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Leadcar Holiday @ Eco-Fest 3-day Festival

Amicalola Falls, Georgia, USA

Amicalola Falls, Georgia, USA

Leadcar Holiday @ The Redlight Cafe'

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Leadcar Holiday @ Kavarna

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Decatur, Georgia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"A good listen, well recorded and well written could be radio material as the time length and overall tone makes it a fit. Musicians were solid but simple. Vocals and lyrics were way above average"

"Good use of acoustic guitars and piano - drums just right, hanging in there with the bass laying out good foundation for rest to come. Vocals and background vocals very well done." - http://www.c0nsensus.com

Junior’s Cave is proud to present some great talent from our neck of the woods. Being a Georgia-Based Internet magazine it is nice to interview folks who are from this area. And what a treat Leadcar Holiday is to interview. Coming out of Woodstock, Georgia the band formed in the fall of 2003. Their easy to listen to tunes and catchy lyrics are what make this group a sure wins. Make sure to get a glimpse of their music on their Sonicbids’s EPK--http://www.sonicbids.com/leadcarholiday

Here is a recent spotlight that I am sure will make a fan of you of this group yet--

Leadcar Holiday: Rick Bowers: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Doug Lavigne: Electric Guitar, Vocals Chris Lowell: Bass Guitar, Vocals Dave Knaub: Drums/Percussion, Vocals

Isaac-Joseph: Briefly describe how you entered into the music industry.

Rick Bowers: A couple friends of mine wanted to start a band and asked me if I’d sing. I said, “Sure, why not?” After all these years, I was the only one to keep playing music. When I started Walk to Run Records with a friend of mine, it added a whole new dimension of the industry to me.

Doug Lavinge: I saw a cool guitar in the Sears catalogue. I talked to some friends about it, and we decided that we would each purchase a different instrument and become rock stars. I was the only one who followed through with it. Started taking lessons from that point, and there you have it.

Dave Knaub: I haven’t really been anything more than a “dabbler” for a long time……I dabbled on my older brother’s drum kit growing up (I was playing trumpet at the time)……I bought a old drum kit while I was getting a Masters degree and dabbled with a group of friends on weekends to unwind from the rigors of grad school……and then I dabbled in hand drumming for a few years after I graduated, moved to the Atlanta area, and started working full time in 2001.

Fast forwarding to early 2006……

I have a friend who owns a small coffee shop in Acworth where the Leadcar guys had previously played as the Coprolites. One day while Rick was there getting coffee, he happened to mention that their drummer had decided to quit playing, and that they were having trouble finding a replacement. So my friend mentioned that she knew someone who played, and gave Rick my phone number. The guys invited me for an audition, and fortunately they liked me enough to ask me to join their group, even though they probably could have found someone more technically proficient and much more experienced.

Chris Lowell: I was playing in a cover band in the earlier part of the 90’s

Isaac-Joseph: What is the most rewarding aspect to making music currently for you?

Rick: Occasionally, someone will tell me that a song really affected them; that it really made them think or they could relate to a song because of some personal reason. I really love that. I once heard someone say that people use music as a sort of soundtrack to their lives. I really believe that’s true. I know that when I hear some songs or albums, I remember important times in my life. So when someone tells me that they can relate to one of our songs, I like to think that it is being added to their living soundtrack.

Doug: I love being able to express myself musically. Some people write poetry, some paint or sculpt. Music is my outlet.

Dave: I do it because I enjoy it……I can’t think of anything that I would rather be doing at any given point in time.

Chris: Having people like the music and be able to perform it for them…

Isaac-Joseph: What has discouraged you the most about making music?

Rick: I used to get discouraged by the difficulty in getting attention to our music. The cost in producing a good record with little return was also very frustrating; however, I’ve always enjoyed playing music and as long as I was able to do that, the experience was rewarding. I just feel really fortunate that I can make music.

Doug: I used to get discouraged by how hard it was to "make it big", but these days it isn't about that. It's about putting on a good show, writing new and better songs, and hopefully getting some good audience feedback to the stuff that I really like.

Dave: Probably the fact that at this point in my life, there’s not much of a chance that I’ll ever do it for a living....you know, who wouldn’t love to be rock star? But there’s a good side to the reality of it, too……professional musicians need to play in order to pay the mortgage, buy groceries, or whatever……and that’s not how I want it to be for me. I want to be able to play because I enjoy doing it and it makes me happy.

Chris: The slowness of getting material out there, the cost and the lack of cash back one’s pocket are the most discouraging parts I think. There is always another expense to pay and the evangelistic musical technology gods are always angry.

Isaac-Joseph: Do you have a personal philosophy about music? If so, what is it?

Rick: I play whatever music feels right to me. - Junior's Cave Online Magazine


Door Beyond The Door (2005)



Leadcar Holiday is a folk-rock band from Woodstock, Georgia that formed in the fall of 2003 to write and share catchy and heart-felt tunes with each other and anyone else who cares to listen. Their songs are simple enough to remember, yet based on true emotions and life experiences, without being preachy or pretentious. The members are all from the Atlanta suburbs and have played in several incarnations of revolving-door bands in and around Atlanta over the past decade and a half.