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Pasadena, California, United States | SELF

Pasadena, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Venues Leah Jee Has Played"

Leah has performed all over the Midwest & California, including these venues:
BBC Upper Level (Milwaukee, WI)
Riverwest Commons (Milwaukee, WI)
Up & Under (Milwaukee, WI)
Allegro (Thiensville, WI)
Art Bar (Riverwest, WI)
LadyBug Club (Milwaukee, WI)
Caroline's (Milwaukee, WI)
MO'NA's (Milwaukee, WI)
Mosaic (Milwaukee, WI)
Bremen Cafe (Riverwest, WI)
The CoffeeHouse (Milwaukee, WI)
Riley's Roadhouse (Aurora, IL)
The Annex (Milwaukee, WI)
Miramar Theatre (Milwaukee, WI)
Stonefly (Riverwest, WI)
Walker's Pint (Milwaukee, WI)
Point's East Pub (Milwaukee, WI)
Chicago's Original Mothers (Chicago, IL)
Victorian Village (Elkhardt Lake, WI)
Melt (San Francisco, CA)
Sacred Grounds (San Francisco, CA) Chapman Coffee House (Orange, CA)
Saddle Ranch (Universal CityWalk, CA)
The Cat Club (Hollywood, CA)
The Airliner Club (Los Angeles, CA)
Labrie's Lounge (Glendale, CA)
The Palms (Hollywood, CA)
The Terrace (Pasadena, CA)

Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI)
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)
Alverno College (Milwaukee, WI)

Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI)
Bastille Days (Milwaukee, WI)
The Milwaukee Rally (Milwaukee, WI)
GoGirl Music Fest (Milwaukee, WI)
United Sounds for AIDS Music Festival (Altadena, CA)
Central WI Pridefest - Headlining Band (Stevens Point, WI)

YMCA Benefit Shows
Wisconsin Area Benefit shows
California Benefit shows
Private Parties nationwide
Open Mics nationwide

- Leah Jee

"Chick Singer Night Summerfest Review"

Review: Chick Singer Night
Posted: July 1, 2006
By: Jon M. Gilbertson

As a name for a national non-profit organization for the benefit of female musicians, "Chick Singer Night" evokes both sexism and sisterhood. As a Saturday afternoon show at the Potawatomi Casino Stage, it also was a mixed bag - of styles, that is.

With an inclusive attitude toward genres, the Milwaukee version of Chick Singer Night ranged from the pop-inflected rock of Leah Jee to the retro jazz of Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award nominee Ellen Winters to the lively (if curiously maternal) R&B covers of Rebecca Ellsworth.

-Jon M. Gilbertson - Journal Sentil Newspaper

"Ep Reviews"



The release date is set for Feb 2008. We'll have reviews up shortly.


"Audience Reviews from Summerfest 2006"

I was BLOWN AWAY by Leah Jee, part of the Chick Singer Night show. I've followed her since her days rocking The Annex at Marquette with Halfday. It is so great to see how much she has grown as an artist over the years. Her vocals are KILLER and all her material leave me wanting to hear more LEAH JEE MUSIC!!!!!! Overall, great show. She spectacular.

- Lizzy Wagenaar, Chicago, IL

I had the opportunity to see the Chick Singer Night Showcase on the evening of July 1st. I was, without a doubt, impressed. The showcase showed a wide variety of talented acts, consistently changing acts and was very impressed to see some of the collaborations happening between artists. It was a unique event; something I had never seen at Summerfest before. The performance by LEAH JEE was especially impressive and found myself, along with many others in the crowd, completely blown away by this change of pace and overwhelming display of talent. I think that this powerhouse of a performer should have her own time slot and own show for the up and coming 2007 Summerfest!

- Calynne, Madison, WI

I thought Chick Singer Night was awesome -- it was great to see up-and-coming new local musicians have a place to show off. Leah Jee's rocking set at CSN made me want to burn my bra and headbang all at the same time. I'd definitely see this again next year.

- Alyssa, Stallis, WI - JSOnline (jsonline.com)

"Club Reviews"

"LEAH JEE & THE BOYS" have played several times at our establishment.
Leah Jee has an energetic approach to music, which is a crowd pleaser. She has an amazing strong vocal talent that is unbelievable. In a rock music world that is mostly dominated by male singers, she is unique. Leah Jee combined with her back up "BOYS" puts an electrifying show.”
SERGIO, Booking Agent
815 E. Locust St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 264-1946

“So, we don’t have too many out of town bands here at Cat Club, but Milwaukee band… probably about the first time in a year we’ve had somebody from that far away.
They were very good, very tight, very professional, which is what we like to see on the Hollywood strip. Good Job!"
IAN, Booker and Sound Engineer
THE CAT CLUB, on the Sunset Strip & owned by a member of the Stray Cats
8911 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90069
(310) 657-0888

"Leah is Great! And best wishes. She’s going to make it. She’s got the talent. You’ll see.”
ELI, Main Booking Agent & Manager
THE AIRLINER CLUB, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2419 North Broadway

"Leah Jee is fantastic. She is welcome here anytime.... anytime!"
618 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 224-0618

“Thanks for playing out with the ZWP on Wednesday! Everyone out there loved your music, and I'm sure are wanting more!”
ZACHARY WADE, Booker and Performer
1849 S. Calhoun Road
New Berlin, WI 53151
(262) 782-6110

- Owners & Bookers Words

"Fan Reviews"

“Leah Jee always gets the crowd going! She interacts and makes sure everyone has a great time at her show! Her music is brilliant and she is a magnificent artist! I'll be at every possible show I can be at!”
-Nikki Kronshagen


"I think you are one of the best musical writers I have ever heard. Your music is fantastic and each time I hear a new song that I have not heard in the past, I am impressed again.

It's great to hear your voice in the songs, too. But watching you play your guitar and the music that comes out of it is what I think is the most amazing thing about your performances.

I was browsing iTunes the other day - looking for new music. Then I went to your website to listen to your songs.

I sat there thinking to myself: She is truly gifted-moreso than this crap I am trying to find on iTunes. I am a bad person not to show my support more often.

So, here it is, love. You are going to be a star.

Love, Monica Klasky"


"Thanks for the awesomatic showcase and musical revue. You and yer boyz really know how to get a joint jumpin'!"
-Shaman Sam


"WOW! Last nights show was amazing. Talk about rocking out!! Can't wait to see you play again"
-Cay Joan


"Leah Jee and the Boys really rock it out! When they get on stage it is certain that both the audience and the band are going to have a hell'va good time!"
-Rock Zimmerman


"I'm in love with your music. Nikki absolutely did not put me up to it, I love your song circles just like her!!! She got me hooked on you haha. We were jammin out to it when we were both home! I'm puttin you on my page for some advertisment to the new york peoples!!!!! So hopefully everyone will love your music as much as I do which I have no doubt in my mind they will!!!!"
-Kelly Kronshagen


"I love Leah's interaction with the audience. To me that makes a concert feel more personal! I love to see her smile when she is singing too! So cute!"


"I saw you at chick singer night!
You were really good


"I'm just sayin.......that Leah Jee rocks my world!! ;P"
-Kyle Clements


"I love your music! Keep up the awesome work!"


"So I FINALLY got a chance to listen to your songs...and i f***ing love them!!! Its awesome!! aw, I remember the good ol days chillin in your dorm rm listening to you jam. Good sh*t my friend!!! Love ya!"
-Darcy Dunphy


- Leah Jee Fans

"Industry Reviews"

Leah Jee's music will hit you like a bowling ball hitting a million pins. The top of your head will be ripped right off. Be prepared for a dance party that'll make the history books, if you pass up the opportunity to see her, you have just punk'd yourself in the worst way possiblel.
-Tea Krulos, Editor-In-Chief Undercurrents Newspaper

In your ear
Leah Jee & The Boys
By Lilledeshan Bose
Posted: June 5, 2008

"I don't usually tell people what the songs are about so people could judge for themselves," singer-songwriter Leah Jee says over the phone. Her song, "You Follow," was inspired by "Felicity," Jee's favorite TV show of the late 1990s.

On the show, Felicity followed her boyfriend to New York City and did everything to "make her life really compatible with his," Jee said. Most of the plot twists dealt with Felicity working around her boyfriend's life. In the end, Felicity gave him an ultimatum: make life changes for her as well.

Jee said the show's storyline paralleled what was happening in her life at the time. That whole "it's my turn now - I've sacrificed for you, so do the same for me" resonated with Jee, and she wrote the song within 15 to 20 minutes.

"A good song will be done in a matter of minutes for me," she admitted. "If it takes longer, I know it's not a hit song." What the song shows, she added, is that "inspiration can come from anywhere."

That's good, because when Jee moved from sunny California (she grew up in Pasadena) to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University, the move did more than educate her. The West Coast/Midwest vibe seeps into her music. The songs on her EP, "All the Things I Forgot to Mention," touch on pop culture, a sense of place and love.

The only constant songwriting tool Jee really needs is a Uni-ball pen. "I'm really picky about the pens I use, and it's fluid. I always keep one close to me," she said. To record ideas, she also uses her cell phone's voice memo.

"My goal is to write a song for any type of emotion that you can feel. . . . When I write a song, it should have meaning and emotion behind it, because what's the point if you're not feeling it?"
- In The Industry Reviews

"Musician Reviews"

"I think your music is awesome and needs to be heard…"
-Rich Seegert

About a show we played together....
"Hell yeah! Let's do it again, that rocked. I confess, I thought it was going to be a dud, but with your kickass audience members and YOU, it was a great show. thank you for inviting me. :)"
-Julie Moffitt, Chicago-based singer-songwriter & award winning WAMI performer

"Ms Thang! What an absolute joy to get to share the stage with you on Saturday. I look forward to hearing more great things from you, you "up and comer!" I know you'll find the band you need to find, but I hope it keeps you in Milwaukee. Keep forging your own path...it's gotten you this far!"
Ellen Winters, award-winning WAMI female vocalist

"Hey there, my "rocker chick"...
How much fun was that? Basking in the afterglow of a packed house at Summerfest. Ahhhh... :) You rocked the house...great job!"
-Alaria Taylor, Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter & award winning WAMI performer

"Great set last night! It was a pleasure sharing the stage with you guys."
-Sweet Jelly, Milwaukee cover band

"I love the new songs, girl! you rock my freaking world, just like always.
So... any thoughts on world domination? Cuz I know Portland is just waiting for some serious ass-kicking. And we might just be the ladies they need to kick that ass."
-Carley Baer, Portland-based singer-songwriter

"Loving the tracks! You have a beautiful voice; keep those hits coming!"
-PEACE, London & Minnesota drum & bass artist

"Your music sounds fantastic. You sing beautifully. Your voice is ravishingly captivating,and lusciously eloquent. The ascendancy you have over your voice is magnificent. Your band is phenomenal. They play brilliantly. You are masterful musicians. Best regards!"
-Shifarow, Texas-based alternative band - Fellows Musicians Comment


*New EP soon to be released – 6 songs
*"All The Things I Forgot To Mention" includes Leah's original songs: You Follow, Poignant, Better It Becomes, Great Divide and The Perfect End.
*Acoustic Hotness EP (available at live performances)

“Fou Follow” – GoDIY Records Artist Sampler Compilation Disc
"The Perfect End" - Madison Rockers for Life 2007 Compilation CD
"The Perfect End" - Alverno College 2007 Compilation CD

*You Follow
*Hero In Me
*What Does It Matter To You
*Better It Becomes
*The Perfect End
*I'm Just Saying (Let's Get This Started)
*I'm Sorry Now

*The "All The Things I Forgot To Mention" EP
Highly in rotation in the Midwest region: You Follow & The Perfect End

The first single, "The Perfect End" is on two compilation discs. A live "Acoustic Hotness" EP from Leah Jee & The Boys On Air Radio Performance on 91.7 WMSE is in production. Check it out in the Audio Section.

The “All The Things I Forgot To Mention” EP features five original Leah Jee tunes with Leah on vocals & guitars, Carlos Lebron on drums & bass, and Rob Olsen on lead guitar solos. Carlos Lebron is a great versatile musician, who has a great ear and amazing ability to play multiple instruments extremely well. Carlos has been working with Leah in bands and in her solo career for many years, and he has contributed greatly playing bass and drums. A talented musician, Carlos’ first love is the guitar, but he also a master of several instruments, including drums, bass, and trumpet. Rob Olsen is the General Manager for Hofner Guitars in North America. He holds many credits to his name, has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and has great experience in the studio and on stages all over the world as well.

Leah has been fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry on the engineering side as well... and not just the best from the Midwest - we're talking about the whole country! Leah recorded the tracks at Studio Z, a well-known Milwaukee studio run by Brad Zwieg. Some notable clients Brad has worked with include Jared Leto / 30 Seconds to Mars, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sony, Virgin, and Dreamworks. Mixing the tracks was done by the exceptional Kevin Arndt. Kevin works as a producer, engineer and mixer at acclaimed The Exchange studios in Milwaukee. Kevin has a natural ear for song production, and his abilities have taken Leah's songs to the next level. Trevor Sadler mastered the tracks for the EP at his renown studio Mastermind Productions. Trevor has been engineering, producing and mastering music for over 15 years and in that time has accumulated over 1000 album credits. Past work with artists such as Cracker, Moby, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, Live, Nine Inch Nails, and Rush among many others has yielded Trevor several gold, platinum and Grammy awards.



Leah Jee is infusing the music scene with her style of pop rock with a punk twist. Born and raised in Southern California, Leah's music reflects her deep west coast roots. Having lived in Milwaukee, WI for many years, Midwest overtones are also definitely apparent in her songs. An accomplished singer, guitarist, songwriter and lyricist with a stack of other credits to her name, Leah plays with passion and has a love of connecting with the audience on and off stage. With her drive, creativity, and amazing vocal and musical abilities, Leah Jee is coming full force.

Recently relocated back to where it all began in sunny Southern California, Leah is in the process of reforming her band and getting ready to perform all over the country this summer. Leah is currently a Go DIY Records Artist. A supporter of local musicians and acoustic music, Leah is one of the founding members of the Milwaukee Area Songwriters Alliance, aka MASA. Leah has performed all over the Midwest & California and been showcased in some of the country's largest festivals.

Leah’s songs have been featured on the FOX television network, with live on-air performances from Leah and her band, as well as radio and internet broadcasts. Featured on the Go DIY Records artist sampler, the original track "You Follow" is gaining radio play all over the country and is becoming a college radio hit. Leah’s song “The Perfect End” has a spot on two popular compilations cds, Wisconsin Rockers for Life and the Alverno College 2007 Compilation. Leah has performed her original music all over the country from intimate clubs to 100000+ attendance festivals including Milwaukee Pridefest, Bastille Days, The Milwaukee Rally, and the world’s largest outdoor festival – Summerfest.

Growing up in Southern California was hugely influential for Leah Jee as a musician and a performer. From the So Cal mentality to the musical styling of the west coast, Leah is the Midwest girl with California roots, ready to rock you out and make sure you have an awesome time at the show. Music is her passion, and one look at her up on the stage makes it evident – she is there to share that passion with you. So come on over, sing along and rock out. Leah will make you believe her mantra, “I’m Leah Jee, I'm here to rock you out.”

Leah Jee has performed with and/or supported festival dates with these artists:
Cyndi Lauper
Indigo Girls
Natasha Bedingfield
The Young Immortals

Alkaline Trio, Journey, Sublime, Third Eye Blind, No Doubt, Paramore, Collective Soul, Bon Iver, Matchbox 20, Ben Harper, Jimmy Eat World, Acceptance, Number One Fan, The Promise Ring, Motion City Soundtrack, STP, Train, Weezer, 311,