League of Nations

League of Nations


The best bits from the last fifty-odd years of pop music whizzed in a blender, with a splash of angostura bitters, resulting in a messy, but charmingly frothy concoction.


Formed in the summer of 2004, Toronto-based League of Nations is comprised of Sarah Watson(bass/vocals), Derek Aubichon (guitar/keyboards/vocals), and Rajo Zakic(drums/vocals). LoN is a full-on pop-band in the tradition of Fleetwood Mac, the Magnetic Fields and Blondie; classic lyrical conceits are built around punchy rhythms, hooky melody lines and vocal harmonies in an exploration of the genre that runs the gamut from Cars-ish new-wave to introspective country-folkisms. Lead vocals and songwriting duties are primarily handled by guitarist Aubichon with occasional contributions by (and recently collaborations with) Watson – the former’s AM radio-centric sensibility being offset by the latter’s love of 70s punk and 90s lo-fi college rock. In addition to their original compositions the band enjoys re-imagining the works of the masters as their own; covers of Prince’s When You Were Mine and Springsteen’s I’m on Fire (among others) have become staples of live performances. League of Nations self-released a four-song self-titled ep in the summer of 2006. We are currently working on a proper full-length debut.


League of Nations (ep, 2006)

Set List

Usually 8 to 12 songs (depending on time alloted -- 30- 45 minutes in general)
incl: Microscopic, 1492, Outtasite, Angela, Pity City, Secret Boyfriends, Dont Ask/Don't Tell, Smiling Face, No Fun, Here's Your Chance, Let's Be Realistic, etc. + covers incl. I'm On Fire and When You Were Mine