Leah McHenry

Leah McHenry

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Ethereal female vocals over a wave of hipnotic melodies and piano framework.


I have been influenced by many things, mostly my own life experiences and surroundings. Music that has influenced my style ranges from my roots in the church, all the way to the death metal bands which I love.

Awards and Recognitions:

2000 – Cameo Award: Won recording time and produced a 3 song demo

2003-2004 Was in the heavy metal band Ashur

On Garageband.com:
Was twice voted #1 Female vocalist in the Metal Category
Voted #1 Best Potential Movie soundtrack
Was in the top 3 for best melody and lyrics
2004 – Entered a singing contest at Cameo. Made the top 3
2005 – Submitted 3 songs on Garageband.com and made #1 Female vocalist in Pop after 2 weeks
Voted #1 best keyboards/piano for Broken Bones and #2 for Intangable
Top 3 for Best Melody
Top 3 for Most Rocking Track

I started writing music when I was 13 years old. I taught myself how to play guitar and piano....
I played what I thought sounded good to me.... and so, came a wellspring of emotion, poured out on those strings and keys. By the time I was 16, I had quite a collection of songs I rehearsed every free minute I had.

Now, at 22 years old, I have had wonderful experiences playing with a variety of musicians - everything from 50-something year old blue-grass musicians to celtic and death metal experts.

My desire is to just be my authentic ME. To embrace the influences, but find my organic self. And hopefully in that, you will find my music organic too.

I write from my soul. I like to call it soul incense....



Written By: Leah McHenry

I cannot find my life (absent of you)
I resist all of my mind (a poison truth)

I am alone (you tell me)
I am alone

Yet I wander in your circles
Still I wander around your circle

I know you can hear me (whispering)
I feel you can see me thinking (tormenting)

But I am alone (you tell me)
I am alone

Yet I wander in your circles
Still I wander around this circle
Yet I wander around your circles
And still I wander around this circle

I cannot wish you away
I have to give this away
I have to live another way
I want to hear what you have to say
In this circle
In your circle

I am alone.....


My music has been streamed and played on Vancitybands.com as well as Garageband.com