The LeadFoot String Band

The LeadFoot String Band


"Chicago's freshest post-bluegrass with tasty...grooves served up spicey how you like it with lightning fast delivery."


"Musical styles come and go, but occasional the good ones come back sounding fresh and new. Bluegrass is just one of those genres that are sprouting through the cracks of our concrete jungle and it feels great! In this proud new progressive blend, there is an excitability that is extremely refreshing. Leading the pack in (Chicago) is the Leadfoot String Band. " Lumino Magazine Feb. 2008

Leadfoot String Band is a 5 piece hot-pickin' string band made up of mandolin, acoustic guitars, upright bass, banjo and vocals playing 'Chicago-style bluegrass.' What is Chicago-style bluegrass? It's hard drivin', sometimes soulful, sometimes acoustically experimental, sometimes lonesome, rooted in a traditional setting, and explored from there. As Chicago musician Jaik Willis puts it, "Chicago's freshest post-bluegrass with tasty...grooves served up spicey how you like it with lightening fast delivery." Known for their high energy shows, the music consists of stompin' originals, as well as their own versions of popular songs and traditional bluegrass tunes. Jammin' instrumentals and 3 part harmony vocals highlighted with the powerful voice of Bridget Cavanaugh on harmony and lead along with Steve Haberichter and Pat Otto cement their sound. It is an organic acoustic sound that pleases the ear and gets the feet stompin'. Simply put, "GOOD MUSIC."

In the four short years since their inception, Leadfoot String Band had evolved through numerous lineup changes leading to the super group they are today. Originally just Leadfoot, the band had explored different styles and sounds and eventually evolved back to their roots as Leadfoot String Band 2 years ago. Led by founding member Steve Haberichter, the band became an all acoustic 'string band' with new members and added an old alumni Pat Otto who played with LfSB during it's conseption. Leadfoot String Band performs over a hundred gigs a year, paving the way with a dedicated fan-base that is magnified with every show. LfSB is definately known as the "hardest hittin' acoustic grass band in Illinois that get's you on your feet....and always delivers".

Leadfoot has played all around the Midwest and Chicago playing with such bands as Railroad Earth, Drew Emmitt Band, Darol Anger, Sarah Watkins from Nickel Creek, Acoustic Hot Tuna, Bill Nershi and Honkeytonk Homeslice from the String Cheese Incident, Hot Buttered Rum, Particle, Split Lip Rayfield, Jeff Austin and Dave Johnson from Yonder Mt. String Band, Vince Welnick Band, Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon, The Special Consensus, and The Iguanas to name a few. For booking info, you can contact Steve Haberichter at or find us at Peace.



Written By: lyrics:Steven Haberichter/ Garrett Degnan - music:Steven Haberichter

(verse 1)
Riding on out of the city, going down to see you one more time, my friends say it's a pity, but I just can't get you off my mind.
Truckin' on down as fast as I can, you said it's been awhile since you had a lovin' man, put the pedal to the metal, that's all I have to say, you got a cannonball coming down your way-

You got a cannonball coming down your way(3x) you got a cannonball-

(verse 2)
I told myself that I'd quit you, that I'd put you down for a while


The Leadfoot Stringband released a self title EP in Jan. 2008 with afull album to be released this summer..
The Leadfoot Band's 2005 release titled
"Cannonball", has seven songs consisting of five originals and two traditionals. We have three songs streaming on our website :"Cannonball","Sly" and "Leadfoot Breakdown". These songs are played on 88.3 WXAV and 90.9 WBEZ Chicago IL, 91.1 WDBX Carbondale, IL, 91.5 KKFI Kansas City

Set List

Our typical set list is made up of originals, our take on traditional songs and tunes, and eclectic covers.