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L Dash

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mixtape: L Dash – ‘Blow My Cartridge’"

These days, it’s not easy to find an artist that you can’t immediately put your finger on, like, “oh, he sounds like (enter other name here).” I don’t know where to place L Dash. The Atlanta MC has some elements of the nerd rap, as evidenced by the video game theme present throughout, but his flow is far from the nasally, geeky type and his content isn’t overbearingly cerebral. He’s not on his street rap shit, but he also doesn’t sound like some of the far left fielders that immediately stand out for their weirdness.
L Dash has a monotone, confident flow, and while his music sounds well put together, it’s still got a homegrown feel to it. Check out a couple of tracks below. - Pigeons and Planes

"Open Mike Eagle, Lil B, and L-Dash Rewrite The Epiphany Rap"

tlanta’s L-Dash gets right into the neglected grit of that same hell;  his immersion in the current epoch leads him to recognize his place in the cyclical violence that stains American history. On “Peaches, Mountains, and Red Clay” he hijacks the instrumental from Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces” to remind us that social disorder still has an address in the real world. His narrative unfolds at a pace similar to the one on “Age Of Information” but rather than feeling besieged by hypnotic bits of decontextualized data in ethereal cyberspace, the listener is knocked over by the brutality of life as perceived by L-Dash in his corner of existence. The ghosts of the past — from the horrors of slavery, the Indian Wars, Jim Crow, and the crack era— clank their chains in the form of perpetuated violence that is clearly linked to economic stratification. Like his predecessors and his contemporaries, L-Dash never completely abandons the cool, tough pose that is the mark of a rapper in any decade, but he takes the time to pepper his verses with moments of civility and clarity. In the mix, but awake to the bigger game. - The Troy Blog

"L Dash ‘Blow My Cartridge’"

L Dash raps as if he was birthed as the result of an unholy orgy involving TI, Curren$y, Guru and a whole lot of drugs. His syrupy, monotone flow allows him to drop whip-smart punchlines with what sounds like casual smugness. Imagine if the aforementioned TI drank and shit ton of lean and read up on Renoir and Jacques Louis David. Production varies from video game sampling trap-hop bombast via SMKA and SickVisionz to simply rapping over somewhat obvious classics like “Incarcerated Scarfaces”. Rather than play the cheap nostalgia card here, L Dash uses references to forgone eras to paint a picture of a world that we have regretfully let pass us by. This shit is good. - Steady Bloggin


The Flyboi Mixtape(2006) - Listen at http://ldash.bandcamp.com/album/flyboi-2
Blow My Cartridge(2010) - Listen at http://ldash.bandcamp.com/album/blow-my-cartridge



Jack Harris Jr, better known by his stage name L Dash, is rap artist and songwriter from the Eastside of Atlanta, GA. His debut studio album, entitled Android Dreams and Human Nightmares, is inspired by the ups and downs of life and will be released in 2011. L Dash’s musical palette ranges from Dirty South to Pop and Electronic with decadent and conscious lyricism. After touring universities and clubs last year with the group Digital Atlanta, L Dash is now focused on creating an album that has great substance and style.