Oakland, California, USA
BandHip HopEDM

League510 wields an eclectic mixture of musical backgrounds, manifestesting into a unique sound and sub-genre that has become locally recognized in the Bay Area as Town Techno. Town Techno is a combination of hip-hop, urban, and electro, meant to give a new meaning to having fun and being fresh.


League510 hailing from Oakland, CA is a team of positive, driven and well established artists (T.K., Mr. Knowitall, Monty, and Blacksmith) who've become pioneers in a sea of musicians. They've most certainly proven their determination, fortitude and tenacity in striving to desecrate the stigmas that have been placed to separate music. League510 has ranked amongst the best of rising artists on numerous, recognized lists in the entertainment world. These include Mtvu, Mtv Jams, Vh1.com and SpikeTV.com. The group has also toured throughout the United states, which has brought about a major following to their music. In correlation to their love for music, League510 has sought to bring light to a new sound dubbed Town Techno, It takes hip-hop's basis of beats and rhymes, filters them through an uptempo techno influence, and then liberally swathes it all with synthesizer riffs. League510 is genuinely intrigued by the musical evolution of humanity and have an honest desire to spread good energy through vocal art.


Soul of A Synth (single) 2011

Mos Def (single) - 2011

S.O.S (single) - 2011

Believe In The League (EP) - 2011

Invasion Vol. 1 (compilation) - 2010

They Stuck (single) - 2010

I'm On (single) - 2009

To The Beat (single) - 2008


Set List

Our typical set is 30 minutes and comprised of eight songs:
- Last Shot
- 24 Hour Fitness
- Mos Def
- Soul of A Synth
- Friday
- Pretty Girls
- They Stuck
- Believe In The League

We also have other sets ranging from ten minutes to one hour, utilizing different combinations of songs from our catalog, all catered to appeal to a variety of audiences and venues.