Leah McKendrick

Leah McKendrick

 San Jose, California, USA

"McKendrick, at a glance, is your run of the mill pop tartlet...Take a second look and she's anything but: armed with a BFA, killer vocals, a hot new musical web series, and a business savvy and a ferociousness reminiscent of Madonna in her heyday, she must have escaped the Britney factory."


At a glance, Leah McKendrick appears to be your run of the mill pop tartlet fresh out of the Britney factory. She’s got a team of genetically blessed backup dancers, an affinity for catchy hooks, an array of belly-bearing videos on Youtube and yes, she loves Britney Spears. However, take a closer look and you’ll see: she’s anything but. For starters, Leah’s got one title on her resume unheard of in the pop realm: College graduate.

“I never wanted to go to college. I just wanted to go to LA.” Well, she killed two birds. While earning her degree in Theatre Performance from SoCal liberal arts school, Chapman University, she spent weekends traveling for gigs and recording with some of the industry’s best, including multi-platinum music heavyweight, Roy Hamilton 3, who asserts: “Leah McKendrick is a born star.”

Within a year of graduating, she was on a plane to New York with her first recording contract underway. Also of note: she was signed not only as a recording artist, but as a songwriter. Another rarity in the top 40 game: a pop artist that writes her own material. Grammy Academy member and renowned songwriter Lisa Huang, a mentor to Leah, is convinced. “She is the next Christina Aguilera and Adele! She is talented, passionate, versatile, sincere, prolific.”

Sadly, the uncertain climate of today’s music industry resulted in the dissolution of her record label, and Leah was back to LA with nothing but a few unfinished demo songs. “I was in shock. All I knew was that I needed to get back to work before I could slip into depression or something.” She began crafting what would become her daring live spectacle, “The Horror Picture Show,” inspired by her late idols' masterpiece: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. After numerous rejections from LA’s top (admittedly rock skewing) venues, she began shooting her own videos, with the help of friends in the industry while taking any gigs she could get. Within a year she had professional grade music videos under her belt and a list of bookings including packed shows at the legendary Troubadour, Key Club, and eventually, a headlining spot at The Viper Room (despite their initial refusal to book a pop artist).

By her third music video, she had teamed with Hollywood director Janice Cooke-Leonard (90210, Gossip Girl), despite being an independent artist-an independent POP artist. The concept, practically an oxymoron.

Probably most unique, is Leah’s dichotomous nature: part visionary performer, part decisive businesswoman. She produces all of her videos and shows, handling everything from what her dancers wear, to hiring editors and makeup artists to designing flyers.

Fall 2013 saw the launch of one of her largest endeavors, the musical web series she created/wrote and stars in: Destroy the Alpha Gammas which the Examiner says is "Taking the internet by storm." With a POWERHOUSE supporting cast including Glee's Jon Robert Hall and Emmy nominee, Lindsey Morgan, Leah McKendrick is steadily rising to the top.



Written By: Leah McKendrick


I don’t feel so well

On this rollercoaster
And I can’t take it
I try to calm myself down
I’m in a cold sweat
I feel claustrophobic
A bird in a cage
I know I’m better than this
So tell me, why do I stay?

You must have drugged me
Cuz I cant see straight
I’d like to break free
Cuz I need more, babe
I don’t feel so hot
Call a doctor
I need to lie down
Speak to my mother

So whats goin on?
Whats happening?
Will I be ok?
Somebody Call 911,
cuz this is an emergen-
this is an emergen-
this is an emergency

I’m addicted
to your touch, and the pain
and the thrill of the chase
I keep tryin
I keep hoping you’ll change
The results are the same
Isn’t that the definition
of somebody insane?
Write a prescription
Because im sick
Yeah sick
Im so sick for you, baby
Get my medication
because I’m sick
Yeah sick
I’m so sick for you, baby

I know ill be ok
But I can’t breathe now
I can’t sleep at night
or keep my temperature down
I would cry
If I had the energy
Cuz I still I want you
Though you’ll be the death of me

I keep putting my hand in the flame
Over and over and over again
So maybe it’s not you
maybe it’s me
starting it over and over and over again
Maybe I need some pills
Or maybe some therapy
Cuz baby all that I know
is you’re no good for me
I’ll do it over and over again,
But you’re still no good for me

Dance for Me

Written By: Leah McKendrick

Baby boy calls himself a pickup artist, artist
Where he comes from he gets party started, started
Pre Chorus 2
I’m sure you’ve got talent, so boy let’s see
Playin little league, Til you roll with me

Turn the lights down, better turn the lights down
Turn the lights down, better turn the lights down
game face on, pick up the speed
dance, dance for me
Turn the lights down, better turn the lights down
Turn the lights down, better turn the lights down
I lick my lips, you’re my fresh meat
Dance dance dance for me

Baby boy thinks he’s got a bit of swagger
He’s a big deal in his small town but here it don’t matter

Pre Chorus 2
I’m sure you’ve talent, so boy let’s see
I like you right there, down on your knees

Ya smell like cigarettes and cologne
Got your southern charm, and whiskey
John wayne style
But cowboy,
this ain’t my first rodeo

Fallen from Grace

Written By: Leah McKendrick

Bless me father, for I have sinned

I’ve been a good girl, all of my life
Morning til night, never put up a fight, No
Do what you’re told, sit there look pretty
Smile and be happy, never get dirty
Be a good sister, dutiful daughter, a proper role model
One day you’ll be mother
Don’t ever show, what’s underneath it
Don’t start your cryin, nobody likes that

Oh father
Can you help me?
It’s been 5 days
Since my last confession

Sanctify me
Of all of my sins
Oh I promise
I will do my penance

Paint a picture
Picture of perfection
And I’ll imitate it
Til my dying day

I’m a sinner
I’m a harlot
And the truth is-
Father, I’m not sorry

Cast your stones, if you must
Take a seat, be the judge
Point out my flaws my indisret-, indiscretions
See me now, it’s a shame
steppin down, from my place
I’m sorry Lord, I don’t- I don’t regret it
I’m not your angel anymore
I’m losin, losin losin/ losin my faith
I’m not your angel that’s for sure
I’ve fallen, fallen, fallen/ fallen from grace

I’ve been silent, for so many years
Livin in fear, denyin my tears, yeah
Cover your body, cross your legs nicely
Act like a lady
There must be something wrong with me

If you love me, let me speak freely
Let me speak freely, if you love me
If you love me, you’ll let me be me
You’ll let me be me, if you love me
I’m not perfect, and I’m not a virgin,
I’m still learnin, all that I am
I’ll find my way, somehow someday
Don’t be afraid, Father, I’m gonna be ok

Come True

Written By: Leah McKendrick

Come True

Getting on a plane
With my fear of flying
And all of my belongings
Off to New York City

Take a deep breath
Feels like a movie
Not sure what I’m doing
It’s a thing of beauty

Somehow I made it here
Out of all the places I could be
After everything I keep thinking
I’m imagining

Didn’t really know if I’d every make it
Like a foolish child who kept on pretending
Just a fantasy
Like make believe
but it’s happening

Please hold my hand because it feels like I’m fallin
So this is what it’s like when the child inside is laughin
Be with me now because it feels too good to be true
So this is what it’s like to watch your little girl dreams come true
Come true x2
Little girl dreams come true

A little bit scared
It’s a brand new chapter
A new adventure
I’ll build my wings after
Gotta be brave
Like when I was thirteen
Always found myself praying
For this moment exactly

Somehow I made it here
Out of all the places I could be
After everything I keep thinking
I’m Imagining

Didn’t really know If I’d every make it
Like a foolish child that kept on pretending
Just a fantasy
Like make believe
but it’s happening

I must have done something good
Some point, somehow, somewhere
I feel unworthy, undeserving
I feel so lucky
I’m here


Written By: Tina Perez, Leah McKendrick


Separate me from the rest
I’m simply just the best
I got that kryptonite that have them fellas at my step

Even the clothes I wear
Make people stop and stare
I’m capable of making all the haters disappear

Im supercalafragilistic extra strength seductive
If you don’t know what that means
That means I’m super super on this shit, like

My swag is mean
They can’t believe
I’m hotter than a sauna
My love is wild
You crave my style
But that’s my SuperNature
Supernature (I’m super) x3
And baby that’s just how I’m built

My style is so deranged
It will make you go insane
My sex drive is DUI
I’ll throw you out the lane

Fierce like a tiger
I’m gonna take you higher
And everywhere I go they’re tellin me I light the roof on fire

I’m not your ordinary, normal, standard
Type of girl
I’ve got the power
To take over the supernatural world


Dance for Me SIngle-Music Video on youtube.com; song available on iTunes

Fallen from Grace-Music Video available on youtube.com

SICK -Video launching on MTV.com and Vevo