Lisa Doby

Lisa Doby


For Rhythm & Blues you need emotional profundity and experience of life, for Rock you need attitude and power and for Soul you need empathy and spirit. Lisa Doby connects all these qualities and that makes her and her music so authentic.


Lisa Doby comes from Columbia, South Carolina. She was already enthusiastic about music when she was a little child. During her school time she already played trumpet and violin and also sang in jazz-bands and gospel choirs. While Lisa Doby studied on the Wake Forest University, she joined the a-capella-band Nishati. Thereby her amazing voice was finally discovered and she started to perform solo. Her huge talent got about very fast and her audiences grew continually. During a semester in France she finally made the breakthrough: In the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris she was discovered by Patricia Kaas who engaged her as her background singer immediately. Although Lisa Doby could gather inestimable experiences, she always preferred to compose and sing her own songs, so that she assembled her own band after an extensive world tour.

Her sensational debut „Free 2 Be“, which has appeared in 2006 at Jazzhaus Records and which sold particularly well in France, already showed her multi-faceted skills. The single „That’s Love“, an extraction from her new album, showed in autumn 2008, what one can expect from her new CD „Who We Are“. The single was played by various radio stations – partially in rotation.

Now, on 24th of April 2009, the time has come: The album „Who We Are“ is ready and it fully meets one’s expectations. On the disc one will find 11 songs, as well as a video on which Lisa is performing "Feeling Good" of Nina Simone.



Written By: Lyrics by Lisa Doby, Music by Lisa Doby and Jacky Koehler

I never promised you a rose petalled bed
If you want me to I’ll shed these feathers instead
I never promise that you’ll never walk alone
And every time you call I find my way back home cuz

I Love you Unconditionally…
I Love you Unconditionally…

I’ll never ask you to save me from myself
If you want me to I’ll share the hardest tears I’ve wept
I’ll never ask you to bear the pain I wear
And every time you call I see it in your stare that

I Love you Unconditionally…
I Love you Unconditionally…


free2be (2006, Jazzhaus Records)
who we are (2009, Jazzhaus Records)

Set List

Who We Are
Who We Are Outro
That's Love
That Kind Of Day
Everytime It Rains
Be With You
Just Because
Hold On
Sankt Amarin
Plus Fort Que Moi