LC Sozo

LC Sozo

 Gurnee, Illinois, USA

We started out by leading worship together in church. As we grew, we ran into life’s problems, and God laid on our hearts to write music about it. Our music tells a story about earthly hardships. Therefore, the content of our music is that of brokenness as well as the message of redemption .


We are a band for the broken believing that music can reach the depths of the human soul. For a little over a year we’ve allowed our joys and hardships to form a sound that captures the essence of what keeps us strong. By blending rock, blues, and soul we allow for a sound that everyone can enjoy. Our love of different styles of music allows for each song to have its own unique sound. Our focus is to help build a foundation of hope while bringing a smile to our fans faces.


Redeeming Freedom

Written By: Shaun Fishman

Come and hear, come and hear he is calling you.
Come and see, come and see he now waits for you.
Come and feel, come and feel his love for you.
Come and taste, come and taste what is here for you.

Redeeming freedom, redeeming freedom, so lift up holy hands, rejoice in freedom.
Redeeming freedom, redeeming freedom, we are saved by grace and given freedom.

Receive this love, gift from above, this is the truth.
So shout out loud, give praise for all he has done for you.
Come and feel, come and feel his love for you.
Come and taste, come and taste what is here for you.

Now Closed For Good

Written By: Shaun Fishman

How can I scream or speak your name again?
How can I whisper any pleasures to you my friend?
How can I think about a time when everything was fine?
How can I ponder about greater parts of time?

I am slipping, I am fading into light. It reveals that not everything’s alright.

The curtain’s torn, your heart’s exposed. You just dug me deeper in my lows. The mask you wore has been removed and the door to my soul is now closed for good.

When did what we have fade into nothingness?
When did all my dreams get pummeled by a fist?
When did the walls get built to hide your everything?
When did affection get muddy, stopping the joy I could bring?

Strength to Move On

Written By: Shaun Fishman

Just sit tight, good times will come again.
Is everything alright? All your emotions now blend.
Please talk to me somehow; oh I know this really hurts.
Let’s have a small powwow. We can leave off the light.

I don’t expect much now, but later in the night,

You’ll find the strength to move on and face another day.
The joy of life will be reborn; you’ll shed this heavy cloak of pain.

I’m staying on my knees, we’ll get out a miracle.
I’m begging to God, “Please give him more than this lump of coal.”
And I’m bleeding out my throat screaming to the one on high.
I’m swearing on my grave in his word I will abide.

In Your Arms

Written By: Shaun Fishman

What did I do to deserve knowing you with my small heart?
To be set apart to know the truth, what did I do?
How can I be so easily set free from all my sin
And re-begin and start again with something new with only you?
Well these tears are falling on knees I’m crawling again.
My hearts exploding cause your love comes pouring in.
There is no place I would rather be than by your side.
In your arms I am strong, so it’s there I will hide. In your arms.
Lord please come take me home if only for one hour come take me home.
Cause right now I so alone and overwhelmed, please Lord take me home.
Fly me away, come and rescue me oh lord this I pray.
With you I’d stay, father let me in. Please


Spring of 2011 we produced a 5 song demo CD to promote our music.