent. When your on top that will help you stay out for a very long time.

How do you feel about the whole movement with the underground hip-hop scene. A lot of people are saying it's on the forefront right now as it's a lot of bullshit ass music out here?

It's a lot of bullshit ass music, because it's oversaturated. Everybody thinks they can rap when they really can't. It's like you got a lot of oversaturated bullshitand they just put a lot of wack cats and stage and the promoters is getting a lot of money. the underground is the underground it's not mainstream so you going to have a lot of bullshit. Underground got a lot of good talent so it's a catch-22 situation. That's why I say you got to stay consistent doing what you do until you get your name recognized. - Quinton Hatfield

"The League on"

NYC hasn't been much of a force in the hip hop 'popular' scene as of late, but prepare for that to change very quickly. With artists like Maino hitting the market with universal type songs, Nas's highly anticipated album, The Lox and many more, hip hop should be coming back to the east coast but then moving forward in unison once again. One NYC supergroup looking to contribute to that movement in Long Islands very own, The League. With a strong co sign by one of the most influential Djs in the game (Kay Slay) and one of hip hops most influential arcitechs (Sha Money XL, co founder of G Unit records), these 4 lyrical menaces are poised to take place in the rebirth of hip hop in the years to come.

Whats poppin League, first off who is in the group and whats the story behind the movement?

Whats poppin�we consist of 4 members that go by the names of FLIP, MERSE, REEM DENIR, and FLIX and the story behind the movement is that we are the last of a dying breed and the beginning of a new era in one!

Being from NYC, do you guys feel the pressure right now, considering the place where hip hop started is virtually undetected on the charts?

We feel no pressure just hunger, and being from NYC is the best place to come from at this point being that we have the most new and original sound. People are expecting something new from NYC so expect The League.

You guys seem to have a great camaraderie between y'all- musically and even as far as your stage presence, how do all four of you mesh into this supergroup?

We all have a passion for music. We all grew up together so being that we know each other so well, we fall on the same page, tear up the same stage, inspire each other in the studio, and if you see the image than you know to leave ya girl at home..LOL

Lets discuss your mixtapes...LIRR Vol 1 Hosted by Kay Slay was out for a good year and a half and was nominated for a Justo, how did that feel? and do you think LIRR Vol 2 can step up to the plate and gain similar or more recognition?

It feels really good that we got nominated for JUSTO, and yes VOL 2 will probably make a stronger impact being that we have been recognized for our talents and the streets ears are now open!

Sha Money, co founder of G Unit hosted the mixtape, and produced half of the tape as well, whats your relationship and how has it helped your visibility in the game?

Working with SHA is always a plus; he always has a plan and executes it. We both recognized each others talents and decided to take it to the next level. He helped our visibility in the game by opening the eyes of label heads that are buzzing about THE LEAGUE right now!

You seem to be getting alot of solid press lately- what is it about The League that make people want to pay attention?

WE ARE NOT THE AVERAGE! We are energetic, wild and just real cool and easy to get along with so people feel comfortable in our presence and respect what we do.

I heard your Sean bell tribute today and really felt the frustration of today's urban community in your lyrics and passionate approach to the track, why do you think these things continue to happen and then go almost overlooked in the eye's of the world?

It's a fucked up world we live in, nobody cares. We made that tribute to send a message to the community that we will not be forgotten, this cant just be another death with no justice. We as a people have strength in numbers so let's stick together instead of being selfish and we will prosper!

Another record I heard may be your next single is 'Give Them What They Ask for' , whats the concept behind that record?

That record is a problem for the game. Give them what they ask for is self explanatory weather its beef, women, money, drugs, everything people sinfully crave. This record will definitely eat the game up and we can't wait to see the reaction.

Ok, The League's about to hit the stage, what can people in the audience expect to experience?

High energy very coordinated intense real HIP HOP!

You guys have def been on a solid grind for a long minute- with all the press, mixtape recognition, kay slay/sha money co sign and great music...whats it gonna take to get to that next level?

We ready to kill somebody lol� Nah but we just gonna keep pushing till the doors fall down, were not waiting to come in the game were coming to take it!

In today's music industry, the internet almost replaces the streets. How does The League utilize today's technology to get the word out to the masses
We go on RAP��That's WASSUP lol, also we try to flood you tube, all hip, and many many more but most important we follow up with our myspace where we have some 30,000 fans that support The League.

Whats next up for you guys in 08 and beyond?

Landing a major deal and putting out our 1st album, and beyond that, once the doors open endorsements, clothing, multiple companies and many more. Music is just a stepping stone for our entrepreneur mentalities.

Where can fans find you online?

Any shouts or Plugs?Shout out to P2 the best producers in the world, C griff, Snoop Skets, LES, 240, Ill ASH, Psycho 1, MO, and the whole L CROOKED I, for yall that don't know that's LONG ISLAND�

Thanks for your time - Dub

"The League Interview on"

Peace... Today we are kicking it with The League. Hailing from Strong Island, NY is a feat in itself. The League has been on the grind lately and today ...we are gonna dig deep.

For those that are getting to know yall for the first time let em know your individual names.

We are 4 members that go by FLIP, FLIX, REEM, and MERSE

Theres not too many hiphop groups left nowadays .... is it easier being a group or harder?

Easier in the sense of multiple ideas and faster song production but may be difficult at times with organization and staying on the same page, but at the end of the day it works out for the better.

How was "The League" formed?

We all grew up together and started rap as a hobby, eventually people started really feeling what we were doing so we took it seriously and now it’s our way of life.

You guys have been featured on everyone from Big Mike to DJ KaySlay thats a nice resume ..then you dropped a mixtape called "L.I.R.R." which was hosted by DJ Kay Slay and then moved over 10,000 units !!!question is whats next?

L.I.R.R vol 2 hosted by Sha money xl is next and in the streets right now!

With today's hiphop climate is The League searching for a Major Deal or something Indie?

We are indie right now so we are just gonna generate enough buzz so the labels could pay what we weigh, weather its joint venture or label deal, but a major is always the best place because they have the machine to push, promote, market, and distribute artist in the proper fashion

What were your inspirations coming up?

We always were inspired by lyrical MC’s such as Nas, Jay z, BIG, Pac, but most of all we inspire each other which is most beneficial in a group.

For someone that never has hears a song by The League one that will make them an instant fan?

2 timer, That’s that joint that gets it started.

In your opinions what was the best year for hip hop and why?

I would have to broaden that and say 1993-1998 those were the golden years, the content was at a lyrical high, the east and west wars opened the worlds eyes to HIP HOP, and best of all its was before the download takeover so artist that were worth it were selling multi platinum albums.

Is being New York Emcees a gift or a curse nowerdays?

I feel its not about where you are from its about good music, but labels just care about business so whatever is selling at the time they run with it, so being from NY is a little difficult right now but our swagger is unlike no other, The towers fell but we will rebuild.

Since The League has started there mixtape massacres and heavy grind what was the biggest accomplishment to date you remember?

Winning the 2007 best rap group award at the UMA’s

Here at we like to ask questions out of the norm so the fans can get a broader understanding on here we go ......

Obama or Hilary?

A black man or a woman…SHIIIIITT! But fuck it OBAMA

Did OJ do it?

If he didn’t who did!

Before getting into hiphop how many of yall were 9 to 5 er's?

All of us

Would you sign to Suge Knight's new label?

Depends on the deal and how far his market expands now that he been out of the game for so long.

Who's better ...Dre or Timbaland?

Dre all day! But that’s good competition.

Lets get gully ....Who is worse Mike Jones or Baby Bash?

Put it like this I don’t even know who Baby Bash is.

Have Aliens visited this planet?

Definitly listen to The League, out of this fuckin world

Back to the norm

Where can the viewers check yall out on the web?

Any shows coming up?

Log in to Myspace/lcrookedi anytime for a full show update


Originality….sounds like no other and its real music we take you on a roller coaster of emotions how ever you feel at the time we got a song to make you feel happy, depressed, upset, party, or just feel like killing somebody we could definitely relate so pop in the cd press play and enjoy the ride!!

It was good kicking it wit yall of luck in the future.

Shout to Rap Capital best of luck and success with anything you do..


"The League on"

The League, representing L Crook'd I (Long Island), is a 4-man group, which has been making noise in the underground going back to the 90s, when they were called, "Negrow League." Their stage presence and grind is well-known throughout the underground and with several shows every month, it is no surprise that they have caught the attention of many well-respected DJs and promoters, who have helped push their careers forward. The League's mixtape, "L.I.R.R. Vol.1," which was hosted by DJ Kay Slay, sold over 10,000 units and lead to a follow-up mixtape called, "L.I.R.R. Vol.2." The League has won in the category of "Best Rap Group" the past 2 years at the Underground Music Awards (UMAs), and its only a matter of time before everyone catches on that this is NOT a group to sleep on any longer. To get you guys familiar with their sound, check out this first track called, "Give Em What They Ask For"...

The League - Give Em What They Ask For

Back in the 90s, when the group was called "Negrow League," they put out a bangin' 12" single called, "The World Is Not Enough" and I've always been a fan of that track. At the time, the group was made up of 7 members, but it was later trimmed down to just 4. The League was originally signed to Mariah Carey's "Crave Records" label and they were featured on Funkmaster Flex's "60 Minutes of Funk - The Mixtape Volume III," and had features with the dope RNB group, Allure. I also remember hearing the group on one of Ron G's older mixtapes and if y'all don't know, Ron G is one of the original pioneers of the mixtape game. Over the years, The League has remained in the game and has become a real force in the underground. The brotherhood that the group possesses, all growing up together on Long Island (Elmont & Roosevelt), makes them a real group - not a makeshift group that a label or manager puts together out of solo artists to make them more marketable, and I feel you can see it at their shows and hear it in their music. Check out the following video, which was sent to me last month by man, Donny Goines, after one of his popular BARS sessions, which features The League...

The League & I were able to get together for this following interview, so as always, I hope that you will take the time to read along and peep what the group has got going on and also look into the past when they were signed with Mariah Carey. When this interview was done, the UMAs hadn't yet been decided, but now that the votes are in, I'd like to express my congrats to The League, for once again winning in the category of "Best Rap Group," and I wish them continued success. Enjoy...

1. Lets get some old issues out of the way ... what lesson(s) did you guys take from experiences you had on Mariah's "Crave Records" label back in the late 90s and was it the short life of the label that led to the separation?

The only lesson learned was: business first, play later, and there never really was a separation. We still have ties with our X label mates and Mariah.

2. The group used to go by "Negrow League" and consisted of a few more members - you guys put out a few 12" records back in the 90s, but what can you tell the readers about coming up back then, putting those records out and what is the group's blueprint for finally breaking down the door and making it, b/c I don't think people realize how long you guys have actually been out there grindin'...

This is a New era, new breed of The League. Thank God we're in the digital era where basically everything can be done via e-mail, cuz when we started grindin, a lot of leg work and traveling had to be done to promote our music. We feel consistency is the key and our music is CRACK, so it will sell itself. A&R's are scared to jump on anything in fear of losing their job, but The League is a bidding war in the making. Lets see who ends up with the million dollar profit!!!

3. You guys are representing hard for Long Island (L Crook'd I), so speak on what the rap scene has been like coming out of where you're from: specifically today, compared to back when you first entered the industry?

Hip-hop back in the day on LI was Rakim, EPMD, L.O.N.S., Keith Murray, and many more. Today all that's left is The League. We rep it hard cuz its our home! L Crook'd I bleeds hip-hop and we're going to be the ones to put it back on the map as well as NEW YORK!

4. After last year's "Best Rap Group" victory at the UMAs, I see you guys are nominated for 3 more awards - how does it feel to be recognized by your peers as a real force in the game?

We respect the recognition the game has givin us and what that does is give us more fuel for our fire to burn. We want the Grammy's now!

5. Speaking of which, votes for the UMAs are open until the end of July, why don't you guys take this opportunity to let people know where and why they should login, so that they can show support and vote for you instead of the competition. In other words, what is it that they should know about the group that separates you from other nominees?

Our myspace has a direct link to all voting opportunites, so log on and vote for The League, and what separates us from the other nominees is our melodic hooks, with a combination of hard-hitting lyrics. A recipe that is hard to digest if your competition with us.

6. What is it like having the vocal co-sign/support of Sha Money XL, co-founder of G-Unit, as well as "The Drama King," DJ Kay Slay? Is it safe to say that these relationships were built on respect for the work you guys have put in?

All our relationships in the game were built on respect. Having those co-signs are greatly appreciated and just goes to show you need people to believe in you to make it in the game nowadays. With Sha & Slay, we both respected each other's talents and decided to take our attributes to the next level.

7. Is it true that you guys moved over 10K copies of L.I.R.R. Vol.1 (Hosted by DJ Kay Slay)? I guess you guys are no strangers to mixtapes, having done joints with Ron G back in the day. Where can the readers find copies of L.I.R.R. Vol.1 & Vol.2, and what can they expect from these mixtapes as far as production, features and just all around content?

We moved way more than that now and shout to Ron G for holding us down back in the day. You can find our mixtapes on Datpiff and our myspace. Prepare yourselves for a diverse roller coaster ride of emotions, as we talk you on this lyrical high!

8. The League's stage presence is remarkable and with how you guys tear it down everytime, I wonder how you guys stay so focussed and energetic when you perform as many shows as y'all do? To artists coming up in the game today, what words of advice would you give them on the impact of trying to be everywhere for promotion, networking, and doing shows with so many other artists?

Its hard word performing 3-4 times a week, but our energy and being focussed plays a big part in our success, because we love what we do. Our advice to other artists would be to stay consistent and believe in yourself!

9. The group has had great mixtape success, as we've discussed, but with regards to an album or label talk, what can you guys tell the readers about the group's expectations? Can you share your personal opinions on whether you'd like to be independent or go major, and why?

We expect to have the best album in hip-hop, and as far as business, we expect ownership opportunities as far as labels, clothing, and any other joint venture endorsement deals that may come our way. We expect to be very successful and we won't stop until we get there! As far as independent and major - I feel that a major has the push to jumpstart ya career, then once you're established, start your own ownership opportunities.

10. Let the people know whats on your mind - any shout-outs, updates or anything you'd like to share, this is your chance and thanks for knocking this out!

Just wanna let the world know, The League is here! The best rap group to come to the game. Shout-outs to P2 The Prodceurz, J Hatch, Sha Money, Kay Slay, and the whole L Crooked I for holding us down. - Dj Sav One





Performed At

Club T NY, Touch, Snitch, Club Pyramid, Club 2686, Remote Lounge, Don Hills, SOB’s, BB Kings, Club Flow, Club Rebel, Club Axis, Vintage Lounge, Brazilian Day Parade, Greek Fest 2007 and The Lemon Lounge (NYC) Club Flow and Club Fluid (Philly) , Moja Lounge (CT), SOB’s ( Breeding Ground) Bowery Poetry Club (Rockstar Arena), Sofa Lounge (Election Day Showcase) and CMJ08 at Public Assembly (BK)

Opened For

TI, Black Moon, Siagon, Jae Millz, Uncle Murda, Joell Ortiz, Grafh, Stack Bundles, Events where K Slay hosting, DJ Absolute hosting, DJ Envy hosting and Funk Master Flex hosting

Collaborated with

Crunchy Black of 36 Mafia, Big Lou (Streetsweepers), Sha Money XL (Co Founder of G Unit Records), Sic Osyrus (Inasirkl), Sha Stimuli and The Praduecerz

Radio Interviews and Airplay

Hot 97- Live on Air Interview with Drama King Kay Slay/ Music in Rotation
Shade45- Live on Air Interview with Drama King Kay Slay/ Music in Rotation
Power 105.1- DJ Clue played songs in rotation on mixshows
Kitty Radio on 1.FM- Live on Air Interview/ Rotation
Hate Money Radio on 1.FM- Live on Air Interview/ Rotation
A&R Report on Stick AM and 91.9 Live- Live on Air/Rotation
Lockdown CW Post- Live on Air Interview/ Rotation
New York City College Radio- Live on Air Interview/ Rotation
Crack Distributors Radio- Live on Air Interview
Strong Island Hip Hop- Live on air Interview
Soul Pitch Radio- Live on Air Interview
Major Movez Radio- Live On Air Interview
Spate Radio- Live On Air Interview

Mixtapes Appearances

DJ Gooch CD’s
The Day After Tomorrow 2005
I Shot I Kill 2006
Cleaning Out My Closet 2006
Diary of a Mad Black DJ 2006
I Know U Don’t Love Me 2006
I Know U Don’t Love Me PT 2 2006
I Know U Don’t Love Me PT 3 2006
I Know U Don’t Love Me PT 4 2006
L Crooked I Finest Hosted by The League 2007
Superbowl Edition 2007
L Crooked I Finest PT 2 2006
I Got the Internet Going Nuts 2006
Another Mixtape Another Dollar 2006
Americas Next Top DJ 2006
Four the hard way hosted by the League 2007
Earning respect 2007
Earning respect PT 2 2007
March Madness 2007
Hit Me On The Hip 2007

DJ Kay Slay
NYC Drama 2 2005
NYC Drama 3 2005
Celebrity Status 2006
Celebrity Status pt 2006
The Bum Rush Hosted Memphis Bleek 2006
The Influentials 2007
The Rebirth 2007

DJ Stud Boogie
Top Shotta 2006
Independent Days 2007

DJ Mello
Definition of a Hustla 2006

DJ Boy Wonda
Fuck the Radio Vol 3 2007
Fuck the Radio Vol 4 2007

Big Mike
The Orbit Collection 2006

DJ White Owl
1 Mixtapes in 2007

DJ Tiger
2 Mixtapes in 2007

DJ Bedtyme357
Industry Gotta Problem Vol 1 2007
Concealed Weaponz Vol 1 2007

Ron G
Don’t Know The Name 2005
Get Off Me 2007

Additional Mixtapes

LIRR Vol 2 Hosted by Sha Money XL
DJ Mixalot ‘Cancel My Appointments’
Get Your Buzz Up Vol 1 Hosted by Bedtyme357
DJ Bedtyme357 and DJ Blazita- Hate Money Radio Hosted by Maino
DJ Ophax- Give Them What They Ask For
DJ Ophax- Call It How I See It
DJ Ophax ‘The Diary’ Vol 22

Hard Copy Magazines

Featured in The Source Magazine ‘Warning Shots’
Featured in Rap Fanatic Magazine 3 Times
Featured in Drahma Magazine
Featured in Protégé Magazine ‘Weather Report’- Aug 08
Rapqwest NYC OZONE Magazine- Sept 08

Online Magazines
Featured in ‘Get Your Shine On’ section Review Breeding Ground
Featured Music on – Mar 08 Mar 08 Mar 08 Apr 08 – May 08 – May 08 ‘Next 2 Blow’ - June 08 June 08 – June 08
‘Bars’ feature w/ Donny Goines on June 08 Aug 08 Aug 08 Aug 08 (Audio Post) Aug 08 Nov 08
The Jan 09 Jan 09

DVD Magazines

Drahma DVD
Kush DVD
Gwop DVD
Hood Certified DVD- July 08
Block Report DVD- Nov 08 – Jan 09 TBP
All Or Nuthin DVD- Jan 09- TBP
One On Hip Hop- Jan 09 TBP

TV Appearances
Video City TV- Apr 08
ITF TV- Apr 08
Grind Hard TV- Apr 08
LYFE Sux TV- Apr 08
HipHopWorld.TV- May 08
SoulPitch TV- May 08
Who Mag TV- May 08
Check The Credits TV- July 08
Spate Magazine TV- July 08
Video City TV- Jan 09 TBP

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Flip, Flix, Reem, and Merse, collectively know as The League, all hail from the Elmont and Roosevelt areas in, arguably, the most forgotten part of the NY hip hop skyline, Long Island. Having known each other since Jr High School, these 4 diverse emcees starting rapping together as a hobby that eventually turned into an everyday lifestyle.

While being active on the local underground scene for quite some time,
The League linked up with their long time in house production team ‘The Pradeucerz’ in 2003. From there, as a movement, L Crooked I was born, and it was only about to get stronger.

After countless shows in the Tri State area and opening for the likes of Jae Millz, Joell Ortiz, Grafh and The Late Stack Bundles, The League started to capitalize on their newfound exposure. The League’s undeniable grind and passion towards their craft eventually helped them land certain Industry co signs that don’t just come along daily.

In 2007, The League’s first major mixtape ‘LIRR’ Vol 1 was hosted by Hot 97’s DJ Kay Slay and was nominated for ‘Street Album Of The Year’ at the 11th annual Justo Awards. Later that same year, The League dropped another monster mixtape ‘LIRR’ Vol 2 ‘The 3rd Rail’ hosted and by G Unit Co Founder Sha Money XL, boasting a strong single (and video) ‘Beastin’ (also produced by Sha Money) which lit up the internet sites and blogs.

Its no secret that The League has been on a relentless grind- night after tireless night performing the showcase circuit, while gaining press accolades from the likes of, Rap Fanatic,, as well as the front cover of Strong Island Hip Hop Magazine and much more. The League are also no stranger to the mixtape scene either, having laced tapes for veterans like Big Mike, DJ Kay Slay, Ron G to the underground supporters like Bedtyme357 and DJ Gooch.

With no end in site or signs of slowing down, The League press on in 09 with a new single called ‘Drop Ur Panties’ which is charting in various states and is gaining it’s momentum on the college reports and BDS. The League has also been tapped to do several spot dates on tour with the self proclaimed king of the south, TI and is in preparation to drop their next tapes ‘LIRR’ Vol 3 ‘The Colin Ferguson Files’ as well as ‘The Best Of The League’ And, not to deprive their loyal fans online, The League has also started a video remix series called ‘The League VS The Industry’ where the group remixes today’s hottest singles and intertwines their performance within the video. The League has also teamed up with some of the hottest emcees in the land, such as Joell Ortiz, Sha Stimuli, Grafh, Skyzoo and Sic Osyrus to bring you The League’s Draft pick. Both will be featured on several blogs and sites on a week to week basis.

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