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Lem "L-DEEZ” Sealey

L-Deez is a Halifax born, Dartmouth raised hip hop producer and emcee. He began rapping at the age of 12 but didn’t start talking it seriously until age 15 when he wrote his first song ”Here We Go Again” for a junior high school talent show. L-Deez spent the next few years rapping with his childhood best friend Stephan “Foffee” Williams and cousin, Matthew “Luke Skratch” Byard. In 1998, the three officially formed a group “The Empire.”
Initially L-Deez and The Empire honed their song writing skills by rapping over industry instrumentals and purchasing beats from various Halifax based producers and beat makers. But that came to an end in 2001 when L-Deez realized he had a ear for sound production. A chance meeting led L-Deez into the home recording studio of ECMA Award winning emcee and producer Tremaine “Trobiz” Howe where the two would co produce the underground smash hit “Empire Like That.”
Inspired by the reaction to the track, L-Deez spend the next few years teaching himself how to produce by making beats and producing his own tracks as well as those for The Empire. In 2005, L-Deez, released the self-produced Empire mixtape “Out The Dark Mixtape.” The following year, the L-Deez produced “Get Naughty” was featured on the Kicksta Music Group Compilation, Scotia Mix Vol. 1, which received an award for best African Canadian Recording of The Year at the 2007 ECMA Awards, helping to earn L-Deez respect amongst his peers in the hip hop community.
With an award under his belt, L-Deez was further inspired to further his production skills and thus decided to apply for the Recording Arts Program at The Nova Scotia Community College. L-Deez was accepted into the select program where he currently adding to his producing knowledge. L-Deez currently sits on the Commission for The Elements League (a Halifax based battle rap league) as well as producing tracks The Elements League WebTV series and compilation. In addition L-Deez also working on tracks for an upcoming Empire release as well as a Foffee’s solo project and his own, titled “Hustle & Flow.”
To hear samples of L-Deez’s beats and to find out more on the producer/ emcee please visit www.myspace.com/ldeezbeats



Written By: Lem Sealey , Stefan Williams

Re Up By L-Deez Featuring Foffee
( Lem Sealey, Stefan Williams)

Screwed Voice:
Cop it, chop it
Flip it, re up
Cop it, chop it
Flip it, re up (x4)
When I see I’m getting low
Ya know I’m makin a quick call
My flows air tight
Like the things that I get off
You could say I’m stuck in my ways
Its like a cycle
On the route to the connect
Every couple of days
First I get it
Receive some calls an then
Chop it up
Break’em off
Count my dollars
Burn a head with my cuz
Them niggaz can’t do
How we does
Even if I started lickin
Wouldn’t move how they was
In the news in the hood
For the jackers an’ the thugs
Gun packers
Wanna get ya for ya stackers just because
So I hustle on the low
With the muscle there to blow
But don’t get me misconstrued
I’m just tryin’ to get my dough
When I’m doin business
I stays away from snitches
Cause niggas
Is extra focused
On the digits you be flippin
So that nigga
Ain’t the name that you be givin’
Fuck goin off to prison
Boy I’m tryin to make a million
Lets get it

L-Deez: Look homey
I’m on the grind
Like the games in OT
I’m always on the low
So these lames don’t know me
I just
Screwed Voice:
Cop it, chop it
Flip it an’ re up (x2
L-Deez:I put my
Work on the block
An’ it do what it do
Homey I get my hustle on
I got nothing to prove
I just
Screwed Voice:
Cop it , chop it
Flip it an’ re up
Flip it an’ re
Flip, flip,flip it
An re up

Foffee: First I cop it
Chop it
Flip it an’ re up
I can’t stop it
I’m makin a profit
Getting these bucks
I’m out here price matchin
Beatin the competition
Yes I
Got it for cheap now
They ain’t tryin to miss it yes I
Get it, get it gone
Yes I give’em what they want
They ain’t questioning my product
Cause you know I got the bomb
Givin large volume discounts
Dependin’ on what you want
You better take it easy with this now
Cause it’s the best skunk
Out here grindin like I
Gotta get my breaks done
I ain’t tryin to be greedy now
I’m just rtyin to make some
Stack cash
Then add more to the stash
They say the
More ya make
The longer it lasts
So yes I hustle hard
The harder you hustle
The shit’ll pay off
Haters gonna hate
I just shake’em off
Keep my mind on my money
An stick to the script
I’m just a hustler
Supplin the customer with they fix

L-Deez:Look homey
I’m on the grind
Like the games in OT
I’m always on the low
So these lames don’t know me
I just
Screwed Voice:
Cop it, chop it
Flip it an’ re up (x2
L-Deez:I put my
Work on the block
An’ it do what it do
Homey I get my hustle on
I got nothing to prove
I just
Screwed Voice:
Cop it , chop it
Flip it an’ re up
Flip it an’ re
Flip, flip,flip it
An re up

L-Deez:Now I gotta fresh sack
An’ my clients are feindin
Defiant of the law
An’ my tires are leanin
I’m switchin up my car
If a U.C’s creepin
An’ if you see Deez
An I ain’t usually beepin
It ain’t no disrespect
Boy I’m focused on scrambling
From block to block
Getting off what I’m handling
I only got bud
No wood like Madeline
Ya’ll should stop
Creepin an’ tadling
Sendin niggaz up the river
An’ I don’t mean paddlin
Niggaz in front of judges
An’ I don’t mean battling
Co-operation makin charges stick in like javelins
Ya operation influtrated
Shit is embarassin
So keep it covert
When ya movin O’s first
Thing to do is
Never ever let’em know when you work
Cause them undercover D’s
Follow overcover busters
You don’t know me
I’m a undercover hustler

Chorus: Repeat x2

Soon As I get On

Written By: Lem Sealey, Matt Byard, Stefan Williams, Chris Brownlow

Soon As I Get On by The Empire
(Stefan Williams, Matt Byard, Lem Sealey, Chris Brownlow)

B-Low: Soon as I get on

Foffee: Cocksucker
Ain’t much gonna change
I’m gonna intensify the flame
Under the game
Aim for
Bigger thangs
So I can make a bigger change
I’ma rep my gang
An do the damn thang
Were comin for the American dream
We bout to be the hottest Canadians
That you Americans seen
Appear on the scene
With a mircle team
We come to be laced
With the finest
Apparell an’ green
When I get on
I’m leavin victims
An stackin my income an’
I won’t quit till the gets done
Bitch it’s the birth of the Empire
I’ma knock this bitch out
An’ fix to run home like Mark Maguire
An’ make sure that my daughter don’t
Grow up like her father
So I
Write each line like its my last rhyme
Or don’t bother
I gotta work harder
An come twice as strong
But ya’ll gonna fall off
As soon as I get on
B-low:Cop a gat
Locate my comrades
Fuck my enemies
They won’t know when I’m comin back
Let put some money in the safe
Its time to turn this game into a warzone
As soon as I get on

L. Skratch: At the mansion
Music blastin
Bomb we passin
All types of thongs an asses
Songs we mastered
Inside of the cabnet bastard
I aint sayin where its at
Gonna kill me you’ll have to
I aint stressing
Three hours till its show time
On the west side we arrive same time
` As the present
Hit up the quick smoke session
When we hear the crowd getting loud
In constand sessions
Live from the stage
It’s the Empire click
They rise an amazed
From the fire that we spit
The sound of our hits
Get the ooohh’s an’ aaahh”s
An no specific demagrachic
It’s the dudes an’ broads
That I
Use the applause
To keep
Keep it on
Then I wake up
When I hear the ringtone
Mind blown dream gone
But not for too long
I’ma live them thirteen bars
As soon as I get on

L-Deez:I’ll break my daughter off with a grand
Tell her buy what you want
But baby save what you can cause
Comin from the Dark
You only get one chance to be the man
It only takes a sec to advance
What you expect
I want respect
Plus a check in my hand
Plus a ligitamate chace to make consecutive jams
Once we
Cross the T’s an’ dot the I’s
I might become to popular
To cop that high
So I’ll
Pack the personal
Analyze the personell
That I’m bout to work with
These niggaz best be down to sell
Cause I aint down to fail
Put that on my mama man
I’ve livin aveage for to lon
Time to gain
Everything a nigga got comin an then some
Get respect first
The result is the income
When ya next verse
Can result in Benz, huh
I already know who my friends are

Chorus (x2)


Out The Dark - mixtape - 2005
Kicksta Music Group's Scotia Mix vol 1 - compilation - 2006

Set List

1 set 15 min's long

As Soon As Get On 3.43
Re Up 4.43
The Life I live 5.12