Lead the Resistance

Lead the Resistance

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Did you hear what happen to the guy who mixed Public Enemy, Soul 2 Soul, Bebel Gilberto, and a lil Ella Fitzgerald onto ONE PLAYLIST....???? He went and created a band called "Lead the Resistance"...Watch and See


"And I saw seven angels who stand before God and to them were given seven trumpets." Revelations 8:2

The seven members of the hip-hop band Lead the Resistance have come from different walks of life, all coming together with a common goal: to educate, inspire and give entertaining music to people across the world. The group's original line-up was formed in New York in 2005 on a whim. They came together solely to compete in the international Emergenza band competition. Unfortunately, victory was not ensued, but what happened next was probably more (telling) than victory: Leaders of The Resistance was born.
While members have changed, Troy Valentine, Dro Solon and Two-G have been a mainstay. Not only have the members changed, so has the group's name to Lead the Resistance. They welcome their new brothers and sisters: Carras Patton, Bass; Brian Hickman, Drums; Yanelle Dugar, Vocals; and Jeanette Berry, Vocals. Together, the group is like a mixed pot of gumbo. Insert jazz here, some funk there, squeeze in some Bossa Nova, sprinkle some gospel, and top it off with the main ingredient of hip-hop, and you get Lead The Resistance, with a unique flavor of their self-titled "Inspirational Hip-hop."
Separately, they each have performed in too many venues to name here, but together they have performed at The Bitter End (SOHO, NYC), Crash Mansion (L.E.S., NYC), Cotton Club (Harlem, NYC), The Knitting Factory (NYC), Alphabet Lounge (L.E.S, NYC) , Arlene's Grocery (L.E.S, NYC), Baggott Inn (Midtown, NYC), Fontanas (L.E.S, NYC), and Martini Red (Staten Island, NYC). So listen to songs like "On the Run" and you will hear Outkast with a Bob Marley Flair. Try "Oh Yeah" and you'll enjoy this Brazilian Gospel Anthem as it takes you from one sound scape to the next.

"We give you much of what you want, and keep away much of what you don't need!!!!"


Soon Come, Soon Come

Set List

15 min-3 songs (all originals)
45 min-6 songs (all originals)
2-45 min sets- 12 songs (originals, jam sessions)