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Killarney’s Leaflog fall under the now vast and increasingly ambiguous umbrella classification of post rock, at times it’s a nonsensical cataloguing that the band themselves have accepted as being unavoidable. Of course, it’s not just present in post (insert genre title here), all bands, particularly now, are subject to even more meticulous sorting. While such tagging can be a deterrent in many cases one shouldn’t let it be the case with Mayday.
Across a scant five tracks, there’s a lush, hypnotic cadence released that is, in parts, reminiscent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but then again GY!BE are one such act whose influence is inescapable. However, Leaflog still manage to maintain and develop a sound that’s entirely theirs.
The bevy of instruments ranging from violins and clarinets to pianos and cellos ensure that Mayday is so layered it can be difficult to describe. There’s always the easy mistake to make in such a situation that with so much activity the output could descend into mindless chaos. But on Mayday all is leashed, on a lengthy leash mind, but grasped by a firm hand.
The title track lays down a heady gauntlet. It’s bursting at the seams with affecting and expressive opulence perpetrated by its grand violins and builds to a gorgeous crescendo.
Dreams Of Sleep also employs a stunning and beautiful climax at its end. It’s reached though after several slow and gently meandering passages that makes the upsurge all the more climactic. Third track Bluepool marks something of a shift in ambience. It’s quite paced and gives way to the cerebral and string driven Graveyard Birdhouse. The song acts as a relaxing breather, almost, in its three minutes.
Then, Enough brings Mayday to a close in another soothing trek which, roughly half way through, delves into Red Sparowes-like atmospherics when at their moodiest. Don’t worry yourself with what taxonomy Leaflog need to slot into and just allow Mayday to mesmerise you, as it will do so with ease.

Drop-d Rating: 8/10
- Drop d.ie


Mayday EP - Released 22nd September 2010

Title track "Mayday" used in a viral video for the Irish Blood Transfusion Board

Track "Graveyard Birdhouse" played on lyric fm



Leaflog are an instrumental band falling under the loose (and quickly becoming looser) heading of post rock. They employ a wide range of instrumentation to create a layered and textured sound which at times is uplifting and triumphant, and also thoughtful and subdued.

Having a strong visual element as part of the musical experience is very important to the band. They are currently working on stage visuals which will be incorporated into the live set midway through 2011.

Some words about leaflog's EP "Mayday"

"Don’t worry yourself with what taxonomy Leaflog need to slot into and just allow Mayday to mesmerise you, as it will do so with ease."...8/10 Jonathan Keane, Drop-d.ie