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Leah Capelle

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Leah Capelle"

May 8, 2015

Chicago native singer/songwriter, Leah Capelle, is one to watch after releasing her first EP. Capelle is no stranger to the music scene as she has been writing songs, singing and performing from a young age. She later attended Berklee College of Music to pursue her passion for songwriting and performance. Both her natural talent and training shine on this EP, as all of the right elements come together to make a lovely collection of songs you’ll instantly like.

Capelle’s voice is one of my favorite parts of her music—a talent that is rare for many artists today who tend to capitalize on elements like style or production to compensate for vocals. But Capelle’s pure yet versatile voice is one of the things you’ll notice first on this EP because it is genuinely good. The purity of her voice is refreshing, and even though she mostly keeps it simple, she has an impressive range and doesn’t shy away from using it. Capelle’s voice and music remind me of contemporary Sara Bareilles, with the style of artists like Natasha Bedingfield occasionally coming through, and the vocal ease of artists like Colbie Callait.

Another component of Capelle’s EP that caught my attention right away is her knack for writing guitar music. It’s how she leads into the EP in her very first song, and it gets you into the mood of the album. Her guitar-playing has a way of creating a fun and catchy rhythm that goes hand-in-hand with the style of her voice and lyrics.

An element that is also lacking in the music of many artists today is great song-writing. This is another element that Capelle nails in her EP. Again, even though she focuses on pure and simple, she does not shy away from getting a little more complicated lyrically and adding a dynamic flow to her songs. My favorite song on this EP is “Would You Know,” which demonstrates this ability to write an upbeat, catchy song with different features coming into play—like Capelle’s voice, guitar playing, and background vocals—without over-powering.

On songs like “In a Boat,” Capelle shows a more gentle side with a haunting melody played on the piano and the artist’s lovely higher notes setting the tone of this melancholy song vocally. This song is stirring and conveys strong emotion, showing the artist’s ability to write powerful tunes whether soft or upbeat.

Leah Capelle shows a gift for song-writing and singing that are uncommon and refreshing today. With her ability to create beautiful music in such a vibrant and versatile way, she is a star on the rise!

URL: http://www.leahcapelle.com/

Review by Christen Johnson - Skope Entertainment

"Leah Capelle and a Familiar Feeling"

My first introduction to Leah Capelle’s self-titled EP came in my car, as I drove through pounding rain on a treacherous trip to the grocery store. While the deluge ate away at the thin veneer of dirt on my car’s roof, beautiful and warm music wafted from my car’s crackly speakers. In many ways, “driving in the rain” perfectly describes Leah Capelle: there are thunderclaps of excitement in every track, but the EP is also saturated with a familiar-feeling folksiness that, much like walls to hold back a torrential downpour, wraps up the listener in comforting warmth.

In many ways, Leah Capelle feels like the missing link between the Dixie Chicks and Simon & Garfunkel. From the former comes dramatic vocals and lyrics with a fusion of acoustic and electric instruments, while the latter provides delicately beautiful harmonies between the layered melodic lines in each track. But Leah Capelle manages to form its own identity by throwing a few pinches of pop-flavored seasoning into its musical gumbo. The second track, “In a Boat,” opens with a few subtle synthesizer notes as a prelude to a simple piano figure. Soon after, bass, glockenspiel, and backup vocals join the party, all building up to the introduction of drums as the second verse begins. The buildup feels very “pop-ish,” an impression that’s empowered by the synthesizer and bass, but the vocals have a rough sweetness more closely associated with folk music. The resultant sound is enticing and unique for fans of pop music, without being strange enough to alienate listeners who come to Leah Capelle solely for the promise of plentiful acoustic guitar.

But the magic of Leah Capelle is in the little details. In the first track, “Would You Know,” whenever the vocals go, “Would you know what I’m here for,” or “Would you know what I left for,” the vocal melody is parroted by acoustic guitar. It’s a small touch, but it caps off each line like an unusually beefy period at the end of a musical sentence, and maintains melodic movement in the momentary absence of vocals. Every track is rife with similar small touches that, overall, strengthen the impact of the album. Every song feels lovingly constructed.

It’s difficult to level any complaints against Leah Capelle’s self-titled EP. It aims to satisfy listeners who want folksy music with a modern tint, and in that regard, Leah Capelle is a rousing success. It’s welcoming, beautiful, and utterly enjoyable. The harmonies are thicker than molasses, the singing is powerfully lovely, and every track drips with careful construction. Everything in Leah Capelle works the way it’s meant to, and fans of acoustic music owe it to themselves to give it a try.

Written by Josh Zimmerman - The Jailhouse

"Leah Capelle"

There’s something delicate about Leah Capelle’s…broken heart. She sings with a type of conviction and truth that a listener who’s never experience a break up could find relatable. That’s the testament to the singer-songwriter’s self-titled EP. From her ballads to her pop-friendly tunes, Capelle’s is a force to be reckoned with in the folk/pop/indie world.

Capelle’s “My Confession” is a true indicator of the artist’s mainstream appeal. Peeling back the curtain, she combines impeccable vocals here with sensitivity while asking others “to not give up on me” while owing up to past faults. “I just like to have fun,” she reveals, asking her mother for forgiveness. Still, despite the tracks deep lyrics it’s a fun number that is sure to have heads bobbing.

“Can’t you feel my heart/Get heavy when you walk away/Can’t you see my hand out/Waiting for you to take it,” Cappelle sings on another pop track “Would You know.” It’s sunshine-y fun about love that doesn’t hint at the storm that is to come. Think of it as the quiet before it does come. But when the aptly titled “This Storm” hits it really drives a knife in you. Elaborating on life’s tendency to never make it easy on you, she sings lyrics like “And the truth is when it rains it pours/The truth is there’s no stopping this storm” and “let it rain.” It’s not a brand new concept on getting through life’s troubles, but it’s a catchy take on it for sure without getting cheesy or superficial. “If I could I would wash the pain away,” she continues as if there’s any way to outrun thunderstorms.

“My Love is Dried Up” is my personal favorite out of the six songs, replacing all that is friendly about pop music and going straight for the jugular. It’s stripped down to a guitar and the most heartfelt lyrics about fading romance you would ever hear outside of personal experience. When there’s nothing left to give, sometimes all there is to do is throw in the towel. At one point she poignantly delivers “Do your friends tell you, you can do better/Do they say my moods change like the weather?” What happens when simply loving another isn’t enough to keep it?

Capelle hits home runs here when talking straight from the heart, whether it’s in a good mood or broken in a million and one pieces. File this under immediate listen. - indiemunity

"Leah Capelle - Leah Capelle"

The vocals are the one unifying thing here. From there, the mix of modern pop, folk music, rock and even some country is pretty diverse. That voice is like the thread that ties all the pieces together into a satisfying set. I like this quite a bit.

An effective modern pop type number, “Would You Know” has a lot of folk built into it. It’s definitely catchy and mainstream and quite folk based.

As opposed to the guitar based style of the previous song, “In a Boat” is led by piano. It’s a very powerful and beautiful piece of music. It’s more complex and intricate than the opener was. It’s really rather soaring and almost progressive rock in some ways. I would say that comparisons of something like Renaissance wouldn’t be out of the question. Still, this is more of a modern pop song than that would indicate. The vocal delivery is potent and more dynamic than the one on the first tune.

A piano arrangement starts “Natural Disaster” out, but it turns to a really rocking tune after a short time. As good as the last couple songs were, this blows both of them away. It’s got a lot of emotion and power. It also has a great balance between the returning mellower movements and more rock based ones.

We’re brought back into acoustic guitar territory with “My Love Has Dried Up.” It is less folk oriented than the opener was, though. It’s also more dynamic. It’s kind of a rocker at times. It should be mentioned that this song does earn a parental advisory.

There are connections to modern country music on “My Confession,” but overall this is more of the general style of pop music we’ve heard throughout the set. It does get closer to an alternative rock style later, though. It’s a solid song, and a bit of variety. It’s not one of the highlights, though.

The closing track is “This Storm.” Piano and strings serve as the backdrop for this beautiful ballad. The vocals really bring the emotion, but the music works to augment that.

Recommend. - Music Emissions


Leah Capelle EP
Leah Capelle
Released May 26, 2015 through The Orchard

Joshua EP
Leah Capelle



Leah Capelle is a stunningly talented Singer-Songwriter from Chicago. Her brand of indie rock will stop you in your tracks, and she has certainly amplified her sound in her upcoming EP, Joshua. Capelle has been performing and studying music from a young age. She attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston before moving to the West Coast to pursue music full-time. At that time, she partnered with Grammy winning producer Jeff Bova (Celine Dion, Meatloaf, Blondie) to release her self-titled debut EP, Leah Capelle. 

In 2015, Capelle finally found a group of immensely talented musicians to form her band and already they have played at Hotel Cafe a number of times and even collaborated with the likes of Rob Lewis, Arden Kaywin, and Pam Sheyne. Capelle is getting ready to release her new EP, Joshua late this summer. This will be her second EP working with Jeff Bova and aims to be her first time sharing her power through her narratives and discovering her new sound. 

Will Wu is on lead guitar. He has performed and/or recorded with a diverse spectrum of artists including Skylar Stecker, Who Is Fancy, Fifth Harmony, Big Sean, Darren Criss, Megan Nicole, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) Christy Chung (鍾麗緹), and many others. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, MTV, VH1, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Live with Kelly and Michael, and has toured worldwide. 

Rodrigo Moreno is an upright and electric bassist. With over 10 years of experience, he has performed in numerous projects in LA and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the California State University at Northridge, where he studied jazz bass under the direction of Gary Pratt and Darek Oles. 

Hayley Brownell is a 22 year old musician and for 14 of those years she has has been playing drums. At a very young age Hayley began playing in a youth percussion group, We Got The Beat, in the city of Fresno. She recently received her degree in music at California State University Northridge on drum set. Hayley has an endorsement with TRX Cymbals. 

Michael O’Grady is on guitar. He attended Musicians Institute and graduated in 2012. From 2014-2015 he played in an original project called North Of Nine managed by Randy Jackson from American Idol.

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Website: www.leahcapelle.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeahCapelle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeahCapelleMusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/LeahCapelle


Mick Rossi 

Press Agent:

Harriet Duncan


 “...that rare combination between a confident voice and a real talent for writing heartfelt music that doesn’t come out of a box.” - Stars Uncharted

“...a voice that carries the sorrow, heartbreak and wisdom that comes with age and experience.”  - Lip Mag

“Super talented….stunning. There is so much going on underneath the instrumentation, layers and acoustic solos trading off like a call and response…Everything you hear you are supposed to hear in that moment. And it is perfectly mixed.” - Musication104/iRadioLA 

"Leah Capelle's self-titled EP has the stretch your soul needs to lie across the spring green grassy hill as the sun sets and your soul melts into the roots of Leah Capelle's music. Her posture in vocal range and powerful indie pop places her on the list of new artists to watch for." - Music Emissions

"It’s very difficult to write a good pop hook; I’d even debate that hook writing is an entire art of its own. Capelle has nailed that art." - AllWhatsRock

"Leah Capelle is a young artist with a lot of talent and she seems to be moving onto a fairly high trajectory."  Rock N' Roll View

"She sings with a type of conviction and truth that a listener who’s never experience a break up could find relatable. That’s the testament to the singer-songwriter’s self-titled EP. From her ballads to her pop-friendly tunes, Capelle is a force to be reckoned with in the folk/pop/indie world...hits home runs here when talking straight from the heart, whether it’s in a good mood or broken in a million and one pieces. File this under immediate listen." - indiemunity

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