Hard hitting, metal influenced, high energy, in your face music, with great vocals and solid instrumentation.



A powerful combination of rhythm and riffs mixed with an urgent message that commands the listener’s attention. Leaderdog is a guide for heavy hitting sounds delivered in uncertain times. Assembled by frontman Dave Bowman and drummer Chris Allen, in early ‘99 as Dust, the now 5 piece Leaderdog is set to take on new trails. The founders were soon joined by Rob Fields on bass and Jason Anthony on guitar, and proceeded to rock in support of any headliner and in front of any crowd willing to become one of it’s faithful. Before the ID change they released a full length CD which helped open touring opportunities. Feeling the need for more power and freedom, the group added Daisychain guitarist Jeff Stacy and swung Bowman up front to lead the band and audience to a higher level.

Now as Leaderdog, they have launched a new tour plus a website that is as much a promotional tool as it is a sounding board for the band and fans alike.
Now is the time to receive this adrenaline driven, iron fisted beast. Search no more, the eye opening vision of Leaderdog is focused on delivering this heavy and inspired, modern rock sound. Dig deep inside and you’ll find the rock animal with the authority to take on the world, Leaderdog.




Set List

The number and length of sets usually depends on the club's needs. We currently have ample material (original & cover) to perform a minimum of 2 hours without repetition.